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16h36 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 28 DECEMBER 2011: I suppose there must be some of you readers, especially so via Entrecard, who are wondering if Your Correspondent is somehow still around in the face of this holiday-season hiatus and, hence, still has a few things worth saying. Glad to oblige in any event, for such among you asking.

In any event, there were dinners here in the Winona community on Christmas Eve (turkey and the trims) and Christmas Day (roast beef, boiled new potatoes, gravy, beans, pie) that Your Correspondent attended, largely out of concern for the fact of my family being scattered as it is around the country and my own Motherdear (90) being in assisted living, yet going into her annual lament, a la the Old Testament prophet Job, about wanting the family returning to see her for perhaps one last time over the holidays. This seems to be something of a tradition since her becoming widowed back in 1993, or some time thereabouts, and was especially pronounced when the Millennium passed in 1999 into 2000.

Otherwise, not much going on at my end, except for taking initial, tenative steps towards the launch of my newest online vesch, under name and stylee of Let's Wisconsin Dells!, dedicated to a twofold proposition:
  1. One doesn't necessarily have to consider a waterpark resort when planning their vacation in The Once and Future Waterpark Capital of the World, that there's still plenty of decently-priced, "value-for-money" even, motels and resorts of the "old school" as are worth considering and offer some decent essentials for a decent vacation at a decent price to the value-conscious.
  2. For said "old school" properties, the challenges of late from Certain Dark Forces as threaten their existance should be a "wake-up call" for once to fight such complacency as can be exploited by the weird and unwholesome at fire-sale prices, not just on their own initiative but also by working together as a united front to represent their common interests.
You're invited to see this new vesch for yourself and see what you think of it.

And for such innkeepers and other shoobie-driven businesses wanting to advertise thereon, you can do so for but US$9.95/day; details to be had right here if interested.


Meanwhile, something as needs to be worth watching for throughout Indecision 2012 on the part of "Tea Party" and Elmer Gantryesque types is an extreme brand of fanaticism as would make such prevailing in Nazi Germany and, to a lesser extent, apartheid South Africa look like a day at Six Flags when all is said and done, without due regard for the inevitable consequences in the end.

Especially such calling for a blanket ban on abortions based on the discipline that Life Begins at Conception (a/k/a Every Sperm Is Sacred): Aren't we forgetting where a similar mindset prevailed under Nicolae Ceaucescu's Communist regime in Romania (1966-1989), with the desire here being one of Hastening the Final Perfection of Pure Socialism according to Marxist/Leninist thought (yet all the while unaware until it was too late that a Significant and Measurable Labour Surplus would ensue over time, with clear and present danger of wholesale "social parasitism" and "hooliganism" among such unable to find work domestically)? Or is it that we need to exercise Class Consciousness (read: willful and deliberate stoopidity and Know-Nothingism in the guises of Crimestop, Blackwhite and Doublethink) to Save Our Dear and Beloved Nation from Itself?


Meanwhile, another angle as shouldn't be ruled out when it comes to "Tea Party" and Christian Right prolefeed memes throughout Indecision 2012 is their having unconscious parallels to such as prevailed among Afrikanerdom during the Luscious Glory as was apartheid down South Africa way, wherein the Afrikaner was seen to be G-d's Chosen People Called by His Holy Will to Establish His Earthly Kingdom in South Africa, in particular their using the eve of Indecision 2012 to repeat The Vow led by Sorel Cilliers amongst those of Die Laager at Bloeiriver on the eve of that battle revered by Afrikanerdom as a Sanctii Sanctorum since December 16, 1838 (via Wikipedia):
Here we stand before the Holy God of Heaven and Earth, to make a vow to Him that, if He will protect us and give our enemy into our hand, we shall keep this day and date every year as a day of thanksgiving like a sabbath, and that we shall erect a house to His Honour wherever it should please Him, and that we also will tell our children that they should share in that with us in memory for future generations. For the honour of His Name will be glorified by giving Him the fame and honour for the victory.
(Preferably to be delivered in a fanatically hyperjuvenile falsetto bordering on bawling and boohoohooing, and in unison tending to military cadence not unlike Nazi mass rallies such as at Nuremburg every fall.)


No doubt the racist and white-supremacist prolefeeders are going to be using surveillance footage of Boxing Day's Mall of America flashmob incident going out of control for their own bigoted purposes, with Indecision 2012 giving exceptionally "urgent" impetus to pander to the basest and crudest of latent racism, in particular the kind seen as a Badge of Honour ("racially-aware" being among the preferred euphemisms of the element in the circumstances)--usually among the Fox News-addicted of low breeding, intellect and job/career skills and prospects as are practically on a par with Afrikanerdom in their Luscious Glory of hubris and delusion.

Meanwhile, what would stand in the way of The 99% crowd actually taking constructive, viable action to not only study, but also put into action, mutual self-help initiatives to save their fellow-Americans from the risk of further marginalisation according to an ideology driven by Ayn Rand Thought as seeks to undermine the very capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics its fellow-travellers claim to be defending and guarding, tearing such apart to eventually recast such in new shapes of its own choosing, in particular that officially packaged as being "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as Afrikaner nationalists saw their ideal of Volkskapitalisme built on the foundations of Reddingsdaad and emotionally-pathetic appeals to latent strains thereof expected to drive the Great Unwashed Non-Producers into willful and yet "patriotic" poverty?


In any case, I think I'd better call it a day and return back to my holiday break, which will also be used towards building up Let's Wisconsin Dells! in its naissence all the more. Meanwhile, all the best to you readers (or what passeth for them) as 2011 prepares to segue into 2012....

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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