00h UTC; SATURDAY, 13 JULY 2013: Before I begin, readers, I'd like to ask you whether you think this summer pattern (as it were) of posting blog items but occasionally is a good or bad thing for you as a blog reader, what with many of you likely having More Important Things to Deal With over the summer. Simply leave them in the Facebook-powered comments box following this post, or if you insist on privacy and discretion in sharing these comments, there's always the e-mail feedback form to be found near the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the Online Mall, at least three of the e-tailers Your Correspondent hath affiliations with have dropped their Minnesota affiliates in response to The Gopher State's now collecting sales tax on online purchases, Your Correspondent included. Still, at least for the moment, there should still be the selection you deserve ... confident and secure in knowing that 9.11% of Your Correspondent's commission will go towards reducing the American National Debt (which, know, I have chosen as a Good Cause to support via the Online Mall in view of continuing RepubliKKKan insistence on keeping taxes laughably low "in the national interest" [i.e., "to help create jobs"] without due regard for how such actions will impact the same National Debt their prolefeed is forever bellyaching about as a Threat to Our Dear Lovely Nation and Her National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations).

Unless one of you out there has a compelling, convincing even, rationale for taking a "do nothing" approach vis-a-vis the National Debt, expecting a sellout of our sovereignty to the "New World Order" in the process not unlike Esau's selling his birthright to Jacob for bread and lentil soup (Genesis 25:29-34).

As if Elmer Gantryite paranoia rather blatant and persistent about the recent Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage (and, in a way, GLBTQ rights) being threats to ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as much as Thy Dear and Lovely Nation as a Peculiar Among the Nations weren't absurd enough to the point of laughable, maybe it was time to ask them just where exactly it saith in Holy Scriptures that the defence of said ekonomesie vryheid, &c., is interconnected to that of racism, sexism, jingoistic nativism, xenophobia, homophobia and anti-Semitism.

As in, we may assume, an ekonomesie vryheid expected to be self-regulated based on Codes of Best Practice as may unwittingly condone cartel behaviour thanks to willful and deliberate dogwhistle code throughout, never mind the harm such can pose thanks to a want of clear and transparent checks and balances to protect all interests. Especially such as are applied in the letter as much as the spirit thereof.

Meanwhile, what's preventing the Real American (let alone the Fox News-manufactured simulation under that appellation) from actually taking viable, "people-centred" approaches to socioeconomic empowerment and jobs creation based on the mutual self-help principles of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen in this respect--the same Noble Ideal of "mutual self-help" that ultraconservative Zealotry and True Belief (including "Tea Party" and "9/12" types) insists is the Best and Only Hope to Save the Lower Classes from Themselves (as in "chronic and habitual dependency upon government")? Is it, perhaps, an insistence that such "needs to conform to the principles and disciplines of [ekonomesie vryheid, &c.]", not otherwise clearly specified beyond condoning the outright concentration of wealth in the hands of an "elect***entitled as of Natural Right"?

If ever there was a rationale Fox News could come up with
in calling for using the so-called "music shows" of Branson, MO as the "defining standard and test" of Amerikanischer Realkultur (expected to be seen in the "white culture" context conservative prolefeeders cry for as the context), consider this. Never mind that it's possible for some Christian Patriot and other conservative groups being "silent angels" in a number of Branson "music shows" in exchange for influencing their message and content (so long as such was subtle and discreet, so as not to cause offence among the target audience of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his Luscious Glory of race consciousness rivalled only by apartheid South Africa).

The prospect of which may deserve some serious study and investigation, not unlike Congressional enquiries in the late 1950's and early 1960's over whether sponsors and ad agencies were too overzealous in controlling or otherwise influencing TV programme content; this, know, in the wake of scandals over "payola" to influence radio airplay of certain popdisks and big-money TV quiz programmes being rigged for the benefit of sponsors, in particular Revlon's such of The $64,000 Question and its later spinoff, The $64,000 Challenge, and Geritol's sponsorship of Twenty-One as made Charles Van Doren a household name (howbeit through manipulation and coaching, as it later emerged). (Said Congressional enquiries being spurred on, in part, by a Mad Magazine farce entitled "Spot The Plug!")


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