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19h56 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 13 JUNE 2012: If it's not one problem getting this posted timely, it seems to be another: Just as Yola launches a new version of the SiteBuilder platform as makes this site possible just today, it turns out there's a bug as prevented the toggling between WYSIWYG ("what-you-see-is-what-you-get") and HTML formatting, and vice versa, in the blogging widget, prompting a problem ticket having to be issued in respect thereof.

And now that it's since corrected, for some reason, the "SiteBuilder Upgrade" alert when I try publishing today's post, essentially preventing publication thereof in due and timely manner, comes along, forcing me to start over with the post. Doesn't that exactly get you frustrated and peeved, especially when you're from an abusive and easily-unnerved background such as mine (and especially absent prior timely advice explaining how much of a delay should be allowed to lapse before final bugs are worked out)?

In any event, perhaps I should mention where Your Correspondent does plan to spend his evenings in the dissolute idleness of the carnival area at Winona Steamboat Days this weekend in people- and T-shirt watching for the most part ... as well as Saturday's auto show and Sunday's parade and fireworks (all weather-contingent, of course; rain is expected off and on throughout the 65th annual festivities, which were threatened with outright cancellation a few years back until a last-minute rescue by a new organisation to operate the whole came along. And since a move to the Father's Day weekend a few years later, the better to take advantage of better chances for plum marching band and float opportunities at lower prices, such has been better than ever.) I'm not sure whether I should post any reports about these encounters or what....

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