18h45 UTC; MONDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2014: There seems to be this delusional notion conservative prolefeeders of a certain class cherish deeply and dearly (or so they think) about a so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa"--as in rural/small-town, "poor white" predominantly, "Bible-Believing" Christian to boot--being the One True Ideal and Salvation for Rescuing Thy Dear and Lovely Land from Herself and thereby Reclaim Her Past Luscious Glory as The One True Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies as of Divine Will and Endowment.

But that's for prolefeed more than anything.

Especially because you can just imagine many of these same Zealots and True Believers in this respect actually, privately even, loathing this whole "REAL AmeriKKKa" concept they're paid to push. Let alone their secretly having this fondness for China caught up in the Cultural Revolution's depravities and perversions from 1966 until the death of "Great Helmsman" Mao Zedong, the Cultural Revolution's main protagonist and in whose name its excesses were carried out, in 1976, especially so its forcibly "resettling" many millions of urban high-school and college students into rural areas to "learn from the peasants" (or so it was hoped) in the name of the Luscious Glory of Revolution, hoping a return to an idealised agrarian ideal would be China's salvation after especially the failure of crash industrialisation which the "Great Leap Forward" sought.

And Your Correspondent can say this because of his acquaintenance with Mein Innkeeper Friend, who can regale you with stories galore of a more realistic picture of this "REAL AmeriKKKa" ideal encountered during his formative years of upbringing in a small southeastern Minnesota community (name on request; its 2010 Census population is but 63) where his father was owner of the local lumberyard and farm implement dealership until age forced his entry into innkeeping in the mid-1960's, eventually liquidating said lumberyard.

And it's a picture which could best be described as Peyton Place meeting 1950's horror comics as prompted much social criticism for Corrupting the Morals of Youth.

A picture of wholesale insanity and mental depravity holding highest carnival in farm country such as would make Wisconsin Death Trip look like some Hanna-Barbera Saturday-morning animation of the more fun-and-whimsey sort. Where alcoholism, poor farming practices, especially rough winters, gross isolation, war trauma and even the occasional incestuous escapades in the lower specimens prevailed, yet great pains were taken to keep the specifics from wider public attention.

In fact, an especially favourite episode therefrom of mine about the REAL "REAL AmeriKKKa" thereby recalled is that of a World War I veteran who had previously been farming, but was too into it with Al Cohol to the point that he had to turn to drinking rubbing alcohol and popping Certs breath mints to seek comfort after moving into town some years previous. Never mind that bottles of rubbing alcohol are clearly labelled "For External Use Only--If Taken Internally, Serious Gastric Disturbances Will Result."

As tended to happen more often than not, prompting Mein Innkeeper Friend in his youth to address these concerns to the owner of the local general store out of concern ... with the subject of this story eventually chewing the informant out for breaching the unwritten code of "REAL AmeriKKKa" as amounts to excusing an outright ignorance and denial of a Darker Side thereof (and Mein Innkeeper Friend's father recognising the son's courage to come forward and address the issue as he had to; but then again, said father was known to drive the decayed Doughboy to the Veterans' Hospital in Minneapolis from time to time for treatment).

But that's but one example; Mein Innkeeper Friend, though reluctant to put down pen to paper to relate these tales of REAL AmeriKKKan Depravity to print, can share them with you until you're blue in the face enow to blow lunch (or close to it). Which, in any case, deserve sharing with a candid world--especially so the Zealots and True Believers in this presumed ideal of Learning From "REAL AmeriKKKa" to Save AmeriKKKa from Herself, hoping thereby to call from abeyance the mantle and title formerly claimed by apartheid South Africa of "God's Own Country," as such elements seem to insist on as an article of faith.

But then again, I suppose many of you with rural upbringings probably know of similar Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty Galore Across a So-Called "REAL AmeriKKka" as can be worth sharing in the comments section. And for the very reasons I have just explained.

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