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18h UTC; FRIDAY, 22 MARCH 2013: Should you, dear reader, ask questions about the inspiration for today's post titling, it was inspired by a line from a song off the 2007 animated mockumentary Surf's Up as went "Life is not forever, so turn tomorrow into yesterday" or such to that effect. Only Engrishfied, with the added allusion to the 1971 light-pop hit "Nineteen Hundred Yesterday" by Liz Damon's Orient Express (whatever became of her, exactly? Your Correspondent would like to know).

As for my "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" trope, I acknowledge the influence of failed GOP Indecision 2012 Presidential wannabe Michelle Bachmann for thus inspiring this occasional department designed for the benefit of such Zealots and True Believers still extant in such a remark and the deeper context implied, hoping in the end that such will psychologically deflate their egos vis-a-vis their insistence that such actions would help hasten jobs creation consistent with the disciplines of ekononesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being one with AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by the Grace of Yahweh God Exclusively.

With the notion of "AmeriKKKa Needing to be More Like China" (The Trope) in mind, Your Correspondent wishes to note where the dead pig scandal in Shanghai's primary water supply, as in the Hwangpu River, seems to show no sign of letting up with authorities reporting their having pulled 14,000 hog carcasses therefrom to date--and still insisting that the water is safe to drink, never mind Lonely Planet begging to differ. As if that weren't bad enough, some 100 hog carcasses have been discerned in Hunan's Xiangjiang River around Hubei in the last week.

As for a possible cause therefor, infection with porcine circovirus has been discerned according to tests on some of the carcasses out of Shanghai, many such traced to "factory farm" operations in Zhejiang province. As well, Chinese social media (as in their "sanitised" and indigenous versions such as Weibo) are suggesting that indifferent hog farmers in Zhejiang found it cheap and cheerful to just throw the carcasses of the infected into the nearest possible stream as they got sick, with recent cold weather making the situation even worse.

Meanwhile, China's "harmonised" version of Teh Innerwebz is expected to become even more indigenous with the development of a China-specific open-source operating system being heavily promoted to reduce "enslavement" to Western tied-house (as it were) such like Microsoft's Windows ... otherwise known as Kylin, a China-centrist variant on Canonical's open-source, Linux-based Ubuntu as can support simplified-character Chinese script and date conventions; first versions therefor, for desktop and laptop PC's, are set to be rolled out next month, with mobile versions expected to be in the pipeline within measurable distance. In due course, such popular Chinese online services as Baidu, Weibo, Tencent, Alibaba and Taobao will be able to be directly accessible off the Kylin start page.

Just be thankful for your Slim Jim, America: South African researcher Maria Eugenia d'Amato at the University of the Western Cape recently sampled some 150 specimens of biltong, South Africa's version of pemmican or beef jerky as is particularly cheap and popular ... and the news isn't very pretty: She's discovered where the vast majority of biltong and dreiwors (dried sausage) samples she studied were actually mislabelled as to their origins (i.e., such labelled as coming from gazelle, antelope or ostrich actually came from, respectively, giraffe, horsemeat and imported kangaroo meat, and there was even traces of Cape mountain zebra, an Endangered Species, in a few biltong or dreiwors samples).

Enough to prompt South Africa's Health Ministry to begin an investigation on the strength of Ms. d'Amato's findings.

Finally, a Mondegreen Alert: Is it just me, or does "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen sound like "Gory Days"?



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