18h UTC; SUNDAY, 28 APRIL 2013: Research, if anything, is not a strong point with the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement and their ideological drookies, many of whom must probably be from among the Dregs of Society and worse--unless, however, such was manipulated, perverted even, to serve purely ideological ends rather than being based on empirical study and research.

In other words, it seems "Tea Party" beliefs call for embracing a weird, sick and perverto brand of science not unlike that depicted in the sort of horror comics as were the target of social and moral critics (many such self-appointed) in the early to mid-1950's (especially so such titles as Weird Science, Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Fear, Crime SuspenStories and Shock SuspenStories, from the same people as would eventually give rise fo the juvenile satire magazine Mad, in case Ripley's reading this), the consequences of which could come back to endanger the very National and Sovereign Peculiar these same self-appointed "patriots" claim on being the guardians and defenders of.

But ideologically, come to think of it, such are probably on the same level of racist and Christian Nationalist militancy as two Nazi-influenced Afrikaner Nationalist sects down South Africa way in the early years of World War II, viz., the Ossewa Brandwag (OB; "Ox-Wagon Sentinels," drawing its inpiration and impetus from the Tweede Trek commemorations of 1938) and the Nuwe Orde (NO; "New Order"), both rather notorious for having paramilitary "goon squads" harrassing such specimens of South Africans seeking to serve the British Empire in World War II (and know, the Afrikaner's sympathies were with the Axis, especially so the Nazi cause vis-a-vis "racial and national honour"). In time, however, OB and NO were seen as giving the Afrikaner cause a bad name and were eventually asked to consolidate into the Afrikaner National Party ahead of the 1948 elections as brought about apartheid. (The OB's slogan, "My God, My Volk, My Land--Suid-Afrika" ["My God, My People, My Country--South Africa"], seems to echo "Tea Party" bumper-sticker slogans about Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely Nation as a White Christian State, no?)

Making matters worse, the methodology and procedures used by the "Tea Party" element in service to their (pseudo)scientific aims is more than likely to be one involving:
  • discredited scientific protocols and methodology;
  • flawed or otherwise loaded questioning, particularly where surveys are involved;
  • perversion of focus-group research (see Frank Luntz' advice on "talking points" for conservative ideologues and prolefeeders from time to time); and/or
  • pandering to racist, nationalist and/or xenophobic tendencies or feelings, especially where such are expected to come out in the end result.
No wonder "Tea Party" types must love to believe the adage about insanity being one with doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results every time. All the while unaware that they may be playing the Frankenstein card (as in the original context of Mary Wollestonecraft Shelley's story, in which Dr. Frankenstein was the villain more so than the monster he wrought) which could be the sellout of Our National and Sovereign Identity.

Thoughts while doing the coffee service at the motel I do for this morning: Even considering the several states with beverage container deposit mandates (largely in the interest of promoting recycling and reducing roadside litter), how many states without said deposits actually have high rates of recycling for plastic and glass bottles and aluminum beverage cans (even where recyclables are usually purchased per pound in such instances, as opposed to a per unit rate of 5-10 cents where deposit laws are in effect)?

(By contrast, especially in the South, you have to wonder if recycling advocates are more often than not subjected to mental-hygiene laws at their worst, tending more often than not to "ideological reeducation" of the worst sort under the guise of "mental illness treatment." Or, in extreme instances, are subjected to banishment interstate as "threats to the community's peace, safety and good order" excusing the wasteful itself excused as "Wise Use.")



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