15h12 UTC; MONDAY, 11 JUNE 2012: As the journalistic "silly season" (otherwise known as the summer months) is upon us, not even bloggers like Your Correspondent can be immune from the effects therefrom ensuing, which can be put down, for the most part, to the warm weather and a general lack of serious material for the news cycle requiring the Fourth Estate to kill time and space the best way it can.

And I suppose the leading image to today's post (thanks to Facebook for making it available in the end) perhaps best reflects an important point for readers like yourself to consider when you read this blog, be it your first time or your hundredth such, and perhaps wonder what must be going through Your Correspondent's mind.

Some of you would probably have the impression that I "must be on drugs" to explain my writing tone and stylee, a common misperception, it seems, to such not acquainted with such specimens of Teh Greater Blogospheerz as don't comform to the "cookie-cutter" mold expected of certain straitlaced, narrow-minded journalistos who just want out kind to parrot carefully-scripted and -nuanced "talking points" of a kind best described as formula-written (as if being advised to receive, involuntarily perhaps, some sort of e-mail newsletter with "guidance notes" on recommended topics and the stylee of presentation recommended therefor; such can risk producing stale, tasteless and predictably dull content over time which can put off readers big time. Not to mention e-tailer affiliates).


To be honest about it, I AM on drugs--but not the implied illicit narcotics or hallucinogens as are known to generate overactive imaginations crossing into the incoherent; the drugs I take are on doctor's prescription for high cholesterol (gemfibrozil, complemented by psyllium-fiber laxative therapeusis), high bloog pressure (ranitidine, complemented with low-dose aspirin to help preempt heart attack and stroke risk) and high blood sugars (metformin, complemented with changes in diet such as incorporating whole grains and flaxseed meal). To suggest otherwise, absent credible evidence and substantiation reeking of "swift-boating," is on a par with defamation and malicious prosecution.

I myself have had problems in past with anti-psychotic medications incorporated as a "complement" to more conventional psychotherapy, at one point on the verge of death until timely medical intervention forced me off such meds--or was it that the psychiatrist on my case was of the "better living through chemistry" school of psychotherapeusis, seeing "meds" as a cheap and cheerful way to keep the "mental defectives" from especially the Non-Producer classes in line and pacified, goodthinkfull even? (And let's not forget where I also had to suffer through a rather Orwellian model of Day Treatment as relied too heavily upon fear and loathing, not to mention frequent use of Bad Words as part of the therapeusis; the counselling staff excused the recourse thereto as "Pavlovian conditioning for the Real World," but all it did was undermine my emotional psyche to such extent that I am unable to hold down more mainstream lines of work. Even in the sheltered-workshop system as is the traditional employment milieu for those with disabilities, as if a form of apartheid right there replete with paranoia about our being "carriers of schizophrenic germs***as could sap the strength of the community" if left unchecked and uncontrolled.)

The ultimate aggravating factor being the influence of abusive foster-sibling rivallries aggravated by drugs and "anti-social tendencies generally" as sent them into foster care in the first place, largely involving teasing, hazing, psychological and psychosexual abuse (the latter including constantly telling me indecent and double-entendre-laden jokes and stories and attempts to plant pornographic material on my person solely to get me into trouble at the expense of the foster-siblings).


No doubt explaining, in substantial measure, why it is that I'm reduced to spending my days, by and large, on Teh Innerwebz ... why I'm compelled to use the virtual canvas of Teh Innerwebz to express myself in blog form, and in the form and stylee that I do thus ... and why I'm incorporating the online-shopping adjunct (howbeit absent any realistic success to write home about, as it were) into said online presence to supplement (or try to) my disability pension, especially absent the clear and present likelihood of my coming into significant money within measurable distance.

Which, in any case, requires having some sort of insight to see things in a somewhat distorted perspective not unlike conservative prolefeeders' brand and stylee therefor, but at the same time much unlike it (in other words, resorting to satire on occasion). Not to mention having some sort of way with the language to make the stylee of delivery even more interesting and at once readable (and worth sharing; has anybody thought of that, as long as they're making a habit of this blog in principio?).

Distilled down to basics expected by certain among you: "Love me, love my blog." (And what part thereof don't you quite get?)

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