00h UTC; FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2012: With GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's insistence that his Administration would essentially reinvent the AmeriKKKan Government along business-based models (as per his experience with the private-equity group Bain Capital Partners, itself financed initially through "blood money" from El Salvadoran expats resident in Miami in the mid-1980's), you and I, among other Real Americans, need to ask if what the real Romney/Ryan agenda for AmeriKKKa is actually one based on Grover "AmeriKKKans for Tax Reform" Norquist's long-cherished desideratum of "reducing the size of the American government to the point where we can then drown it in the bathtub."

And, for follow-on, expecting Our Dear Lovely Nation to spontaneously go into Andrea Yates mode, howbeit in sacklcoth and ashes, weeping and wailing and bawling and boohoohooing for to throw the Nation upon the Loving Mercy of Bog and His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints for Our Having Let Our Dear Nation Astray from His Divinely-Ordained Will and Foredestiny and Unto Demonic Possession and Dominion ... hoping all the while to see such cross the line into the dangerously fanatical such as can quickly be exploited by Our Sworn Enemies from as much Within as Without.

And with overtones on a par with Imperial Japan in its state of fanatical desperation between V-E Day and their superdivine Showa Emperor announcing on national radio on August 16, 1945 that Japan had been compelled to surrender to the Allies, in effect ending World War II in the wake of the American atomic-bomb drops upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki ... the same Showa Emperor whose name, majesty and superdivinity were excused to call for wholesale ritual suicide to save Japan from the prospect of plunder, disorder and ruin in the event of an Allied invasion and occupation in the interim. (Less than two weeks after his history-making broadcast, the Showa Emperor formally renounced all claim to superdivinity for himself and his successors upon the Chrysthanenum Throne under Allied pressure.)


Meanwhile, such would be enough for us Real Americans to maintain continued watch-and-ward right up unto Election Day for any and all such endeavours by such with suspiciously-patriotic-sounding stylees, more often than not operating from mail drops or "virtual offices" (officially excused as being "for privacy reasons"), to interfere with the electoral franchise among especially the downtrodden, the vulnerable and the easily-manipulate with campaign prolefeed of a most lurid, depraved and paranoid nature, especially such with the crudest pandering to latent racism, anti-Semitism, nativism and jingoism in the target audience.

Which, more often than not, will overdo it on the use of patriotic symbols and icons to the point where such quickly becomes hackneyed ... will tend to be sent direct mail or take "robocall" form (what with the targeted for such appeals lacking Innerwebz access beyond community centres or libraries) ... and will be consciously "dumbed down" to a 4th- to 5th-grade reading and comprehension level. (In the case of "robocall" appeals, expect such to be deliberately speeded up to willfully and deliberately confuse the target audience, yet stopping short of being on a par with Speedy Gonzalez so as to avoid attracting suspicions.)

Which, in any case, is enough to bring up the mantra "See Something, Say Something" vis-a-vis suspicious campaign appeals or acts, deeds and exploits seeking to undermine the electoral franchise rights of others. And, for that matter, the elections proper. Hence, should you come across suspicious-looking campaign material of especially third-party sort (all thanks to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, know) in your mails, in flyers across your neighbourhood, or even in robocalls, take note thereof and refer such to law-enforcement agencies; it's still a penal offense to harrass, intimidate or otherwise interfere with voters and the electoral process.

Also worth keeping handy is the freecall number 1-866-OUR-VOTE, maintained by People For the American Way to keep tabs on electoral interference and intimidation as much on Election Day as in the campaign process beforehand. (For those who have fears about being "outed" to the point of "Heathering" or outright blacklisting ensuing as a result of your reporting, be assured that all reports are handled in utmost discretion and trust. Alternately, if you still have privacy fears, there's always your local Crimestoppers, which doesn't ask for your name when you leave tips ... but in some cases, you may qualify for cash rewards.)

Because "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty": "See Something, Say Something."

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