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15h53 UTC; SUNDAY, 29 JANUARY 2012: To imagine certain elements of the GOP Presidential field in Indecision 2012 epitomising what could best be called Macho Law (an unwritten, common-law code dripping as it is in the Luscious Glory of misogyny and chauvinism) is beyond understatement.

To Your Correspondent, such amounts to the obvious.

Especially given Newt Gingrich "himself" being Indecision 2012's personification of Macho Law as some sort of means to an end (the latter being the Complete and Final Reclamation of Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa on the same plane as apartheid South Africa insisting they were God's Own Country, and that the Afrikaners made it so by Divine Will and Edict) ... and Rick Santorum suggesting that women who were pregnant by rape should be seeing themselves as carring "a broken gift from God," never mind the shame and disgrace both mother and child will bear psychologically and emotionally for their lives, made worse by an educational syllabus right out of the Christian National Education such as prevailed in apartheid South Africa as preferred by the Christian Right for Saving Our Children From Themselves, even if it means subordinating core skills at the expense of idealised "Christian Values," jingoism and parroted bumper-sticker slogans at assemblies.


Staying for the moment with Rick Santorum's "broken gift from God" delusion, it's interesting to know that Paul Simon's 1972 solo debut hit "Mother and Child Reunion" was inspired by a dish of that name at a Chinese cafe in New York, basically an egg-and-rice fryup.


And with disgraced former Presidential wannabe Herman "9-9-9!" Cain endorsing Newt Gingrich last night in the Florida Primary on Tuesday, may we be reminded that "999" (as in Cain's tax-reform agenda and related articles of faith) is to England's Green and Pleasant Land what "911" is to North America and "000" is to the Australians--i.e., a "one-call" emergency-services number (as in fire, police, ambulance, rescue services; such to be used Only in Direst Circumstances, as in "where human life and/or property are in jeopardy and the prompt summoning of aid is essential").


Those insisting on a "Life Begins at Conception" agenda as a Sanctii Sanctorum of National Identity and Unity may want to recall the consequences of such a mentality being applied as National Policy and Diktat, and how it helped bring down one of the more blatant Communist regimes in the Warsaw Pact/COMECON bloc.

As in the Nicolae Ceausescu regime in Romania (1966-1989), which saw increased birth rates as one with Hastening the Final Onset and Achievement of Pure Socialism, to be the final stage of workers' revolution as per Marx and Engels ... all the while unaware until too late that such a policy risked creating a labour surplus relative to available positions in a centrally-planned, State-controlled socioeconomic paradigm based heavily on Five-Year Plans as unwittingly sanctioned waste, inefficiency, mismanagement and corruption (especially considering where Five-Year Plan targets and goals were essentially "etched in stone," any surplus therefrom requiring corresponding adjustment to reflect the increased production level).

So what prevents the "Life Begins at Conception" element from failing to recognise the Lessons and Warnings of History, as above?


One way cash-strapped communities may want to consider adding value for money in sewerage treatment is to look at a pilot project in Ghana which was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation involving a sewage-treatment facility as processes dried human wastes into ethanol by drying such into coal-like solids which can then be reprocessed into ethanol. So what otherwise stands in the way?


In a manner not unlike flapper types during Prohibition's Luscious Glory using high-leg Russian boots to smuggle pint bottles of hooch, students at high schools in the Philadelphia suburbs were using shearling boots such as Uggs to conceal cell phones (and, according to school officials, other forms of Illicit Contraband) to the point of such disrupting the learning experience (or so the official meme claimeth).

Hence, from tomorrow, shearling boots and cell phones must be taken off and left in school lockers during the school day, to be reclaimed at its conclusion.

How do we know this isn't overreaction to what could possibly be sensationalised excess?

And aren't otherwise tech-savvy high-schoolers aware of the "vibrate" mode to be used as a "silent ringer" in situations where absolute quiet is required or loud noises could otherwise cause problems?


Keith Rupert Murdoch may have become the destruction of his own Luscious Glory, as in News International Corporation (the British unit of his greater News Corporation): British police, acting on e-mail and text-message intercepts, procured evidence galore at News International's Isle of Dogs premi in the London Docklands as could be extremely damaging in the ongoing scandal over telephonic and e-mail intercepts involving celebrities, politicos and even Royalty in the name of "news-gathering" as brought down the Sunday tabloid News of the World (which, to moi, was probably one of the more ironic names for a gazetta anywhere in the English-speaking world, emphasising as it did crime, scandal, sport and astrology for a largely lower-class audience between Land's End and John O'Groats; in fact, its focusing on graphic and lurid detail in covering murder trials forced Parliament in 1922 to pass legislation toning down the coverage somewhat).

Meanwhile, Britain's Lord Chief Justice has gone on record to suggest that media laws be updated to reflect the emergence of weblogs and social media, as well as Teh Greater Innerwebz generally, never mind that some of the content on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google +1 bordered on what His Honour called "pub gossip."


@ Random, and then some: Suggested new slogan for Hudson Cream Flour (after that of the former G. Heileman Brewing Company of Old Style and Special Export fame): "We don't aim to mill the most flour--only the best" ... Does Fox News realise they may be unwitting enablers to the destruction of the RepubliKKKan Party? ... New show worth your online radio listening: Radio Northsea International's "Lazy Sunday," at 16h UTC/17h CET Sundays ... Maybe the Postal Service ought to start reusing the rubber bands and paperclips used by its clients, with significant value for money ensuing in the end ... Breezewood, PA 15533 (Exit 161, Pennsylvania Turnpike) may not have any significant tourist-trap distractions beyond the unconventional junction vis-a-vis I-70 and I-76 (Ripley, take note), yet has quite a number of motels, restaurants and tourist services for a rather small community ... Just how many poor Afrikaner families does "Youth for Western Civilisation", &c., plan to "evacuate" out of South Africa and resettle in America? And have they actually figured out the cost of transportation and shipping their possessions in a freight container even? ... Per, Noah's Ark has a higher rating among Wisconsin Dells visitors (#4, to be exact) than any of the waterpark resorts' such as are open to the public--higher, even, than its closest rival Mt. Olympus (as ranks a distant #30) ... Whether it's Old Country Buffet, Hometown Buffet, Country Buffet, Granny's Buffet, Ryan's or Fire Mountain, they're all the same Minnesota-based company, Buffets, Inc.; remember, brands and menu selection will vary regionally, the latter changing regularly to ensure plenty of variety ... As one who has to watch cholesterol and blood sugar, I use flaxseed meal as an egg substitute (1 tbsp. + 3 tbsp. water, allowed to sit at least 2 minootas) in my baking; for some reason or another, it seems I can't get enough of my byproducts thus improved (or can I?), especially cinnamon rolls and chocolate-chip cookies ... The Dove Foundation (as in supporting "family-friendly" film and television) is warning against "419"-stylee "spam" e-mails invoking its name and repute as claim receipents have been awarded $8 million in "grants" from its European affiliate ... TT4N, folks ...

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