17h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 15 FEBRUARY 2014: For all the excesses of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command that those who associate with the Christian Patriot Right think they display--has anybody seriously entertained the likelihood of their actually being a Fifth Column as would only seek to destroy from within, by "Deep State" tactics if need be, Thy Dear and Lovely Land they claim to love and honour, hoping to recast same in the mold of apartheid South Africa (whose Luscious Glory their Zealots and True Believers must secretly seem to admire and emulate as being the Last Great Attempt to Achieve God's Zion on Earth)?

It's something as needs to be asked.

Meanwhile, what you may not know about The Weather Channel's current beef with DirecTV after the satellite-TV service dropped The Weather Channel last month without prior warning, and urging Weather Channel loyalists to flood DirecTV with their love and support: From what I understand, DirecTV is unwilling to pay The Weather Channel an extra penny per subscriber in retransmission fees assessed cable, broadband and satellite-TV service providers for the privilege to so carry over its systems.

And DirecTV's objections here are that:
  • Some 40% of The Weather Channel's programming over recent months is "reality" programming having nothing to do with weather forecasts and information as implied by its name and stylee; and
  • An increasing amount of its online content is irrelevant "linkbait" stories tending to the distractive, again without due regard to its purported and implied mission.
Put another way, you're actually paying your local cable/broadband/satellite provider for the right and privilege to carry The Weather Channel, among other programme options, when you pay your cable/satellite bill. Which, in their turn, they pay the channel's operators as retransmission fee absent any sort of "mandatory carriage" obligation reinforced by subsidies paid by the channel in question.

This over and above advertising revenue, which your purchases of advertised products or services make possible to create the illusion of FreeVee being one with AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations.

(Incidentally, DirecTV has replaced The Weather Channel with Weather Nation as its weather programme.)

No doubt Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is counting on not just union-busting, but also privatisation of "non-essential and unnecessary" government services (howbeit through "spoils" and patronage more so than competitive bidding rigged to favour political cronies and drookies as reward for Good and Loyal Campaign Service), to hasten his Luscious Glory of creating 250,000 private-sector jobs solely on their own resolve and resources. And hoping to use same to assure himself of reelection By Any Means Necessary, even if it involves trick and deception.

Latesr likely "poster child" for such an argument: On-board surveillance cameras aboard a Kenosha city bus showing a recent altercation between the driver thereof and a high-school student during an after-school "tripper" run into a local high school (eventually crashing into three parked vehicles, with damage ensuing); the driver has been relieved of his duties pending union grievance proceedings after it emerged that the driver may have provoked the brawl.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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