18h UTC; MONDAY, 24 JUNE 2013: When all is said and done about the just-concluded celebration of Winona Steamboat Days, no Wisconsin Dells waterslide would compare with the experience Your Correspondent had on Saturday evening: After the sudden, last-minoota even, cancellation of a scheduled performance by the South Shore Drill Team downtown because of their bus breaking down, prompting the crowd to break up--along comes quite the thunderstorm of a sort that forces everyone to seek out whatever shelter can afford them an opportunity to stay dry, or try to at any rate.

Including Your Correspondent, who managed to find shelter in a tent set up to accomodate diners from several concession wagone parked down Center Street ... but despite all reasonable efforts to stay dry, Your Correspondent admits that the whole experience was wilder than a Wisconsin Dells waterslide at high speed, what with the wind whipping up the rain into sheets as sneaked into the tent and had me soaked in the end. And what's more, the rain came in a series of waves, such that it wasn't until about 20h50 that things eased up enow for moi to bike back to my apartment ... only to encounter no less than four ur-lakes in the street made possible by clogged storm-sewer drain inlets, clogged largely by neglect on the part of nearby property owners unwilling to take the necessary and requisite precautions to keep the drain grates at least clear and open.

(Too, there was some modest flooding in the area of said tent that I took shelter in, same reaching up to the top of the kerb for want of a clear and free outlet.)

Meanwhile, the Steamboat Days Parade and concluding fireworks yesterday managed to come off without any serious hitches, though the former was rather sunny and hazy and there was a brief rainfall about two hours prior.

Speaking of said rains translating into flash flooding in parts of Wisconsin, has anybody considered that such may really be Divine Contempt Ongoing and Continuing thus directed vis-a-vis Governor Walker's policies and related articles of faith, in particular the insistence that his desideratum of 250,000 jobs in the four years of his initial tenure can best be achieved only through the ilk of Fortune 500 companies willing to pay for the priivilege (small business being seen as "inefficient," "outdated," "archaic," "horse-and-buggy," "Model T" and even "One-Hoss Shay")? (On a related note, Minnesota can do without Westboro Baptist Church-brand platitudes about Divine Objection over Our Dear and Lovely State's preparing to allow same-gender marriages explaining recent and ongoing storm damage, power outages and flash flooding.)

For our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" fans and brethren: They may not know it, they of their Luscious Glory of insisting that ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe is essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations (so long as "nation" is seen in the White Nationalist trope encapsulated in the acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation," reinforced by the further trope among Primitive Christians insisting that "every Nation is founded upon a Country [Landsbodem] allocated unto it by Yahweh God") ... but ongoing uncertainty over the stability of the Chinese banking system, dominated for the most part by the State (with the People's Bank of China acting as central banker), has been sending the world's bourses into panic mode over the last week with major share indices seeing sharp delcines translating into as much as a 3% loss in the value of equities.

Especially with the People's Bank imposing tight restrictions on bank-to-bank lending, what with loans in this respect there averaging as much as 25% for overnight such, in the name (officially, at least) of "promoting monetary discipline" among the major state-run banks thanks to soured loans made following the 2009 global socioeconomic meltdown as sought to create socioeconomic stimulus becoming too much for the People's Bank to accept; still, rumours are running wild about some smaller lenders likely to be forced out of business for inadequate capitalisation and want of loss reserves.

Too, there's also the Postal Savings Bank, which operates through their postal service; essentially a "banker of last resort," there's the likelihood of the State's guarantee of its full faith and credit standing behind its deposits being suddenly revoked because of the State's credit being rather tenuous in and of itself, even considering that deposits in the Postal Savings Bank are used to finance the regime's day-to-day operations.

Something for such Zealots and True Believers in using Branson's "music shows" as the defining standard for a White-centric Amerikanischer Realkultur being seen as the Officially-Approved Leikultur to start accepting and at once recognising: At the weekend, Disney Channel announced that an episode of its family-centric sitcom Good Luck Charlie set to air early next year will feature a playmate of its title character whose parents are--wait for it--lesbians. No wonder the Good Christian Homophobes have mindsets on a par with Nazi German and apartheid South African models of pseudoscience which condoned racism and bigotry as one with National Honour and Identity.

Finally, something of an unusual Appeal for even a commercially-centric radio station to have to make, but which is rather necessary by its own admission: KNXR-FM out of Rochester, MN (97.5 MHz, plus a translator in LaCrosse, WI rebroadcasting its signal at 92.3 MHz) is probably one of a handful of FM radio stations across the country as still has an "easy listening" format and playlist, such being dominant on the FM band from the late 1960's well into the mid-1980's, when many such stations switched over to Top 40, adult contemporary or country/western playlists and formats to win over younger audiences valued all the more by advertisers. (Not to mention a few FM stations specialist in conservative talkback, almost all of it syndicated and satellite-fed.)

Did I mention that KNXR was also under local management, the same such since it began broadcasting on Christmas Day 1965?

Which, in any event, is now turning to its loyal listening audience within signal range thereof, encompassing a 50-county area of southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and western Wisconsin to contribute what they can to help meet operating expenses; the which is deemed necessary (or so they'll tell you) because of reduced advertising buys aggravated by the current socioeconomic situation. They'd appreciate giving what you can to help keep this sui generis of FM stereo on the air in an age of corporately-driven, formula-driven even, broadcasting mindsets, especially before the "weird news" crowd starts coming across this story.

(Incidentally, KNXR has no online presence or online audio stream, nor would they want any "crowdfunding" campaigns to help this appeal along.)

Donations in any amount (not tax-deductible, sadly) can be sent to:
1620 Greenview Dr. SW
Rochester, MN 55902
(For those of you in other countries who manage to stumble on this post and feel compelled to contribute to this campaign out of solidarity for Weird America, may I suggest that such be as a cheque or money order in US dollars, drawn on and payable through a United States banking-house. If you would rather prefer using Western Union or MoneyGram wire transfers for thy donation, their phone number [to advise them of the funds being available for pickup] is [+1] 507-288-7700.)



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