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19h23 UTC; MONDAY, 23 JANUARY 2012: Lest Your Correspondent forgets, he'd like to extend best wishes to his Asian readership (農曆新年快樂) for the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, as happens to be today. I hope all turns out well with you.


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent, observant as he is of how low Indecision 2012 can go in its pandering to the basest and crudest of "patriotic" emotions by especially the RepubliKKKan Presidential field, has to wonder:
  • how much longer it may be before either the Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum campaigns, perhaps the most blatant specimens of racist prolefeed in Indecision 2012, starts "building alliances" with the so-called "Youth for Western Civilisation" in pushing their rather insincere appeal for solidarity among the Good White Christians of Our Dear Lovely Nation vis-a-vis the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in the face of Clear and Present Danger of Persecution and Betrayal by a Communist-Influenced Regime;
  • one or the other campaigns calls upon the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" in the view of Fox News to "rally round" the "plight" of the "once proud, yet meek and devout in their simple and pious Christian faith" Afrikaners, in particular by giving to campaigns supposedly expected to assist with the "evacuation and resettlement" of especially lower-income Afrikaner families expected (howbeit incredibly or otherwise without credible substantiation) to plead "fear of persecution" to claim "refugee" status;
  • calls upon especially those deemed "in unhealthy dependency on State welfare" to "embrace wholeheartedly" the Afrikaans slogan 'n Volk, en slegs 'n Volk, red homself ("a people, and only a people, rescues itself"), preferably through the "healthy acceptance" of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerkiaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" as a Great White Father that will "empower" them into a Renewed Healthy Respect for Industry, Self-Reliance, Personal Responsibility, Thrift according to Cash Economy and a Wholesome and Simple Home Life (and solely on their own resources and initiative, any perousal of help or advice towards such otherwise noble ends to be seen as "perpetuating dependency"); and
  • how much longer it may be at all before they go off the tingling fresh coffee that brings you exciting new cholera, mange, seburrhoea, dropsy, the clap, hard pad and athlete's head (van die Huis van Conquistador), realisiing all along such was causing psychological and morale issues reflecting adversely on campaign prolefeed.

Is it just me, or could it be possible that some of the more blatant profiteers from "male enlargement" scams as are promoted quite a bit of late in "spam" e-mails are White Christian Nationalists, abortion opponents and other specimens of hyperconservative hubris seeing misogyny as a Sanctii Sanctorum of AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity (howbeit using front groups to mislead and deceive the masses)?


In receiving "spam" e-mails in the "419" vein calling for a "Reliable and Trustworthy Foreign Partner" to handle substantial sums of money for investment purposes stateside (yet failing to explain why they couldn't exactly turn to local investment advisors for advice in this respect), perhaps we need to ask ourselves questions such as these:
  • How do we know we're not dealing here with the Immoral Proceeds of Crime or Terrorism, or Plundered State or Corporate Assets, expected to be laundered by an otherwise innocent and unsuspecting Joe Sixpack type (and which could raise red flags under the USA PATRIOT Act)?
  • Doesn't it seem rather queer to expect someone with limited knowledge of the equities markets, or investment procedures, beyond negative stereotypes tending to an anti-Semitic sort, to handle such sums of Other People's Money they've heretofore been unaccustomed to handling?
  • How do we know we're not being asked for the likes of "processing fees," "transfer fees," "stamp duties," and other whimsical fees and taxes in advance serving only as stalling tactics to delay things all the more? (Not to mention asking for sensitive banking and personal-identity information as could be used in aid of Identity Theft.)
  • Why would such "urgent requests for assistance" be sent by unencrypted e-mail, notwithstanding claims that "the urgency of this transaction precludes [their] using Certified Mail at this time", as is ordinarily considered sound practice?
  • And what about the Prudent Man Rule ("in handling Other People's Monies as a Trustee or Fiduciary, those entrusted with this responsibility must be at once sober and prudent, and exercise the same due care and skill they would with their own monies")? How many among the Joe Sixpacks willing to fall for this "urgent plea" are aware of it, let alone have any awareness of the responsibilities expected to be thus attached?

With respect to "advice" on "effective" prolefeed techniques for "winning hearts and minds" most impressionable or otherwise in danger of serious exploitation for Indecision 2012, how do we know the GOP and/or their "Tea Party" drookies aren't secretly in league with the so-called "Church of Scientology" with respect to "consultation" on suitable tactics of reprisal and payback (in particular the Scientologists' "Fair Game Law" against real or imagined critics, the point expected to be one of driving critics into insality or suicide thanks to mental and psychoemotional abuse, cruelty and hazing allowed thereunder)?


And how do we know Elohim wasn't showing His Wrath upon the South with a series of tornadoes on the overnight into earlier this morning, in reprisal for its continued latency of harbouring racist, jingoistic and bigoted mindsets and excusing such under the banner of "Heritage, Not Hate"?

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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