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16h18 UTC; MONDAY, 9 APRIL 2012: As if We, The People Our Parents Warned Us About didn't have enough to worry about (especially such dealing with the benefits we collect, whether we'll get decent food on the table or even our sanity, or reasonable facsimilies thereof), there seems to be that mindset who, in so warning us about suchlike of our ilk, fear that whatever opinions we express ought not be trusted or believed under any circumstances whatsoever, presumably out of fear that "schizophrenic germs" could be contracted in a manner like the common cold, HIV/AIDS, cancer, social diseases or other loathsome such as traditionally subjected its sufferers to isolation and pariahdom.

Especially because of the supposed belief that "our kind" couldn't get the facts straight and/or coherent (especially where controversial subjects came into the equation) without risking the "complete and final" revocation of any and all emouluments we are entitled to owing to our Unfortunate Condition, forcing us into a risk of having to "learn to use the hands more than the mind" in the sheltered workshop system with its want of realistic career-building opportunities beyond such traditionally seen as beneath the dignity and respect of the "normal" as require further silence on our part. Or otherwise expecting us to be "goodthinkful", as in Orwellian Newspeak for one who is orthodox by nature, knowing the proper degrees of emotion and fanaticism expected to apply to prevailing circumstances, willingly and blindly applying doublethink constantly and conscientiously, all along being mindful of the old proverb "whose bread you eat, his song you sing" (howbeit in a reechy to the point of juvenile tone and stylee).

In short, essentially parroting the current "Tea Party" bumper-sticker slogans in a hyperjuvenile cadence, being mindful all the more of prevailing "word list"-powered "guidance notes" and applying a deeper "syntax-word-key meaning" to what they think, write or say, consistent with doublethink's principles and disciplines having, it may be safe to assume, aspects of Dianetic Scientology to a point where stereotyped illogic and incoherence prevail in the finished product.


In any case, so much for what stereotypes expect vis-a-vis what opinions the "mentally defective" can expect to subscribe to, let alone express: Just witness this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull on Teh Innerwebz in case you need proof of defying stereotypes, what with that proverb about "the exception proving the rule."

Are not my opinions in cohesive present tenses?

Are they not well-crafted and skillfully-thought-out?

Does not Your Correspondent take serious time and effort into the eventual byproducts?

Are you not suffering the supposed effects of "schizophrenic germs" just because of prolonged exposure to these comments from one of The Kind Our Parents Warned Us About?

And where exactly comes the thought about our kind supposedly being "closet Communists" or otherwise "harbouring schizophrenic beliefs" supposedly "endangering Our National and Sovereign Identity," for which we're supposed to be the "silent defenders" of by our goodthinkfulness?

So why not make this rather insane-sounding blog a habit of yours, reader?

Why not share these comments with your online friends for once, as if demonstrating that our kind has nothing to fear when it comes to the state of the world? Or, for that matter, giving him some semblance of financial help through patronage of the Online Mall and its several affiliated e-tailers (not to mention the odd links therefor off to the side of the page and after these posts, for that matter)?

So what stands in the way, reader, fear you might unconsciously wind up among The People Our Parents Warned Us About?


Which, in any case, recalls to mind a story Mein Innkeeper Friend likes to relate from time to time about back when he grew up with his hardware- and lumber-store-owner parents in a rather picayune one-horse town along the Chicago Great Western's line in southeastern Minnesota (the name of which I will not disclose), and his noting the habit of a World War I veteran so resident having this habit of drinking rubbing alcohol (notwithstanding the clear and prominent warning on the label "For External Use Only") with a chaser of Certs every now and then, with attendant consequences ... and his mentioning the issue with the store's manager out of concern for the public welfare, only to himself be collared by the target of the complaint, all the while mocking the warning as prompted the complaint.

In any event, the paterfamilias thereof was known to drive the veteran over to the VA hospital in Minneapolis on occasion out of empathy and compassion for his unfortunate lot whenever the gut started acting up--until the Harsh Reality of the matter emerged as per the preceding paragraph. (The poor Legionnaire died not long after the original complaint.)

So much for certain elements of Society not expected to be trusted under any circumstances. (And perchance a moral is extant here, no?)

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And if ever you need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; the which is necessary to preempt "spam" generated through the greater website.


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