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17h21 UTC; SATURDAY, 5 MAY 2012: In their desire to preempt the reelection of President Obama in Indecision 2012 "For My God and My Country" (or so the meme will likely be), the weird and unwholesome element wrapping themselves up in True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command (the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan," as per Fox News and conservative talkback radio), would just love stopping at nothing when it comes to paranoia and depravity in atrocity prolefeed form such as can get to be highly sensationalised as well as (in the words of North Korea's Joint New Year's Editorial explaining the official agenda for the year ensuing) "lifelike, easy to understand and based on the premise of a great upsurge."

Which, in its turn, could translate into quite the horse race for producing the most lurid, the most depraved, perverto even, atrocity tales as could be imagined to scare people into electing someone else for President come Indecision 2012 in the name of a Reddingsdaad for Our Dear Lovely Nation. And expect the sweepstakes here to be won by such whose atrocity tales dripping with paranoia draw parallels to the martyrdoms of Afrikaner women and children in British extermination camps during the Boer War down South Africa way (1899-1902), "whose martyr cries can still be heard arising from the holy and sacred precincts of the Nasionale Vrouemonument" outside Bloemfontein, consecrated to the memory of the 27,000 Boer women and children thereby martyred.

Which would especially play in nicely with campaigns among White Christian Nationalists calling for Solidarity with the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in Clear and Present Danger of Genocidal Persecution for their Pious and Humble Christian Faith and its Beliefs Held and Cherished Deeply and Dearly, what with the Boer War extermination camps, and the atrocities thereof, regarded by Afrikaners as a Sanctii Sanctorum of their civil religion as much as die Voortrek and its memory being consecrate in the Voortrekkermonument above Pretoria, not to mention the Holy Vow of the Laager preparatory to battle against the Zulu warrior Dingane at Bloeiriver on 16 December 1838--especially in its Luscious Glory under the apartheid regime and the decade preceding, when its seeds were sown in the campaign of economic empowerment under the banner of 'n Volk red homself.

No doubt guaranteed to attract especially the vulnerable, the easily-led and the ignorant Fox News, &c., values as the "REAL AmeriKKKan" by way of pathetically fanatical religious reeking of the pseudo when all is said and done.


Staying with the meme of manufactured "Christian Persecution!!" atrocity prolefeed for a moment, two rather interesting items as could generate such prolefeed of the "I-know-you-are-but-who-am-I?" school from the Elmer Gantry types as came this past week:
  • In its annual survey of security threats across Teh Innerwebz (in PDF), Symantec hath it that the sites most likely to house mouchikware as threatens innocent computer users these days are those of a "religious or ideological" nature, with "clickjacking" (as in unwanted page redirects) now displacing "spam" as a major threat to computer users. Adult websites, long considered a major conduit for mouchikware, seem to be less of a threat these days; however, personal weblogs and sites can pose clear and present computer-security danger right there and then. (Hence, all the more importance of having decent antivirus software installed on your PC, downloading and installing security updates as they become available, and running regular hard drive scans for mouchikware. Even better still, consider switching to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple's Safari as your browser of choice, what with Microsoft's Internet Explorer known to be asleep at the switch when it comes to security threats.)
  • New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has called out the Equippers Church in Napier for advertising on its sign that "Jesus Heals Cancer," even claiming that six of its followers had been thereby cured; nine people had objected to the sign as Offending Cancer Sufferers, Misleading (especially absent credible proof, notwithstanding where the church cited Matthew 4:23) and Socially Irresponsible, and the ASA concurred, contending that the sign was displayed "without due sense of social responsibility required" per their Code of Ethics.
Who exactly was it who said that "what's food to one is bitter poison to another"?


A Parliamentary committe in Great Britain having found that News Corporation chairman Keith Rupert Murdoch was "unfit to run a major company" by virtue of giving evasive and disingenuous answers to a Parliamentary Board of Enquiry investigating telephonic hacking "in furtherance of editorial duty" as translated to the shock closing of Murdoch's established Sunday tabloid News of the World earlier this year, methinks it was time to start asking how much longer it'll be before The Dirty Digger (as now holds American citizenship) starts playing the "sovereign citizen" patsy to evade liability for Serious Charges in the United States as per the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act.

Which could require Meneer Murdoch to surrender control of his AmeriKKKan media operations--not just Fox News, but also Fox Business, Fox Sport (in its Luscious Glory of regional permutations; in these parts, depending on market, such is known as Fox Sport Midwest, Fox Sport North, Fox Sport Kansas City or Fox Sport Wisconsin), Fox News Radio, Fox Talk Radio, FX, FX/M, the Fox network in FreeVee (and its several O&O stations in major markets), 20th Century Fox film studios (and its Fox Searchlight brand for arthouse releases), 20th Century Fox Television, its interest in MyTV (again, with O&O's in major markets) and the New York Post, for the record.


If you can just imagine the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders doing their routine in the terminals of DFW International Airport (or, for that matter, Love Field, the Dallas home of Southwest Airlines) during a period of heavy air traffic delays aggravated by volume of traffic as much as weather, consider where a Chinese airport operator recently decided to bring in a troupe of local cheerleaders in the Western fashion to calm the nerves of air passengers waiting for flights therefrom in the face of prolonged delays.

And the response was rather positive, as it turns out.


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