19h45 UTC; MONDAY, 6 OCTOBER 2014: Such among the rather incredible media as caters to so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" in their Luscious Glory of poverty, fecundity and ignorance of the highest order, wallowing as it doth in a somewhat toxic mix of sensationalism and prolefeed based on an insistence that "winning of hearts and minds" through ideology trumps facts and accuracy, in seeking to milk the presence of the Ebola virus in Thy Dear and Lovely Land (especially where racist angles can be exploited), are certain to be pushing the rather absurd trope, a la fringe Presidential wannabe James "Bo" Gritz, a Hero and Role Model to "REAL AmeriKKKa" of the lowest sort known, methinks, that the United States Government is "willfully and consciously suppressing" reports about the development in Europe of "promising" homeopathic treatments for the Ebola virus, as if such for Equally Loathsome Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, TB and social diseases weren't good enough for "REAL AmeriKKKa" to put what turns out being false hopes in.

The claim for this "suppression" is based, from what I understand, on a desire to "protect vested interests" in "wasteful and ineffective" drug-based treatments receiving State subsidies (with the requisite doses of anti-Semitic prolefeed as required to reinforce the belief in "Christian" homeopathy).

Inevitably, any evidence of these "research" is lacking, especially given the want of credible medical journals in the homeopathic field on a par with, say, The Lancet, the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine in terms of prestige and cachet.

Meanwhile, just where exactly should welfare "reform" be expected to emphasise "spiritual need" based on what the late Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell called the Pure Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, the foundation of AmeriKKKan Christian Right (pseudo)theology certain to make that which excused apartheid's excesses in South Africa back in the day look like a bad weekend in Hollywood as included the TMZ Hollywood Tour in its Luscious Glory of depraved scandal scripted to impress the folks from Podunk Center, Iowa?

In fact, speaking of the TMZ Hollywood Tour, Your Correspondent came across the following item from the October 1920 number of Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang (marking as it did its first anniversary, not to mention its being prototype for its Winter Annuals in later years) as noted where LA's city fathers, back in the salad days of the silent films, were taking issue with charabanc tours of starland as overdid it on scandal for the sake of the tourists:
Rubbernecking via the bally-ho wagons has received a terrible set-back in the beautiful city of the Angels. No more will the gossIp-hungry tourists be fed on the scandal of the movie colony from a megaphone in the hands of a husky-voiced "spieler." An edict has gone forth forbidding these caterers to the appetites of the unlearned and seeking visitors of Los Angeles to exploit the "affairs" of the celebrities in press agent fashion.

Los Angeles officials contend that it is no nice way to entertain their guests where skeletons are said to exist in every closet in Hollywood.

There is no question but what the moving picture business has a lot of deserving people in it, and some of the most admirable characters to be found are of the cinema crowd, but we have recently had a few stellar lights before the international eye in roles that were disgusting.

Here are someof the utterances the city fathers say should be dispensed with:
"To your right, folks, is the home of Charlie, now used exclusively by Mildred and her mother, who is also her business manager."

"On your left is the home of Lottie, sister of Mary, who has a standing offer to fight any woman in the business.

"Jack, who is also one of the family, was living in the bungalow on yonder hill before his wife came back from New York. He left for Arkansas on the advice of his doctor the day before she arrived. He was also in the service during the war."

"Now folks this beautiful chateau on the right covering ten acres is the possession of an illiterate cow-puncher, whose salary is greater than the President's."

"To your left is the former home of Mable, when she wasn't at Vernon, and who is credited with staging a 'come-back' after the star of Sennett passed below her horizon.

"The one who was once called 'America's Sweetheart' used to live in sweet simplicity in the white bungalow on the right. She used to be the idol of all children, but the page of her book is closed that the youth should learn aright."
Is it any wonder that these "rubberneck"wagons did a thriving business in Los Angeles? It is said that each "spieler" tried to outrival his competitor and from all reports the tourists were well supplied with scandal.
Finfally, Your Correspondent feels it best to apologise for the tardiness of today's post, as he was rather busy this morning with some yard work at the motel he does for, followed by some shopping and some laundry, translating into a late start to his going unto Teh Innerwebz.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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