(Courtesy of Engrish.com)

00h UTC; THURSDAY, 15 NOVEMBER 2012: Kudos, reader, to Engrish.com, the mother of such websites as specialise in exposing such hilarious specimens of mistranslated English from especially the Asia/Pacific region, for providing the inspiration for today's post--in particular the lead-off image, which is the instruction and warning panel from a knockoff Dragonball-Z flying toy.

(Whatever this "seamy side volitation" exactly is, Your Correspondent would like to know. You know how to get back to me.)

If ever there was a creative specimen of seeking payback from the very SuperPAC's who miscalculated their attempts at "winning hearts and minds" against President Obama's late reelection in Indecision 2012, it would have to be this "receipt" on behalf of the Coffee Party (in PDF format, know) targeting the so-called "Crossroads GPS" SuperPAC of Machiavelli on steroids and amphetamines. Symbolic, you know.

Meanwhile, such among "the Four Hundred" as are behind the "Fix The Debt" campaign may be resorting to trick and deception themselves to disguise real and inherent intent therefor--viz., seeking US$134 billion in tax breaks and incentives among their several stakeholders, or what passeth for them. (Meanwhile, to those of you asking how your yourselves can "Fix the Debt," you can actually make a voluntary donation to that end ... and/or, especially when you have holiday shopping on your mind, and especially so the online sort, getting it done here and/or here; in those instances, 9.11% of Your Correspondent's commission is going towards such ends.)

Expect New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to be facing an ur-kangaroo court at the annual conclave of the RepubliKKKan Governors' Association next week in response to his "palling around with the enemy" (as in President Obama) vis-a-vis seeking Federal relief assistance for the damage wrought by Megastorm Sandy about three week previous, not to mention his using the State of Emergency declaration to excuse interim tax increases to help with the relief effort. Same having results which could prove emotionally damaging, translating to outright "Heathering" (as in shunning from his peers) because fo his deviance from prevailing RepubliKKKan orthodoxy as insists that any such relief must be "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as it were.

Meanwhile, as the Junior Surf Rats Dawn Patrol makes their way to their super-secret surf spot....


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