16h UTC; TUESDAY, 25 JUNE 2013: So much for the contention Glenn Beck was pushing recently about the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement likely to be seen by future historians as one with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's: Such would make sense only if South Africa's apartheid agenda was considered, in essence, a "civil rights" movement for the Afrikaner volk in particular and the white minority generally.

Especially when the Afrikaner wanted apartheid all the more as payback for a wholesale litany of British contempt towards the Afrikaner dating back to Slagters Nek in 1828 as forced the Afrikaners' hand from the Cape into the Highveldt, hoping to rescue their ideal of being humble and pious farmers to the Greater Glory of a Calvinist God ... only to have British "interference" vis-a-vis the gold and diamond discoveries in the Kimberly and Transvaal further push the Afrikaner into the proverbial corner such that war was viewed as the only answer the Afrikaner had for achieving their Luscious Glory of an Afrikaner Republic as would be Civitas Dei on Earth in Africa. And even the amalgamation of the four Afrikaner republics (viz., the Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Orange Free State and Transvaal) into the Union of South Africa (under British control, know) in 1910 was seen as a "slap in the face," so to speak, of Afrikaner Honour, Glory and Privilege, made even more so by the martyrdom of one Jopie Fourie in 1919 and eventually culminating in the Great Depression of the early 1930's as prompted the Carnegie Corporation's report into "poor whiteism" as singled out the Afrikaner and his inbred arrogance, in its turn prompting Afrikaner Nationalist campaigns to save the Afrikaner from themselves under the banner of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescuing itself"), to be regarded as a Mission From God, eventually culminating in the shock 1948 election victory for the Afrikaner National Party as begat the entire agenda of apartheid.

The whole of which sought for the Afrikaner "sovereignty within its own sphere" with the black majority being seen as cheap labour which can be exploited By Any Means Necessary.

Thus deflating any notion of apartheid being a "civil rights" campaign but in the minds of the Afrikaner and its fellow-travellers. And which may be a lesson for the "Tea Party" hoping history will see them as favourably as apartheid South Africa saw itself. "Those who do not recall the past," &c.

As for Elmer Gantryite calls for Civil Disobedience in His Name and Glory should the Supreme Court strike down two major specimens of State-sanctioned homophobia as their current term winds down, we can just imagine their (presumed) leaders calling for their easily-manipulated audiences to renew Die Gelofte aan Bloedrivier of Sarel Cilliers, vintage December 16, 1838, seeking for the Voortrekker Laager encamped upon the Ncome River in South Africa His Protective Hand ahead of battle against the forces of the Zulu warrior Dingane, as were essentially preventing the Voortrekker's march onto the Highveldt (and, as legend insists, their salvation and future).

The old "Here we stand before the Holy God of Heaven and Earth," &c., as it were, to be delivered in an insincere and at once obnoxious tone and stylee reeking of the puerile and Monty Pythonic. Not to mention raising questions of Al Cohol or even insanity coming into the argument; IIBC, contracts made while in an obvious state of insanity or inebriation can be voided, even if they insist on approaching the gates of Valhalla covered in Luscious Glory--howbeit depraved and perverted.

With former GOP Presidential wannabe and Christian Right majordomo Rick Santorum now accepting a position with a Hollywood-based producer of "faith-based" feature films, something as will want to be watched for is the rehabilitation of "David Manning" as a promotional device to make otherwise badly-produced "Christian feature films" look good in the face of critical unease translating into wholesale deployment of antacids by mainstream reviewers (as opposed to right-wing-leaning such coached on the "words-as-weapons" trope and its semantics, unaware of their potential as fodder for The Daily Show and/or The Colbert Report on Comedy Central to deflate wholesale).

And finally, Mormon missionaries may be about to use social media all the more as a tool for attracting new followers over traditional knocking on doors and paying social calls to win over new followers; such being the word from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who feels that Teh Innerwebz may have to be the wave of the future in attracting followers (including blogs, social media such as Facebook and their website, mormon.org) if it wants to keep up with the times. (In fact, it was not until 1978 that the Mormons were compelled to renounce its long-standing racist teachings.)

By contrast, Buddhist monks as seem to be everywhere across Thailand are expected, in line with the faith's long-established teachings, to lead lives of austere simplicity ... so it was quite a shock when it emerged that a group of saffron-robed monks in the north of Thailand were seen flying in high-end private jet aircraft and spending time in high-end luxury retailers, in its turn prompting debate on whether Buddhist teachings need to change to keep up with the times.



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