00h UTC; FRIDAY, 20 JULY 2012: As if the Romneys' questioning the True Patriot Love of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation (so long as their defining standard of "nation" was that encapsulate in the racist acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation") wasn't disgusting enow to reach for the old bicarbonate (especially imagining the prospect of the "New World Order" goosestepping it, Nazi-stylee, onto our shores without warning or provocation), there's plenty of other stuff as needs discussing and thinking about.

As in:
  • So much for Governor Romney's business experience "qualifying" him for rescuing ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe from the (presumed) brink: The Los Angeles Times hath it that Bain Capital Partners, Romney's old firm, was founded entirely with offshore monies and "pure trusts" for the most part, and is still controlled through a number of Panamanian-registered shell companies "for tax reasons."
  • If the GOP/"Tea Party" alliance is as hard-wired as they are in insisting that "the poor need to learn to help themselves more," then what exactly prevents them from actually offering viable examples of "help through self-help" initiatives as are actually empowering the poor, or even launching actual bona fide such? (And we can do without their usual platitudes about "outdated and archaic rules, laws and regulatory burden" preventing such from being launched in the first place.)
    Meanwhile, what would prevent us "Real Americans" (as opposed to the simulation Fox News packages under that appellation for purely distractive ends) from actually beating such an Unholy Alliance to the punch by taking the initiative in this respect? Is it conservative insistence that such schemes need to deemphasise cash benefits (as could be "misused", or so the meme goes) in favour of the practical (as in jobs training)?
  • Capital One, one of the largest "sub-prime" credit-card issuers (as in such deemed to have marginal, wavering or damaged credit histories), has been ordered to pay out $150 million to 2 million of its cardholders by Federal edict after it emerged that it used card activation calls to push worthless and unnecessary added-value products like credit-life and -disability insurance and credit-file monitoring on unsuspecting cardholders, many of them not expected to make wise decisions anyway. No wonder the Greater Conservative Agenda hath such an emphasis on supposed "people-first" articles of faith which are probably cribbed from North Korean propaganda about the "people-centred socialism" for all Your Correspondent knows.
  • Definitely deserving of boycott by the Real American: Chick-fil-A restaurants, whose own president openly acknowledged giving a substantial chunk of corporate profits to "Christian" homophobic groups and sects down the years. (Cf. calls by certain "Christian" groups some 35 years back for boycotts of McDonald's through claims in cheap mimeographed leaflets claiming that its president supposedly boasted on Phil Donahue's chat show that most of its profits went to the Church of Satan, the which could not be substantiated via show transcripts or archive footage. But then again, Snopes.com devotes a whole section of its site to e-mail boycott calls of varying degrees of veracity and sincerity.)
  • How do we know "neighbourhood watch captain" George Zimmerman's interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News the other night wasn't carefully manipulated, rehearsed, nuanced even, to maximise potential public sympathy for a possible Civil Rights Violator among the "REAL AmeriKKKans" with the basest and most easy-to-manipulate True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command, especially such whose nationalist ideas are of the "ORION" concept (q.v.), itself reinforced by an equally-banal notion that "every nation is founded upon a country allocated unto it by Yahweh God"?
  • In case you get an unsolicited cheap edition of the Protocols of Zion sent in the letterposts as part of some "winning-of-hearts-and-minds" campaign from "Tea Party" types seeking to claim for AmeriKKKa the title-in-abeyance of God's Own Country which apartheid South Africa had to abandon after itself abandoning apartheid in 1994, you're probably best to consign it to your local recycling scheme--which is probably the best place for such a tasteless anti-Semitic forgery occasionally trotted out by misguided "patriots" and suchlike among the Dregs of Society.
  • So how much longer before the Elmer Gantryite prolefeed excuses the drought and heat wave of late as a Divine Warning that God is Preparing to Withdraw His Protective Hand (a/k/a the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace Essential to Our Character and Identity, National and Sovereign, as a Peculiar Among the Nations) from Our Dear Lovely Nation as Punishment for Our Abandoning His Divinely-Ordained Will Upon Our Dearest Land? And how do we know these "sky pilots" aren't really drunk, drug addicts, wife-beaters, gamblers, chronic spendthrifts or otherwise perverting the Prudent Man Rule?
And speaking of Our Dear Lovely Nation expected to be regarded as a Peculiar Among the Nations: Peculiar, MO 64078 (off US 71 south of Kansas City, in Cass County) got its name when its first postmaster, having had numerous suggested names for the post office rejected as "being too similar to other existing Post Offices" in Missouri, sent a letter to the Postmaster General asking for "suggestions for a peculiar name" as would pass official Post Office Department muster. Now you know.

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