19h37 UTC; FRIDAY, 6 JUNE 2014: Your Correspondent would like to use this opportunity to call unto your Notice and Attention what amounts to Wasted Possibilities for making this very weblog all the more a part of your daily online, not to mention making your friends all the more aware of what this very blog has to offer in its role as The Blog Our Parents WARNED(!!) Us About, and then some.

And he'd appreciate your taking this advice to heart as well.

Make no mistake about it: Since joining the likes of LinkReferral.com and BlogClicker.com, yours truly has managed to attract some serious and yet viable traffic--which, come to think of it, may tend to the insincere, what with many of you thus attracted just taking passing notice of what this blog is offering you as a worthwhile source of opinion and musings tending to the snarky and insane in mein own way, as only one among Those Our Parents Warned Us About (like Your Correspondent) can contribute to Teh Blogospheerez and Teh Innerwebz.

But the main issue here is what could best be called the want of follow-on traffic, which is all the more essential to making this very blog all the more viable an endeavour. Hence, don't let my snarkiness nor my being of the crazy persuasion put you off or otherwise mark this blog as One Best Avoided At All Costs; on the other hamd, Your Correspondent would greatly appreciate your making this blog something of a habit over and above your time in the traffic swap exchanges that you may encounter this blog. As in:
  • Bookmarking this very blog unto your web browser (for ready reference);
  • Sharing these posts using the "Share/Save" button as follows these several posts (with plenty of options to do so, including e-mail and social media);
  • Subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog so you can receive these posts in your e-mail, feed readers or wherever you can receive RSS feed material (notice the "subscribe" button off to the side of the page for that purpose--you can always unsubscribe later if you find it isn't to your taste anymore);
  • For those of you with mobile smartphones, scanning the QR code for this blog down the page and off to the side; and
  • For those of you with Facebook presence, Liking this very blog's Facebook page, which includes these blog posts as they become posted to the RSS stream (and also affords comment opportunities).
So what stands in the way of recognising that blogs like this are terrible to waste on Teh Innerwebz, and then some?

In any case, Your Correspondent would appreciate it if you took the time to consider one of the preceding suggestions as will make this blog an even more interesting part of the daily online routine. Repeat traffic always makes blogs all the more popular, especially those of a peculiar sort like this one.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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