18h UTC; SATURDAY, 6 APRIL 2013: Applications for welfare benefits and emouluments, be they for initial applications or recertification, will include a question on the order of "Are you unable to find employment for reasons other than because of illness, incapacity or disability?" (Emphasis from original, at least in Minnesota.)

Which is enough to wonder if state welfare agencies processing these applications in especially such states where "Tea Party" beliefs and/or "right-to-work" laws prevail are getting responses to this particular question in the vein of "official government policies" as may cite the governor's name and majesty more often than no over recent months ... especially considering where such policies may reek of doublethink by insisting that only private industry (ekonomesie vryheid, as it were, in the Afrikaans) is best suited to create jobs for such deemed "habitually dependent upon government," provided that such jobs creation is spontaneous and wholehearted while insisting that the aforementioned "government-dependent" find work when jobs apropos their job and career skills are limited or unavailable, in some cases requiring family connexions with the employer(s) in question, decent credit histories and/or security clearances, even knowing the "right contacts" in the Hidden Jobs Market employers have increasingly turned to all the more "to ensure a quality workforce."

Which many in the Lower Classes lack, even with the help of their Vocational Guidance Counsellors at the local welfare office as supplanted the traditional Welfare Case Manager thanks to workfare schemes in the several states.

And with such answers as "official government policies" precluding any attempt at finding decent work when requesting relief benefits, I have to wonder how many caseworkers responsible for the interview angle will be thinking whether they're probably "closet psychopaths" requiring psychiatric evaluation at the State Asylum for the Insane and Psychopathic (more than likely to be operated by private entities under contracts themselves more than likely awarded as "spoils" for Good and Loyal Campaign Service rather than through competitive bidding required under more normal circumstances--said award more than likely involving Certain Lewd Acts, Deeds and Exploits on the side unworthy of mention by their true names).

Said "evaluation" more than likely manipulated to the point of serving corrupt and perverto political purpose vis-a-vis the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, with Scientologist elements tending to brainwashing and infliction of cruelty, hazing even, incorporated into the programme of therapeusis. And which, in the end, could make it even more difficult for such thus afflicted to find employment, perhaps even entitling them to disability allowance per State Social Security (unless, of course, Vocational Rehabilitation--again, contracted out to corrupt political donor drookies--insists such would be better fit selling "informational reports" online through so-called "Private Label Rights," i.e., essentially reselling the same boilerplate content, with such modifications as the licenceholder may think proper, as may itself be rather dubious or otherwise duplicates information as is available for free on Teh Innerwebz).

And speaking of "Private Label Rights" (PLR) material, Your Correspondent would just love to see some purchaser/distributor thereof deliberately and consciously revising such as he chooses to thus resell into the likes of "Engrish," LOLspeak and/or Yodaspeak, and reselling such in that manner and stylee; the better to essentially sabotage and deflate the whole concept by making purchasers thereof wonder, on perousal therefor, "what the [N4BSK] is he talking about here?!" in view of the unconventional grammar, syntax, phrasing and nuance throughout. And manages to sell a few copies in the bargain thus revised, with media interviews ensuing within measurable distance.

Is it any wonder that the "Tea Party" and its drookies hath such contempt, loathing, paranoia even, for the Lower Classes without viable job skills as are constantly being told to find work or start a business when they lack any decent resources on their own, or on their parents' part, towards such theoretically noble ends--not to mention lacking decent character and credit references as don't involve "rent-to-own" and "liberal credit" stores, "gold card" catalogues and payday lenders who usually don't report details to the credit bureaux as a matter of policy?

And what exactly stands in the way of their seeking to help the poor to help themselves (as seems to be their ideal and model) by promoting mutual savings and credit societies in, say, the Stokvel mold out of South Africa?



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