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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 5 MARCH 2013: You can just imagine Certain Conservative Prolefeeders hailing as a Hero and Role-Model for Right-Thinking "REAL AmeriKKKan" Youth that nurse at a seniors' assisted-living centre in Bakersfield, CA who refused to perform CPR on an 87-year-old woman as had collapsed at the weekend thus resident because of company policies against the practice, requiring instead that 911 be called to so perform (which she did).

In any event, the woman subsequently yielded up the ghost, with the woman essentially using the Nuremburg card ("I was only following orders") ... and the facility's management, in its shame and embarrassment, reviewing the incident with an eye to possible changes in policy.

Some Interesting Reading I Recommend: This article from as suggests that Dr. Frederic "Seduction of the Innocents" Wertham, the dominant brains behind the attack on "crime" and "horror" comics in the mid-1950's so idealised by the Elmer Gantryite element as That Which Will Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation From Itself, may have been his own worst joke, especially considering where a perousal of his recently-opened files at the National Archives suggests that Dr. Wertham may have been a bit too broad in defining "crime comics" to appease the emerging chorus of moral criticism and condemnation thereof, especially so Congressional investigators as were looking for interconnexions between "crime comics" and Rampant Juvenile Delinquency. Not to mention discovering where his correspondence and "research" contained numerous gross inconsistencies.

One byproduct of the manufactured "crusade" was the Comics Code Authority, an industry-sponsored review board as reviewed comic book content pre-publication to ensure that such were of high moral standard, all such thus approved receiving its stamp of approval on the cover. Which, in any event, is now an Historical Relic, what with many of the kiddie titles (Harvey, Charlton, Gold Key/Whitman) having gone out of business in the mid-1970's ... the emerging popularity of graphic novels and independent comics choosing not to subscribe to the Code's provisions ... and changing industry trends favouring specialist comic-book retailers over newsagents and variety stores as the main sources of comic-book sales. Which were among the reasons cited in 2001 by Marvel Comics when it announced its intentions to leave the Comics Code Authority and have its comics rated in-house; by the end of 2010, only DC Comics and Archie Comics titles still displayed the Comics Code Authority Stamp of Approval as a matter of routine, but just after 2011 arrived, both publishers announced they would no longer subscribe by its provisions, DC choosing instead to adopt an in-house review board and Archie remaining committed to keeping its titles Suitable for All Ages while moving ahead with changing audience tastes.

To paraphrase Kermit the Frog, it ain't easy being diagnosed with ADHD and living with the stigma thus attached through your adult life: A newly-released study via the journal Pediatrics hath it that 57% of such as were surveyed, having been diagnosed with ADHD in childhood, were more likely to develop Criminal Tendencies, have a fivefold greater risk of suicidal tendencies cf. the general populace and be all the more likely to be dependent upon alcohol and/or narcotic or hallucinogenic substances in adult life; worse yet, according to the study's authors, having a diagnosis of Serious Mental Disorders along with the stigma of ADHD, only makes matters all the worse yet.

A musical segue we'd like to hear: Having "Elvira" by The Oak Ridge Boys (with the line "H-Yo Silver, Away" in the Chorus) followed almost immediately by an actual radio episode of The Lone Ranger in its Luscious Glory--especially one from back when the legendary Fred Foy was the show's announcer, with Brace Beemer in the title role (assuming same after its original such, Earl Graser, was killed in a car accident in 1941 heading back home after finishing the day's episode over the Mutual network via WXYZ Detroit, leaving the story line in much limbo for a few days).

And a radio show we'd like to hear, rather than conservative prolefeed pap as is becoming the Apple of Discord for AM radio: Having Paul Fusco, in his most memorable role of the Melmacian space alien refugee on ALF (as aired on NBC from 1986 to 1990, with occasional cable reruns), doing an anthology of Old-Time Radio not unlike Greg Bell's nationally-syndicated When Radio Was--but with ALF's wickedly sarcastic wisecracks and commentary making Old-Time Radio interesting to our generation (perhaps a sidekick--a Gary Moore to The ALFster's Durwaid Kirby, as it were--might help balance things somewhat). All complete with the original commercials, and spiced up on occasion so that, as example, a police drama like Dragnet is followed by Judy Canova, itself followed by The Molle Mystery Theater and, in the end, the "behind-the-scenes" show Behind the Mike finishing up.

Or, even better still, an episode of Lux Radio Theater preceded by Fred Allen and followed by Jack Benny, the whole unrelated in any way whatsoever.

Who wouldn't love to hear ALF tear apart Old-Time Radio rather than the potentially psychopathic rantings of Rush Limbaugh, especially before the latter becomes unhinged without warning and spews Billingsgate on air, unprovoked, under circumstances as would otherwise prompt complaints by the same Elmer Gantryite watchdogs of Amerikanischer Realkultur?



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