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16h56 UTC; THURSDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2012: To some, taking issue and exception to extreem specimens of conservative prolefeed using exaggerated claims of broad and wholehearted popular support is to be regarded as one with "giving indirect aid and comfort to the enemy" by unconsciously giving such free publicity and attention guaranteed to attract the curiosity of especially the ignorant and the vulnerable.

To others, it's Real Americanism, challenging unpopular and dangerous ideas and beliefs as serve only to threaten and undermine as much Our National and Sovereign Identity as our liberties and freedoms which we Real Americans (as opposed to the delusion packaged by conservative prolefeeders of a certain class) need to remain all the more vigilant towards. Especially when such targets seek to create a proverbial "mountain from a molehill" to divert attention from more pressing issues facing the Nation.

Case in point: Comedienne and chat show hostess Ellen DeGeneres (herself a known lesbian), under attack from the so-called "One Million Moms" affiliate of the equally-so-called "AmeriKKKan Family Association" (the which, come to think of it, are neither--especially the former, whose real base of card-carrying membership is probably being exaggerated for prolefeed effect) for her being the spokesperson for the new improved JCPenney's; the contention of "One Million Moms" being that Ms. DeGeneres, by virtue of her lesbian tendencies, is a Poor Role Model for REAL AmeriKKKans as Unconsciously Promotes Moral Degeneracy and Lapse in Especially Impressionable Youth in Clear Need of Healthy and Positive (read: White, "Bible-Believing" Christian) Role-Models and Examples. Your Correspondent could not agree more with the courage being shown by Ms. DeGeneres in standing up to such attacks as seem to be right out of the manufactured (and officially presented in prolefeed as "spontaneous and wholehearted") attack campaigns from dictatorial and totalitarian regimes.

As Nietzsche reminds us, "that which does not kill us makes us stronger."


Meanwhile, with the so-called "Youth for Western Civilisation" calling for the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to rally round his Bible-Believing Christian Brethren in Danger of Persecution among the Afrikaner Volk of South Africa out of "shared Christian duty and responsibility for fellow Christians at risk of persecution" (even if such claims lack credible substantiation beyond "friend-of-a-friend" stories), expect especially the more blatant of such groups claiming to represent so-called "Bible-Believing Christians" as are entitled to be "REAL AmeriKKKans" by virtue(?) of being Good Christians themselves to host what amounts to pathetic to the point of scripted "rallies" supposedly in solidarity with Our Afrikaner Brethren, some going so far as to present sugar-coated, hagiographic even, accounts from supposed "actual Afrikaner families who fled South Africa by the skin of their teeth" reeking of insincerity vis-a-vis the "good life" White Afrikaners had in apartheid South Africa, right down to off-key renditions of the old "Vaarwel aan die Vierkleur" ("Farewell to the Four-Colour," as in the Transvaaler Republic's flag before its amalagamation into the Union of South Africa under British auspices in 1910, along with the Cape of Good Hope, Natal and the Orange Free State; a stock anthem among Afrikaner nationalists and apologists for Afrikaner dominance under apartheid rule) and manufactured excesses of emotion suggesting that the whole may really be actors of the worst sort.

Come to think of it, how many groups on the Christian Right can consider themselves to be among the most blatantly sincere specimens of apologists for White Afrikaner Honour and Privilege under apartheid's excesses of depravity, especially when approached by "Youth for Western Civilisation" to join in a "United Rescue Campaign" to seek the resettlement of poorer Afrikaner families in the United States as "refugees" whose claims thereto may be scripted, tenuous even?


Consider this as Fair Warning to such among you seeking a higher return for what limited savings you may have than presently, what with many banks (both "brick-and-mortar" and "direct" such) now paying less than 1% p.a. on savings accounts: You may have noticed "spam" e-mails of late with potentially ambiguous Subject lines such as "VERY IMPORTANT," "MUST READ" or suchlike as could raise questions under CAN-SPAM, and whose text is essentially as follows:
- High, up to 2.5% daily interest
- Automated deposits and withdrawals
- Safe and convenient investment interface
- Highly experienced staff of professionals
- Friendly 24/7 Live Support

Get more information: [website redacted]
Which, if anything, should raise "red flags" to the average investor, what with the interest rate advertised being a bit on the unrealistic (suggesting, in fact, that such is really a Ponzi scheme, wherein new investors are paid off by deposits from established such) ... the likelihood of such involving Unregistered Securities ... and such probably being based offshore "for tax reasons," especially where deposit-insurance schemes are not to the same standard as those of the FDIC in the United States, the CDIC/SADC in Canada (and its Quebecois equivalent, the RADQ/QDIB) or the Depositors' Protective Scheme (for banks) and the Investors' Protective Scheme (for building societies and friendly societies) in Great Britain.

Not to mention all manner of irrationally absurd platitudes about "new and innovative investment products not available currently to mainstream American investors," reinforced with claims that "outdated and archaic securities laws" stateside are preventing American investors from taking advantage of, and profiting from, same.


As if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker didn't have enough to worry about from the prospect of his facing a recall election (signature verification on the requisite petitions asking therefor now underway) and his being implicated in corruption, misuse of public funds, perversion of official duties and related conspiracies per an ongoing John Doe Investigation from back when he was Milwaukee County Administrator, the Good People of Wisconsin (and its business community as well) ought keep on the old que vive for the clear and present prospect of said Governor's going insane to the point of making official decisions crossing into the irrationally dangerous.

So dangerous, in fact, that the major debt-rating services (Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings) will place Wisconsin's sovereign debt on Double-Secret Credit Watch and Ward, the news thereof being deliberately kept out of the media because of the potential end product thereof: Viz., a major downgrade of Wisconsin's sovereign-debt ratings to a point not exactly Default, but dangerously close to Junk status.

Leaving Madison with no option but to pay higher interest rates on its outstanding sovereign debt ... and with no other option but to raise taxes in the name of their service. Which the "Tea Party" crowd sees as anathema and a Threat to Our Dear Lovely Nation.


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent has to wonder if some of the most hard-wired supporters of Governor Walker in what may be the beginning of his decline and fall may have to be the Necedahite element, insistent in their adamant belief that Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace, Mediatrix Between God and Man, made Her Glorious Presence known to Mary Ann VanHoof and some 100,000 other persons near Necedah on August 15, 1950, notwithstanding continued and continuing ecclesiastical disapproval and objection owing to the insincerity of the message and the messenger, and an "unhealthy emphasis upon the apocalyptic" in Our Lady's supposed messages.


Meanwhile, a "heads-up" for such people and agencies who deal with refugees just arriving into, and establishing themselves in, the United States: Scam operators are taking advantage thereof by advertising where they're entitled to a special $10,000 grant from the United States Government--provided they advance "processing fees," "taxes," what have you, as aren't usually part of the grant-application process. Worse yet, such "grants" fail to materialise in the end because, in all honesty, such a "grant" scheme may not exist.

Not to mention taking advantage of a possible lack of proficiency in American English as much as American customs and folkways.


Once again, PETA has the last laugh in the prolefeed department: A Federal judge in San Diego has thrown out as a "cheap publicity attempt" an attempt by PETA to invoke the 13th Amendment's proscription on slavery against Sea World's troupe of five performing killer whales divided between their San Diego and Orlando parks.

After all, PETA's only in it for the notoriety as much as for their generating fodder for the late-night monologues and satirists generally.

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