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17h39 UTC; TUESDAY, 15 JULY 2014: It may probably be just moi and Mein Innkeeper Friend, but there's clearly the likelihood that those in (presumed) positions of confidence and trust in the several sects as make up the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement may themselves be among the Dregs of Society--and its rank-and-file isn't expected to know about it, instead being advised to see its leadership as Divinely-Appointed Warriors Reclaiming Thy Dear and Lovely Nation from Itself and Calling from Abeyance the Title of "God's Own Country" Formerly Held (and Subsequently Abandoned) by apartheid South Africa in Her Luscious Glory of Perverting the Sacred Scriptures.

This over and above where the "Tea Party" rank-and-file is obviously coming from the ranks of "poor whiteism" at its lowest, many such from the lowest of breeding and intellect or otherwise coming from socioeconomically-depraved areas unlikely to be saved even with the application of such articles of faith as turn out being a rather bad hybrid of the Afrikaner Economic Movement and Jucheism, all the while being packaged as "people-centred" when the Reality is that such is anything but.

Talk about "letting your conscience be your guide": In case you haven't heard it on the news by now, Pilot Flying J, the nation's largest truck stop chain, has agreed to pay $92 million to the Federal Trade Commission to settle charges of willful and conscious manipulation of fuel rebate programmes so that smaller customers (as opposed to corporate accounts) got cheated out of their fair share.

In an unrelated vein, the World Council of Churches has announced that it approved a resolution encouraging its member denominations to disavow fossil fuels in favour of renewable resources out of concern as much for God's Creation and the earth. Quite the contrast to AmeriKKKa's "Christian" churches, especially such with ties to "Tea Party" and suchlike elements, who see the wasteful exploitation of oil and coal as "Wise Use" which is pleasing to His Sight.

Which, unfortunately, so-called "Christians" prefer not to accept for some reason.

With county and state fairs soon getting underway wholesale nationwide, Your Correspondent can just imagine how low certain especially "concerned and loving parents" will go to in asking their children to "give [them] some time for themselves" by going off to said fairs unaccompanied, especially when reinforced by advance-purchase admission and carnival tickets and wads of cash to spend wholesale on meals and sundries handed them just after brekkie starting on Opening Day and continuing through said fair's presence.

Which, when all is said and done, is probably nothing but an excuse to allow the parents to spend precious online time perousing and downloading child pornography without (in theory) the kids "turning against us" by reporting suspicion thereof to the police, to be reinforced by euphemistic dogwhistle code expected to be memorised in case the likes of security personnel, ride operators or overzealously-concerned concessionaires start asking questions about the absence of their parents in potentially dangerous situations (some of the more likely such claiming "nervous breakodwn," "serious illness," "company suddenly coming from out-of-town, not wanting to be bothered otherwise" and similar). Not to mention fair management sharing similar concerns.

And staying with fairs for the moment, you have to imagine how many other "concerned and loving" parents will send their children onto high-speed thrill rides in the Midway areas of same in the name of "conditioning" them for adolescence despite height and age restrictions on many such, against the general advice of the amusements industry and its fears that such children who are forced onto amusement rides in a state of fright could themselves be scared into nightmares or worse.

You may or may not have heard about where some 35 ride operators at Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios Orlando were arrested in police sting operations starting in March on charges of Unlawful Perousal of Child Pornography online, and in many such instances are now banned from employment in situations as may require contact with especially children.

Now if only such a dragnet extended to Silver Dollar City in that acme conservatives revere of Amerikaansekultuur otherwise known as Branson, MO....

And tell me this isn't potentially inapproriate timing: Friday sees the release of Disney's next animated feature, Planes: Fire and Rescue to be exact, which is set against the backdrop of a forest fire caused by dry lightning somewhere in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains (explaining the PG rating therefor, citing Action and Some Peril) ... and it turns out that portions of northern California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington state are seeing forest fires caused by dry lightning igniting dry fuels on the forest floor to the point of their smouldering for a few days before breaking out into full-on flames as become a problem.

Much the same general area where the film is set, is it not?

So until next time, folks ... "73"
(Which was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye,"
in case you're wondering.)

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