"What power is, you will understand presently."
--O'Brien to Winston Smith in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four

18h30 UTC; THURSDAY, 13 FEBRUARY 2014: Male chauvinism as a Sanctii Sanctorum among conservatives must be rather blatant, and then some, judging by the way certain prolefeeders in service to the Greater Luscious Glory of the Conservative Agenda as One with National Unity and Identity expect the same Moronic Underworld they see as the "REAL AmeriKKKans" are pushing it of late.

Especially their insistence that the male has a "natural right" to use Any Means Necessary to subdue the female to his will and purpose, especially the sexual. Never mind that the male is drunk, stoned, diseased, mentally incompetent or otherwise seeks to exert his God-given (or so this prolefeed trope claimeth) arrogance to the masculine will, preferably through fear, coercion or--if need be--the old ultraviolence, especially where such translates into pain and suffering for the female.

And when all is said and done, expect the male to blame the female for "reducing herself to this" by such groundless canards as "slutty dress," "mannerisms," or even the old "you knew what you were doing," even if the targeted winds up bleeding and bawling and wailing and boohoohooing unto the Bosom of Bog and His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints in Their Collective Mercy Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation Endowed by His Divine Mercy and Benevolence (or so the David Barton crowd will expect the Moronic Underworld to think).

Especially when these same males are among the "mancave" sort who prefer the company of fellow like-minded males to exchange bawdy jokes and stories with a highly-explicit sexual undercurrent, especially where children, animals, "backwards" societies and cultures or even the old "travelling-salesman-and-farmer's-daughter" folklore comes into the equation, fuelled by plenty of beer and conspiracy theory prolefeed and reinforced by a Code of Silence calling to mind The First Rule of Fight Club, more than likely to be reinforced by a rather strident rendition of the old Horst Wessel or "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika."

Moving from the ridiculous to the obnoxious in this respect, then, Your Correspondent understands where a simmering scandal is emerging at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, the Pyongyang of AmeriKKKan Christian Higher Education, over reports from alumni claiming that reports of sexual abuse among students at the highly-secretive, hyper-Primitive Christian campus, were met with sneers of insistence that such should have been mentioned in the first instance to the parents "back home," and that any reports thereof as invoke Bob Jones U's Good Name and Repute "injure the Body of Jesus Christ" (as if insisting that the Good Christian Youth attending, or considering attending, Bob Jones U are "Esteemed and Revered by God" and, hence, above Human Error and Weakness, with anything less to be seen as one with Demonic Possession).

(In suggesting that Bob Jones U is the Pyongyang of AmeriKKKan Christian Higher Education just now, readers, Your Correspondent is merely pointing out the obvious: Bob Jones U is so Primitive Christian in teachings and theology, notwithstanding its want of denominational affiliation or association, that they've gone so far as to dismiss as "too liberal theologically" the ilk of Rev. Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. That, and their bookstore displaying books about Catholicism, Mormonism, Lutheranism and other faiths thus seen as "apostate" under the section labelled "cults." Students there are also not expected to wear clothing from certain designer brands lest such be seen as Sexually Provocative and Incompatible with Biblical Standards of Dress and Comportment.)

As long as I'm discussing the excesses of misogyny as one with Traditional Values, for the sake of whose supporters calling for AmeriKKKa to "be more like China" when it comes to hastening socioeconomic recovery and, in its turn, the Luscious Glory of Prosperity for All, I would like to call their Notice and Attention to the following BBC News report from Tuesday last:
Police in China have launched a crackdown on the sex trade in Dongguan, following a state TV report on prostitution in the southern city.

Police arrested 67 people and shut down 12 venues, while two police chiefs were suspended, state media report.

Prostitution is illegal in China, but the sex trade is widespread.

One newspaper said that Guangdong province's Communist Party chief had called for "an extensive trawling-style crackdown on the entire city".

But the police action in Dongguan has sparked a strong reaction on social media in China, reports the BBC's Yuwen Wu, with many accusing state television of being "heartless" in targeting sex workers in the city.

Dongguan is sometimes called the "capital of sex" because of its reputation as a hub for the sex trade.

The investigative report by state broadcaster CCTV, which aired on Sunday, said that prostitution took place in several entertainment venues in Dongguan.

Covert footage in the report showed women lined up on stages at various venues, while managers discussed their fees for sexual services.

Hours after the report aired, police launched a major crackdown, with more than 6,000 officers investigating saunas and entertainment venues, state media reported.

According to some estimates, there are four to six million sex workers in China.

A BBC investigation in October found evidence of organised prostitution at independently run spas located inside a number of well known, Western-brand hotels.

Last year, a report by advocacy group Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that sex workers in China experienced abuse by police, including physical assault, arbitrary detentions and extortion.
In its wake, BBC reporter Yuwen Lu offerd this analysis of "harmonised" social-media commentary, which was posted online as a sidebar:
Posters on social media have urged Dongguan to "stick it out" and "not to cry" and many claim: "We are all from Dongguan tonight."

One post says: "There are many more important issues in China, such as the luxury hotels, and black brick factories, and you never see CCTV reporting those seriously, so why are they picking on something petty?"

The famous blogger Wuyue Sanren is especially sympathetic to sex workers: "They are a vulnerable group in society, and if you want to expose this, you really should expose the root causes behind it, rather than just secretly recording dancing in the sex parlour to sensationalise the news."

But there are some voices supporting the official action and CCTV too. One resident claiming to be from Dongguan points out that a crackdown on the city's sex industry is only proper.
But then again, how are we to know these same conservative misogynists stateside aren't really, secretly even, interested in condoning prostitution to help control the urges of the human libido (which former Arkansas Governor and Christian Right darling Mike Huckabee was overheard calling a Gift from God--itself up there with primitive cultural and societal attitudes about human sexuality generally) and "keep women in their place" By Any Means Necessary?

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