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22h19 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 16 MAY 2012: For starters, readers, I would like to apologise for my absence as long as it was from Teh Innerwebz (and Teh Blogospheerz, to be more specific about it): Yesterday morning, it turned out that my trusty old computer was going into "BSoD" and "infinite loop" mode to the extent that such was making it impossible for moi to go online; hence, it was decided to send the computer over for repairs as involved reinstallation of the WindowsXP operating system and a new hard drive being put in to improve performance. (Not to mention, just today, a new media driver having to be installed after it emerged that one such wasn't installed in the reinstallation.)

Sometimes, things do wear out and need replacing over time, mind you; hence, if any of you readers could do well to consider the prospect of giving moi a decent laptop PC as per my Amazon Wishlist, such would be greatly apperciated.


Talk about a new low in "phishing" attempts: is reporting where an "account verification" e-spam supposedly in the name and behalf of turns out to connect to an "online pharmacy" selling "male enlargement" products. Which, at least, shows some creativity on the part of "phishing" types to show just what kind of a joke it all is.


Meanwhile, just where does the GOP/"Tea Party" element get the Grand Delusion that they can lower the price of gasoline to $2/gallon solely through market forces and their beloved ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as the (presumed) Fountainhead of AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations (cf. Cuba's Constitution insisting that Socialism is "essential to the Cuban national identity")?

And how do we know they're not having pipe-dream delusions about "mouth-of-mine" synfuels plants in the Sasolberg model creating ersatz gasolines cheap and cheerful from AmeriKKKan coal (especially the highly-sulfuric brown such)?


Meanwhile, if anybody in the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement drinks tea (never mind that its supposed inspiration, the Boston Tea Party, was actually a protest against what would now be seen as Unfair Trade Practices by the British East India Company, who, after successfully pleading poverty to Parliament, got to dump cheap, duty-free even, tea upon the British colonies in North America at artifically-low prices), expect them to be drinking cheap store brands as aren't exactly of the best quality. Among them the likes of Nice! (Walgreen's), Market Pantry (Target) and Great Value (Walmart), not to mention "own-label" brands from whatever is the dominant supermarket in the region, be it Safeway, Kroger, Albertson's, Hannaford's, HEB, Hy-Vee, Cub Foods, Jewel, Publix, A&P, Shop-Rite, Giant Eagle, Winn Dixie, what have you.


So much for GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's reply to the some $2 billion in losses from risky derivatives trades by JPMorgan Chase being a call for "common-sense regulatory oversight" vis-a-vis the banking industry: How do we know such isn't really code for "best practices" codes excusing, condoning even, cartel behaviour as itself excuses interlocking directorates and management, giving preferentially low loan rates to affiliated companies in the cartel (with "consulting fees" in form of kickbacks), arbitrarily low deposit rates, &c., &c.?


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent acknowledges where it's probably too early to judge whether his recent moves to improve exposure to as much this blog as the Online Mall are generating expected results in increased traffic (but then again, acknowledging where the Online Mall could still use some serious traffic as translates into serious revenue as helps Your Correspondent), let alone the likelihood of whether Entrecard may still be seriously worth it as a traffic generator among fellow blog sites....

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