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15h50 UTC; MONDAY, 26 MARCH 2012: Your Correspondent has been noticing of late (perhaps you yourself may have as well) where certain "419"-type scam letters have started showing up as attachments in the .csv or .zip format, without any explanation as to why the tactic is being resorted to apart from the usual manufactured pleas for urgency to read and contact such responsible to handle the supposed "urgent transaction" within timely limits all the more.

Which, in any case, should be enough of a reminder and warning of the possibility that such attachments may actually be conduits for the download of mouchik ware in any of various forms under the guise of a "419" letter; hence, instead of the inevitable insincere plea for assistance from without, you may unconsciously wind up damaging your computer through the agency of worms, viruses, Trojan horses, keyloggers or botnet scripts as cause your computer's being deployed from without by remote commands.

Hence, being wary of opening e-mail attachments from sources you don't know or trust without scanning and cleaning such beforehand ... and simply deleting such specimens of shady-looking "419" appeals, or otherwise reporting such to apropos channels.


On a quasi-related note, Your Correspondent has to wonder how much longer it can get before conservative and "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement prolefeeders start resorting to the pathetically pathetic in winning over the trust and confidence of especially the emotionally-unstable and -disturbed--as in the use of, or other recourse to, hyperjuvenile falsettos or a pathetically authoritarian tone not unlike certain authority figures (e.g., school principals and clergy) when it comes to explaining their articles of faith in supposedly simple, easily-understood terms and concepts.

Especially when it turns out that such are among the Dregs of Society seeing in the Greater "Tea Party" a cheap and cheerful means towards Redemption for Value, all the while consciously aware of their weird and unwholesome ways and associations (which may or may not involve police or court contacts, penal time and prolonged police "watch-and-ward" vis-a-vis possible Unhealthy Associations including such with racists, nativists, xenophobes, homophobes, the pseudoreligious and the criminal element generally).


How many of you have seen on the news that video of three volunteer firemen of Sedan, MN (population 45) who, in transit to a St. Patrick's Day parade in a nearby town (and on one of the fire department's vehicles as was to be their parade unit), put out a car fire en route ... in drag?


No wonder the GOP's articles of faith for Reclaiming AmeriKKKa From Herself call for a "stay-the-course" brand of complacency which risks excusing, condoning even, corruption, fraud, waste, mismanagement, inefficiency and cartel behaviour not seen since the Luscious Glory of IG Farben vis-a-vis the Nazi regime: The Treasury Department hath it in a newly-released report that we supposedly "morally-superior" AmeriKKKans are wasting 1.9 billion gallons (7.192 billion litres) of fuel annually because of bad roads and bridges suffering the effects of deferred maintenance, and traffic problems as are byproducts thereof.

And expect the GOP/"Tea Party" platform to push for an agenda modelled on the Afrikaner Nationalist concept of 'n Volk red homself as deemphasises welfare in favour of expecting business and industry, thanks to the constant leveraging of "productive capital" accumulated through appeals based on trick or deception, appeals to simple patriotism even, to create jobs for those with no or otherwise marginal job skills, in its turn creating incomes, purchasing power and "productive capital" as would theoretically perpetuate the cycle from everlasting to everlasting!


Those who visit the official Bratz website, on noticing where the page is loading into your browser, will be advised to "please be patient ... it takes time to look this good!" The which can be said to apply also to the effort Your Correspondent applied yesterday in retooling and rejiggering the Online Mall as is part of this site; feel free to take a look-see thereof, and judge for yourself if my efforts actually were worth it.

Especially with a few affiliated e-tailers' banners being changed or moved around and several new such being added. And just remember that Your Correspondent can get some real income from your purchases off that page--which, in the interest of Social Responsibility, help some Good Causes in the bargain.

So what otherwise prevents your getting some online shopping out of the way, and doing so at The Online Mall That Am!?

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