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19h30 UTC; MONDAY, 23 APRIL 2012: I just hope that things go better with Coke on your part, unlike that of Senator Charles Grassley (GOP/IA), who has called for an outright boycott thereof as payback for the public pressure from "misled elements" causing The Coca-Cola Company to withdraw from Die Broers Koch's so-called "AmeriKKKan Legislative Exchange Council" (ALEC) in its Luscious Glory of contempt for democracy so as to hasten the Final Achievement and Perfection of Dominionist Rule last attempted back in apartheid South Africa.

But then again, Mein Innkeeper Friend thinks soft-drink companies have traditionally supported conservative political views (never mind that Pepsi has also left ALEC, not to mention their Yum! Brands spinoff, and we have yet to hear from Dr Pepper-Seven Up as to whether they support ALEC, and if they do, whether such ought be boycotted as a pressure tactic).


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Notwithstanding where the RepubliKKKan Party of Wisconsin has posited sham Democrats in the May 8th primary vis-a-vis the Great Recall of Governor Scott Walker (the better to trick and confuse voters thanks to the Open Primary system in place there), John Nichols with explains for you the Secret History behind Governor Walker's efforts to create jobs being deflated by his own policy decisions and proletarian-ego:
When Gov. Scott Walker was campaigning for his very well-paid position, he promised that he would focus his term on one goal: the creation of 250,000 new jobs for Wisconsin workers.

He was assuming that he would have a four-year term in which to accomplish what was actually a rather modest goal. Since he was campaigning in the depths of the recession that began during George Bush’s second term, it was entirely reasonable to believe that, as the recession eased, Wisconsin would experience significant job growth.

After all, under former Gov. Jim Doyle, Wisconsin had an unemployment rate that was significantly below the national average. And in the last year of Doyle’s term — after Doyle and legislative Joint Finance Committee Co-chairs Mark Miller and Mark Pocan balanced the state budget — Wisconsin had begun to show signs of real recovery.

So Walker came into office with every indicator in his favor. The task he had set for himself was entirely doable — even if he did very little. All the governor had to do was avoid screwing things up.

Unfortunately, he screwed things up. Badly. Walker turned down federal funding for transportation and expansion of broadband communications, effectively opting out of 21st century infrastructure development. He picked fights with public employees and teachers, rather than making them partners in a development push. Then he crafted a low-road budget that made deep cuts in education funding and services — effectively telling businesses that while they would have plenty of support in other states, they would be on their own in Wisconsin.

At the same time, he refused to address the burning questions raised by the John Doe probe into official and campaign corruption that has already ensnared a number of his closest aides and campaign donors.

Nothing Walker did inspired confidence on the part of responsible companies.

And the results were painfully predictable.

By now, according to Walker’s stated goal, Wisconsin should have seen roughly 80,000 jobs created.

Instead, since the governor took office, only 5,900 private-sector jobs have been developed. Wisconsin has one of the worst job-creation records in the nation; indeed, it has frequently led the nation in monthly job losses.

The most recent monthly survey — for March — saw Wisconsin lose another 4,300 private-sector jobs.

If Wisconsin continues to shed private-sector jobs at this rate, there is a very real prospect that the state will be a net job loser during Walker’s term by the time the gubernatorial recall election rolls around on June 5.

The governor now predicts a “dramatic” increase in the number of new jobs after he faces voters in the recall election that was scheduled after almost 1 million Wisconsinites demanded that he face an accountability moment.

Walker may actually be right about that “dramatic” increase in jobs after June 5.

If the governor is removed from office, and if his policies begin to be reversed, there is every reason to believe that Wisconsin will begin to see the same sort of meaningful job growth that other states are experiencing.
Put another way, Governor Walker has become his own worst problem, insisting that the jobs creation he insists is happening in Wisconsin (howbeit without credible proof) is best handled solely through the private sector, spontaneously and on its own will and resources. Or as they'd say in Bloemfontein, 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself").

Which can only get worse thanks to his non-cooperation with the John Doe Enquiry as could lead to Serious Charges in and of themselves which are enough to leave him no option but to leave office. Especially should the credit-ratings agencies like Standard & Poor's, Moody's Investors Service and Fitch Ratings place Wisconsin's sovereign debt on Double-Secret Credit Watch and Ward, followed by a shock after-the-bell announcement that the three had downgraded said debt to a rating best described as Limbo between Default and Junk.

So where's thy outrage, Wisconsin? YOU signed the recall petitions, now you got what you wanted; hence, IT'S NOW UP TO YOU!


I'm not sure if has heard this story, but the late John Doremus, in that rerun of his mid-1960's syndicated radio show as airs weeknights on KNXR-FM out of Rochester, MN, tells the story about the company boss who, in an effort to get his employees back to work promptly on Monday morning, decided to shift his company's payday thus--with expected improvements in worker attendance and productivity after the weekend.

After all, Your Correspondent isn't exactly sure how many companies prefer days other than the traditional Friday end of shift to pay their employees, and of those who have, whether such have produced a marked improvement in workplace cohesion and quality of work. Especially so with the trend moving away from paper cheques to direct deposit of pay into bank or credit union accounts, or loaded onto debit cards for such as are unable to procure traditional bank accounts on their own.

One option in this respect for employers to consider:

How's this for a "fair and balanced" business concept: If, as reports suggest, Ford is now in a joint venture to construct a new plant to build automobiles for the growing Chinese market, then what would preclude China from exporting three-weeled commuter-stylee vehicles into the "morally superior" AmeriKKKan market?


Meanwhile, for such insisting that AmeriKKKan passenger-rail policy be reformed along British models (as in reducing Amtrak to a sales and marketing company on behalf of the several passenger rail franchises, not unlike National Rail Enquiries in England's Green and Pleasant Land), what would preclude serious study of the Noble Experiment and all such entails from a regulatory and supervisory standpoint, in particular the role of industry-government partnerships as include the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) and its constituent components, before proceeding onward?

And if it's decided to proceed onward, perhaps start small with a "trial balloon" therefor in form of the Midwestern network out of Chicago, including several state-sponsored services and such as remain under discussion, being put to competitive tendering, with the winning operators having to, inter alii, share common standards with Amtrak in terms of ticket stock and supply, establish a settlements clearinghouse with Amtrak, and to have their schedule and fare information made available on Amtrak's computerised systems.

Something at least to think about among the "euthanise Amtrak to save passenger rail" crowd.

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