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19h03 UTC; MONDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2011: With GOP Presidential wannabe Newt Gingrich pushing as his campaign meme "Rebuilding the AmeriKKKa We Love," Your Correspondent has to wonder if such really means an agenda based on the Afrikaner nationalist meme of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), as in appealing to an idealised Greater Collective Unity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation to come together in a "spontaneous and wholehearted" appeal to an equally-idealised Reddingsdaad ("mutual self-help") "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" to Save Our Dear Lovely Nation through what essentially amounts to policies excusing further concentration of wealth itself excusing contempt for the Lower Classes.

All to be excused as being "For My G-d and My Country."


So much for the whole idea of "sexting" (as in sending sexually-suggestive messages and/or images via text-enabled mobile telephony) being an epidemic among Tender and Impressionable Youth as Endangers Morals and Decency Wholesale: A just-released study by University of New Hampshire researchers published in the journal Pediatrics hath it that middle-aged, somewhat immature adults are more likely to engage in "sexting" than the 10- to 17-year-olds hysterically believed to be so engaging in it pandemically.

And what's more, only about 1% of the images thus "sexted" are likely to cross the line into Child Pornography.

In any event, it's being suggested that parents allowing text-enabled mobile phones to their teenagers discuss the risks of "sexting" sometime--preferably in context.


Is it just me, or is Wisconsin Dells more popular than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, he of the "tools and answers" seeking to Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Wisconsin From Itself according to capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics?

Meanwhile, how do we know the destruction and power outages wrought upon Southern California recently by exceptionally strong Santa Ana winds wasn't a show of Divine Judgment upon The Golden State for passing Proposition 8, the legality thereof essentially in a state of legal limbo vis-a-vis whether those behind the plebiscite can seek "standing" in court appeals of its legality?


Newt Gingrich must have some warped and outdated ideas about "promoting a healthy respect for Traditional Values in children" when you think about it: This same Newt who wants children employed as janitors in the name of "promoting a healthy respect for work and responsibility" was also the same one suggesting a return to the orphanage ideal of getting rid of children from "unfit mothers," hoping such will receive "corrective education" in "Christian values" some years back.

In the latter instance, such was not uncommon in England's Green and Pleasant Land until some 30 years ago with the likes of such "Christian" children's homes as those of Dr. Barnardo's and Spurgeon's, which often used misleading pretexts to remove children from "unfit parents" to the point where love and compassion were too often sacrificed for "emotional well-being" as too often crossed the line into abuse and maltreatment by the houseparents. Or, in some extreme cases, having such "resettled" to Canada or Australia under misleading pretexts (which, in the Australian instance, was seen as necessary to maintain a stable pool of white labour to keep Australian industry wage-competitive in the face of cheap Aboriginal, Asian and Pacific Islander such).


Modern American Folklore and Legend, joining quite the repretoire already established: Back in the salad days of radio, a much-loved children's show host, having signed off his show for the day, and thinking his microphone was switched off, was overheard uttering (and sotto voce, at that), "Are we off? Good.... I guess that'll hold the little bastards." Said remarks having gone out over the ether waves to the effect that numerous irate phone calls and telegrams to the station forced the unfortunate host off the air and was, in effect, banned from radio (only to turn up some years later under an assumed name and with a disguised low voice, doing a late-night record show on a second-string station in, depending on the source, either Peoria, Sioux Falls, Duluth, Fargo, Des Moines, Billings or Spokane).

Which, as it turns out, is not so much folklore as a discredited Urban Legend, with variants thereof involving "Uncle Don" out of New York (perhaps the most famous version of this story) and other children's show hosts in Boston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

(Meanwhile, up in Canada, there's this story about a CBC Radio announcer once having given the station-identification message thus: "This is the Dominion Network of the Canadian Broadcorping Castration; Ici Radio-Canada.")

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