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If there are two particular entities out there as ought be concerned about the Clear and Present Danger of a default on United States Government sovereign debt--all the fault of certain weird, unwholesome and misguided elements of the RepubliKKKan Party in Congress as are under the pay of Dark and Sinister Forces whose only interest is their own selfish such--they would have to be the two biggest holders of United States debt securities.

Videlicet, the People's Republic of China (mostly through the Bank of China), as holds $1.3 trillion in Treasury securities ... and Japan (mostly through the Bank of Japan), which holds $1.1 trillion such (much of which, in either case, is held in foreign-currency reserve accounts on behalf of their respective treasuries; in China's case, such foreign-currency reserves are all the more important, considering where the value of their Renminbi ["people's money"] currency is arbitrarily fixed for the most part).

On public radio's The World last night, a China expert noted that any default on United States debt would be especially crippling on China, which itself is already recovering (rather slowly, know) from a prolonged economic slowdown made all the worse by overbuilding, corruption, gross mismanagement of the economy and the current crackdown on ostentation among Communist Party officials per Premier Xi Jinpeng, which is regarded as only aggravating corruption and weakening the supposed interconnexion between the Party and the masses.

Itself calling to mind these comments found in a Facebook thread relative to a PoliticusUSA.com post about "default truthers" suggesting that serious psychopathia may be (unwittingly, know) premeating the GOP ranks in Congress to the extent of developments being as they are:
It’s time for this country to face the fact that Republicans are suffering from party systemic psychosis – a troubling break from reality, evidenced in noticeable deficits in normal behavior coupled with delusional beliefs of grandiosity and delusions of persecution.

There is simply no way a normal, high functioning, full capacity adult human would think a shutdown of the government was a great thing and would proudly boast that they were bringing about an economic tsunami.

And of course, even more telling is the fact that a politician who was not delusional would know better than to let a reporter see them gloat over the shutdown. A normal politician would understand that this kind of branding harms their party and will land them in the minority in the next election, so it’s best to keep the crazy under wraps. Yoho’s fevered hubris is indicative of a failure to admit or comprehend the reality of the situation.

The systemic delusional state of the Republican Party is probably a result of the epistemic closure bubble encapsulating all but the most intellectual Republicans. The party of Romney momentum defies reality again, and justifies any facts that don’t match up to their delusions as evidence of persecution; i.e., “unskewed polls”. These folks are not dealing with reality, and the fringers have clearly snapped.

This Yoho fellow doesn’t understand enough about this government to be an informed voter, but he is part of the suicide caucus driving the country over the edge of the cliff. He’s Sarah Palin on steroids. Yoho evinces the problem with the Republican Party: Willful ignorance with grandiose ideas of self being allowed way too much power by a weak leader.

But regardless of the cause, a party of mentally ill people is attacking this country from the inside. They are set to take out not just this country, but the world economy. Not hyperbole. I wish it were.

This is why President Obama cannot “negotiate” with Republicans, because to do so would be to reinforce hostage taking as a form of governance. It would further empower these nutjobs.

These people should be left to their own devices on the fringe, but instead, the GOP empowers them to hold a gun to our collective heads and run this country via tyranny of the minority.

The current Republican Party fits the definition of a person suffering from a psychotic break from reality.
News that the Elmer Gantryites are sure to have a hissy fit over: An American bible scholar has now gone on record as suggesting that the Romans (of all peoples!) may have actually created Christianity as part of a primitive form of PsyOps to keep the masses in line and pacified in the face of imminent collapse and instability.

It having emerged that Die Broers Koch, mostly through affiliated entities, may have set the stage for such events as may actually be placing Thy Dear and Lovely Land all the more in danger of her Antient and Peculiar National and Sovereign Identity being compromised, betrayed even, to the "New World Order," maybe it was time, notwithstanding their Appy Polly Loggy this morning (which should be treated with skepticism as to the sincerity and good faith thereof for the moment), to essentially boycott Koch Industries-affiliated entities as a way of expressing our umbarge for their indirect contempt of AmeriKKKa and its ideals.

As in:
  • Georgia Pacific construction and building products
  • Georgia Pacific office papers (viz., Advantage, Image Plus and Spectrum)
  • Kimberly Clark paper products (including such illustrious brands as Angel Soft, Brawny, Cottonelle, Dixie, Mardi Gras, Perfect Touch, Quilted Northern, Scott, Soft 'n Gentle, Sparkle, Vanity Fair and Zee)
  • American Greetings/Carlton greeting cards (of which Die Broers Koch own a minority share)
  • Stainmaster
  • Lycra
  • Teflon
  • Guardian Glass (of which Die Broers Koch own a 44% interest)
  • Gander Mtn. outdoor stores
  • Holiday Companies (as in Holiday convenience stores in the Upper Midwest states)
With a newly-released study suggesting that the health-insurance interexchanges made possible by the Affordable Care Act (alias Obamacare) are actually increasing competition for individual and small-business health cover, in its turn translating into lower end costs (as we're expected to accept from the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace, otherwise to be seen as ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe), then why exactly is it worth the more misguided elements in Congress shutting down the United States Government rather than getting a rational budget out of the way?

To Mein Innkeeper Friend, it's racist envy, pure and simple. (With elements of penis envy, perhaps, as required.)

Myself, I have to wonder if the GOP/"Tea Party" delusion of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., being something of a Holy of Holies relative to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations is actually a smokescreen to conceal its true contempt therefor in favour of what's essentially cartel behaviour reinforced by vertically synergistic integration, never mind the harm such could pose in the long run to business and consumers alike.

The share certificates issued by The Walt Disney Company seemed to have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, what with their prominent features being sketches of many of Disney's well-known and much loved cartoon characters and attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World (prominently featuring the portrait of Walt Disney "himself," in line with New York Stock Exchange rules requiring that share certificates of listed companies include a clearly-discernable human image to avoid counterfeiting), making them especially attractive among rank-and-file shareholders.

Now, shares in DIS (to use its tape symbol) will henceforth be "book-entry" such (i.e., recognised only in electronic records), in line with emerging practice among bourse-traded companies, meaning that its share certificates will essentially become collectors' items as much among those fond of collecting stock and bond certificates as among those in Disneyania (including many card-carrying members of D23, its appreciation society).

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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