18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 9 OCTOBER 2013: First off, readers, don't you just love the "Molon Labe" kick Your Correspondent is on vis-a-vis titling these blog posts relative to the Government Shutdown and Constitutional Crisis ensuing upon Thy Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa (I can't help but overdo it in parodying the excesses of quasi-religious fanaticism in times of crisis like this)? Which, come to think of it, seems ripe for parody, punning and wordplay galore, especially with an eye towards dissing off the forces of "Tea Party" and Grover Norquistry taking the "Molon Labe" route of late, hoping the "New World Order" will trample Thy Dear and Lovely Land underfoot to plunder (and hoping the "REAL AmeriKKKan" will take measures into their own fanatically-driven hands, with plenty of opportunities for ready-made Bible-Believing Christian Martyrdom that turns out to be insincere).

Talk about the REAL "false doctrine" out there, ye who see science education, climate change/global warming and its byproducts in that vein (and "violating the rights of Bible-Believing Christians," at that): The Anti-Defamation League, in a freshly-released report (in PDF format, know), wishes to call your Notice and Attention to the clear and present danger by a new Primitive Christian doctrine and discipline packaged as "Kinism", which, in the ADL's words, is
a relatively new white supremacist religion that began to gain ground in the early 2000s in the United States. While accepting many standard Christian beliefs and declaring Jesus as their Savior, Kinists assert that whites have a “God-given right” to preserve their “own kind” and live separately from other races.
(No doubt calling to mind a little-known angle which Afrikaner Nationalists down South Africa way sought in calling for apartheid, which they called "sovereignty within our own sphere"; i.e., the right to be left alone to live and breed among their own kind, and to establish their own institutions, governance, culture, values, identity, faith and language serving their own kind and interests exclusively.)

The ADL's concerns about "Kinism" continue thus:
In various postings on websites and blogs, Kinists dismiss the idea that their views are extreme. They see themselves as practicing Christians who just love their own kind. However, Kinism’s own precepts belie the deep-seated racism and anti-Semitism that undergirds it and its adherents frequently express sentiments of unmitigated hate and prejudice.

A new generation of Kinists is spreading the word about Kinism by using websites, blogs and podcasts to make the case that their extreme views are a normative extension of Christian beliefs.
Enough, then, to make the three Dutch Reformed Churches down South Africa way back in apartheid's zenith (acting essentially as agents and tools of the State, seeing apartheid as Divinely-Ordained Will in Service to God's Own Country) look like a rather awful weekend in Branson among the worst sort of "music shows" as are really disguised prolefeed channels.

As the collective national stomach churns at the unwitting consequences of the "Tea Party"-driven shutdown of the United States Government upon Real Americans (and the GOP/"Tea Party" element essentially using them as the worst possible Objects of Fun reeking of contempt), Your Correspondent calls attention to this aggregation of Twitter posts recent calling (and openly, know) for the assassination of President Obama and wife in the name of Reclaiming Thy Dear and Lovely Nation and Saving the Constitution (which such of that ilk see as a Holy and Divinely-Ordained Document--howbeit in the sense that the Nazis see Hitler's Mein Kampf as their sacred text--and subject to explicit, orthodox interpretation exclusively).

No doubt prompting Twitter to close out at least two of the accounts in question for posting threatening content (and, perhaps, same being reported to the Secret Service, as is responsible for protecting the President) ... and responses per Twitter such as this: Let's just hope that the Secret Service is taking approriate measures, especially with the gravitas of the situation at hand.

Meanwhile, we may also want to be on the que vive for a return of those "Five Reports" and "mailing-list generator" e-mail scams as took unscrupulous advantage of the uncertainty over the final outcome of Indecision 2000 ... and also made their blatant presence known following the Unfortunate Events of 9/11, and the socioeconomic instability in its wake (especially among those with limited job or career skills, or such unable to find work in the community despite repeated efforts or because of circumstances beyond their control).

Which, in closing brings up this Appeal: Given the ongoing nature and depravity of the government shutdown, and the prospect of a default on United States Government debt payments (which certain conservative prolefeeders seek to downplay or otherwise make contemptuous light of, such as here), Your Correspondent, dependent as he is on State Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits because of serious emotional disorders as render him all the more unemployable, is one among such who must be wondering if Social Security benefits will be forthcoming should the shutdown and/or default persist, and even more so if there emerges a serious disruption of the Government by the Moronic Underworld's forces.

And is made even more trying because of his greater family not likely to have much in the way of resources as would assist me with expenses (rent, utility bills, credit card, etc.) should the situation get worse ... his being all the more unlikely to be coming into significant money within measurable distance ... and his mother's own condition, being that she's in a nusing home, potentially diluting the value of her estate when the time comes, translating into the likelihood of little or no inheritance ensuing.

Hence, my calling upon you, dear readers, to assist me financially in any way you could against the clear and present danger of socioeconomic instability, chaos and uncertainty under the prevailing state of affairs. The which can be accomplished through my PayPal account (witness the "donate" button off to the side, near the top of the page) and/or by shopping in the Online Mall of this site and/or my Zazzle-powered e-boutique, which, either way, generates income from my share of your purchases thereby generated. Whatever you can give in the circumstances thus would be appreciated, as things are bound to get worse and I can get easily unnerved, thanks to the years of psychiatric maltreatment and abuse which reduced me to Social Security dependency (and I can do without the "freeloader," "moocher" or "parasite" canards from such whose minds are influenced by certain weird and unwholesome types you're too reliant upon for your own good).

This Appeal is sincere and in good faith, and is based on clear and compelling circumstances. Remember that in advance.

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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