18h UTC; SUNDAY, 21 APRIL 2013: Last week's Unfortunate Events, and the manner of their exploitation by certain conservative prolefeeders (as in peddling groundless "conspiracy theories" about "false flag" attacks, sub rosa Saudi Jihadism on steroids and amphetamines), should be a reminder to us Real Americans that we need to be especially wary about such prolefeed specimens which seek to explain said Unfortunate Events in crude, oversimplistic even, terms before the official details even emerge, or otherwise seeks to pander to the basest of "patriotic" emotions in their target audience.

As witness such prolefeeders using terms in the vein of "the truth of these events is--" to create an aura (howbeit misleading, as developments emerge) of credibility and trust in audiences having no understanding  that "trust is earned, not given," that they should accept said explanation as the Sanctii Sanctorum without question, reservation or moral evasion. And ex cathedra, even, especially when reinforced by insistence that the prolefeeder has "reliable and trusted sources" behind this explanation, said "sources" probably being no better than the Dregs of Society such as police won't generally trust as informants (including alcoholics, drug addicts, sex fiends and maniacs, gamblers, those with histories of spousal or child abuse or violence, even those with mental illness).

Or, come to think of it, such "sources" are probably none other than Al Cohol, Mary Jane Warner, Auntie Em and/or Old Doc White. (I guess you know what I mean here.)

Come to think of it, Your Correspondent can just imagine where, on some conservative prolefeed worldcast where said prolefeeder uses expressions of the "truth of the matter is--" sort, such is suddenly cut short by a Breaking News Story such as dictates interrupting the broadcast for a newsflash or a Severe Weather Bulletin ... and done carefully, surgically, precisely even, so as to produce a PsyOps effect which can give the target audience of such prolefeed exercises in obnoxiousness psychological willies, wondering what exactly happened before the Crucial Details were to emerge. (And the broadcaster, in responding to the inevitable complaints likely ensuing from the Moronic Underworld who falls for such prolefeed, showing restraint in explaining that "pressing developments requiring immediate and timely broadcast" required the cutoff as rapidly as it did.)

Another (Un)likely PsyOps-Stylee Trick Worth Trying in this instance: Just as the Bare Facts are about to be revealed, preceded as above with that particular canard, cut to the obituaries many stations in smaller markets traditionally broadcast as part of their midday news bulletins, preceded by an aseptically sappy advert for some funeral home sponsoring said obituaries in its Luscious Glory of euphemistic good taste. (Hence, ruling out anything by Digby O'Dell, The Friendly Undertaker.)

So what would stand in the way of deploying PsyOps-stylee exercises "with hilarious consequences" (as they'd say between Land's End and John O'Groats) to give the Moronic Underworld (or, as they insist on seeing themselves, the "REAL AmeriKKKans") the psychological shock of their lives (with a lesson ensuing in the process)?

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