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16h59 UTC; TUESDAY, 21 FEBRUARY 2012: With shock spikes in gasoline prices of late across Our Dear Lovely and Morally-Superior AmeriKKKa over recent days to a national average of $3.51/gallon (93 cents/litre) for regular unleaded, some are starting to wonder if hysterics over an imminent attack or declaration of Holy War upon Iran over Tehran's nuclear ambitions are stoking the recent price increases to a point where some are suggesting such going to $4/gallon ($1.06/litre) before Memorial Day--even without Tehran's announcing that it already suspended crude oil shipments to French and British refineries ahead of sanctions announced by the European Union previously.

Others are suggesting that the whole may be speculation and manipulation by commodities traders--and, methinks, Die Broers Koch, seeking to maximise the war chest for the "homestretch" into Indecision 2012 for and on behalf of Koch-affiliated "astroturf" "movements" such as their "AmeriKKKans for Prosperity" through "winning hearts and minds" more than likely tending to the impressionable and easily-led.

Which, in any event, is guaranteed to recall certain specimens of Urban Legend about potentially-misguided "spontaneous campaigns" to reduce gas prices (as documented by here, here and here) to the point of being given renewed notoriety--not just through chain e-mail, but also through social media's increasing power and intrusion.


Meanwhile, readers, there are still some common-sense tips the average driver can take to help maximise fuel economy all the more in the face of such manufactured hysterics serving dubious prolefeed ends, never mind the paranoia from conservative prolefeeders generally about such "outraging decency and common sense" or otherwise "showing flagrant disloyalty to American National Exceptionalism":
  • Maintain proper tyre pressure, checking it weekly. Not to mention rotating the tyres at recommended intervals per your car's Owner's Manual.
  • Keep the car in proper tune, with regular oil (and oil filter) changes and maintenance as recommended in the Owner's Manual.
  • Replace worn or damaged spark plugs with new such.
  • To minimise vapor loss, fill the car's tank early mornings, preferably around sunrise. And refill the tank only when it gets close to the "empty" reading on the fuel gauge.
  • Maintain a reasonable speed limit, no higher than posted such (on Interstate and similar highways, 60 mph should be tops). Avoid wasteful and exaggerated acceleration serving no useful purpose other than male chauvinist egotism.
  • Stay alert while on the open road, taking a break every 3-5 hours or so to stretch your muscles and sip something light and refreshing, avoiding caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, colas) if at all possible. If you feel tired, pull off at the nearest rest area and sleep it off for a few minutes.
  • Maintain a safe following distance--no less than two car-widths if at all possible.
  • Avoid alcohol, narcotics and hallucinogens at all costs, for they can affect mental alertness. Instead, turn on your car's radio and tune same to a decent station, keeping the volume at a reasonable level.
  • Switch the cell phone off, even if it's in hands-free mode. Increasing numbers of states are now banning use of cell phones for voice or text conversations while a vehicle is in motion, unless in direst emergencies (in which case you should pull over, turn on the hazard flashers and call 911 haste posthaste).
So how exactly would common-sense driving tips like these actually be "outraging decency and common sense"?


Kudos are due to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, for not being afraid to use his veto pen (and then some) on what are essentially formula-written template legislation advanced by "Tea Party"-deluded interests in the Minnesota Legislature through weird and potentially unwholesome channels under the misguided delusion that such "would help create jobs," but without clear and valid substance in reinforcement.

And as for "creating jobs" and "empowering the long-term unemployed masses," perhaps what the RepubliKKKans really have in mind is something on a par with what Afrikaner nationalists were pushing down South Africa way in the 1930's under the banner of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), influenced no doubt by the manufactured appeals to Afrikaner Identity and Pride being promoted by said Afrikaner nationalists through the agency of Die Tweede Trek of 1938, a symbolic reconstruction of die Voortrek from the Cape to the Highveldt so that the Afrikaner (actually of Dutch/German/French Huguenot derivation thanks to intermarriage) could "maintain their humble and simple lives" as pious and God-fearing famers and pastoralists, all that cal. The core motivation for such a campaign being the "moral and spiritual decline" facing heretofore-rural Afrikaners having to find work in the cities, with "clear and present danger" of "serious moral lapse" thanks to the influence of "Communistic-influenced" trade unions in the workplace, for one, same to be (theoretically) remedied by appealing to die Volkseenheid ("the natural unity of the People") to "spontaneous and mighty" campaigns of Helpmekaar and Reddingsdaad towards their socioeconomic empowerment through Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism"), all the while blindly refusing any sort of outside charity as would be "enslaving" and instead calling upon "the REAL AmeriKKKans" into "wholeheartedly" mobilising their limited savings and investments into "AmeriKKKan businesses" as would be expected to employ "REAL AmeriKKKans," thereby making them socioeconomically autonomous within measurable distance.

In effect (to paraphrase one L. J. duPlessis' remarks before the Ekonomesie Volksgongres convened at Bloemfontein under Afrikaner Broederbond auspices in 1939, whence this approach was formally advanced), "mobilising the REAL AmeriKKKan to conquer ekonomesie vryheid [capitalism] and transform it so that it fits our common national identity," as in Uniting Capital and Labour in Class Consciousness Towards Achieving Ekonomesie Vryheid met Amerikaanse Eienskappe in its Pure and Final Form, to be viewed as Serving the Greater Collective Good of the People and Nation, with any qualms about socioeconomic inequality or exploitation to be played down all the while.

Such will doubtless be worth serious watching--and challenging. (Or what exactly would preclude such a concept being brought up for discussion in the here and now, especially with an eye towards discovering possible inherent flaws as need correcting?)

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