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15h47 UTC; SUNDAY, 5 FEBRUARY 2012: Those who have come across old copies of Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang back in its Luscious Glory of popularity and notoriety, as much as the ever-declining numbers of those as still remember the magazine, may note where early covers thereof described the famous humour magazine as an "Explosion of Pedigreed Bull."

Your Correspondent occasionally likes to think of this work by its author in this same vein of explosion--the "Pedigreed Bull" in this case being the latency of right-wing mindsets and articles of faith tending to outdated, archaic or otherwise dangerous ideas or concepts vis-a-vis Our National and Sovereign Identity, Democracy and Liberty. Especially when such tend to be packaged in thinly-veiled guises which leave the average person asking questions, or get the likelihood thereof, about what the real intent thereof may be.


Which may explain why Your Correspondent has the habit of late of playing along (howbeit sarcastically) with the late suggestion of Frank Luntz to have capitalism referred to in prolefeed as "economic freedom" "to make [capitalism] more acceptable" as a concept worth defending in Indecision 2012 among the Unwashed Masses.

In Afrikaans (as in ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen"--translating as "economic freedom with AmeriKKKan characteristics 'born out of the Volk to serve the Volk'"; Afrikaans, itself a Germanic language with Middle Dutch origins and derivation, being chosen because of its relative obscurity as a "civilised language" among especially the Zealot/True Believer types, and also as a subtle form of mockery to conservative and "Tea Party" types who must secretly have this fondness for the excesses of apartheid South Africa regarding White Minority Privilege and Power. Howbeit, know, sugar-coated to the point of hagiographic, and deliberately. And I acknowledge the influence of Google Translate for making such all the more feasable.)

And that bit about "with AmeriKKKan characteristics": Such, I will acknowledge, having been patterned on the Chinese Communist propaganda meme about "socialism with Chinese characteristics", again with sarcastically ironic intent targeting (or trying to) conservative prolefeeders and the prolefeed this generated.


In any event, some Appy Polly Loggies should be in order to the original Capt. Billy "himself," Willard H. Fawcett (1885-1940), the founder, editor and publisher of Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang, the original "Explosion of Pedigreed Bull" from the Minneapolis suburb of Robbinsdale, later relocated to Minneapolis proper, published from 1919 until around 1940 monthly, plus a Winter Annual with expanded content. The bull alluded to was Pedro, a frequent subject of the magazine's topical commentary (in particular in the lead-off feature, "Drippings from the Fawcett," wherein Capt. Billy would relate his latest adventures in name-dropping and travels in a stylee which The New Yorker would later embrace with "The Talk of the Town"); admittedly, given its barnyard allusions, much of the humour tended to a more frank brand common in rural areas, tending to cross at times into sexual or scatological double-entendre, wordplay and puns.

(The "whiz bang" of the title was a missile common in World War I.)

And Your Correspondent certainly hopes this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull on Teh Innerwebz continues to prove satisfactory to you one and all, enow so that you may want to consider getting this on a regular basis via the RSS feed (and all you need do is click on the one-stop "subscribe" button off to the side and following the prompts for such media you choose to receive RSS feeds in).


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent would like to note where, on a browse through the local dollar store here in Winona last evening, he couldn't help but notice where "Hearth Club" baking powder was on sale--with the same trademark portrait as graces cans of the more famous Clabber Girl baking powder, but with slight differences in the logo's typography and background colour of the label (Clabber Girl has a white label, while Hearth Club's is tan).

And it turns out that Hearth Club is made by the same company that makes Clabber Girl (who also makes Rumford, Davis and KC baking powders; The Rumford Company of Terre Haute, to be exact, which first manufactured Clabber Girl in 1899, adopting the present name, stylee and trademark therefor in 1923, acquired the manufacturers of Rumford, Hearth Club and KC baking powders in 1950 and those of Davis Baking Powder in 2004, as well as their formulae and trademarks).

But how do we know that, given where Clabber Girl and Hearth Club use the same trademark picture featuring a young girl delivering a plate of fresh-baked biscuits to the kitchen table for dinner, Hearth Club isn't really a subtle dollar-store-trade repackaging of Clabber Girl, using Clabber Girl's formula? (Rumford Baking Powder, know, is made to a different formula as avoids the more commonly-used sodium aluminum sulfate, meaning a faster reaction time in the mixing bowl. And FYI, Davis Baking Powder is sold mostly in the Northeast Corridor, KC Baking Powder in the Southwest into Southern California and Nevada, and Clabber Girl and Rumford are nationally available; they can also be purchased on Teh Innerwebz, if you can't quite find them at your local supermarket.)


The most unlikely threat to National Security and Sovereignty Known: With plenty of "spam" e-mails making the rounds offering "designer replicas" of high-end luxury goods of all sorts at laughably low prices as unwittingly exposes such as the farce that they are (to the obvious chagrin of the real manufacturers whose trademarks are being thus perverted and compromised), Your Correspondent calls to your Notice and Attention this alert from the Better Business Bureau about these so-called "designer replicas" and how they may not be all that much a value for money beyond a desire to emulate popular celebrities on those with very low tastes when all is said and done.

What's more, said "designer replicas", and those who manufacture and sell them, may have unwitting connexions to Known and Notorious Criminal or Terrorist Elements using such as a "front" by which to raise funds in furtherance of their nefarious acts, deeds and exploits at the expense of the guillable and easily-influenced, all the while consciously aware (and yet unaware) that the manufacture and workmanship are very poor and then some. That, and the habit of willful and deliberate misspellings of well-known brand names, even using the same typefaces as the targeted companies' such.

In any event, such "designer replicas" are best avoided if you value your money as much as your life and safety. And the connexions between counterfeit goods and financing criminal and terrorist activities from its immoral proceeds are well-known and well-documented. Need I say further?

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And if ever you need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; the which is necessary to preempt "spam" generated through the greater website.

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