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19h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 4 JUNE 2014: Methinks conservative Zealotry and True Belief has this thing they won't tell you about using the patsy of "cultural heritage and folkways" to excuse the Politically Incorrect, sugar-coated to the extent necessary with appeals to the most basic feelings of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command inherent in their target prolefeeding audience of the "REAL AmeriKKKan."

Especially when applied to the ilk of the following:
  • The Filthy Songs of Our Fathers, especially the sort as contain explicit lyrics tending to the racist, the homophobic, the misogynistic or even such glamourising "country manners" (as in sexual relations with farm animals, usually out of sexual frustration or mere ennui).
  • HFSS foods and beverages.
  • Disregard of recycling (as if the "Wise Use" patsy wasn't good enow).
  • Sexist, racist and even pedophilic and zoophilic jokes and stories.
  • Blackface minstrel-show routines.
  • Films and TV programmes glorifying the old Extreem Ultraviolence, especially where such is of gratituitous nature.
  • The wasteful, ineffective and counterproductive generally.
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Your Correspondent has to wonder if those behind the "GameOverZeus" virus as was responsible for siphoning over $500 million from online bank accounts worldwide before American authorities intercepted same, and traced its sourcing to Russia, may have unconscious interconnexions to the Vladimir Putin regime and his United Russia party, especially if the desire was to maximise Russian hard-currency reserves through trick and deception in the face of international sanctions over its Ukrainian and Crimean misadventures.


Finally, Your Correspondent has to wonder how many "investment advisors" as appear on the several "business news" shows making up Fox News' "Cost of Freedom" block on Saturday mornings, in its Luscious Glory of insisting that Main Street and Wall Street have a Natural Interconnexion as Needs to be Exploited for the Greater Glory of God and Country, are facing discipline from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and/or FINRA for the likes of illegal or unethical acts, deeds and exploits as extend to unauthorised trades, "churning," recommending unsound or inapproriate investment products, selling Unregistered Securities, involvement in "pump-and-dump" promotions, even outright fraud.

And may be hiding behind aliases not even the police know about.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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