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20h43 UTC; SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2012: Those of you as presently follow me in Entrecard (at least when it's working, which seems not to be the case over recent days) doubtless are sharing in common with me a sense of frustration and annoyance over what must seem like a never-ending series of dysfunctions prevailing there of late. Enough so, in fact, that I am thinking seriously of leaving Entrecard in favour of a more reliable, more stable even, traffic swap service as is apropos the peculiar needs and requirements of bloggers such as myself.

One as happens to be available on a "free-no-cost" basis, just as Entrecard happens to be.

And is not exactly of a scammy, questionable even, sort which borders on the weird and unwholesome.

The which may also want to be given due regard and consideration among others in Entrecard as a precaution against current management essentially throwing up its hands in sheer disgust and recognising that Entrecard, in its present form and fasion, is beyond hope.

With particular regards to the following:

But then again, there are some types of link swap I won't accept on grounds of principle, in particular such as tend to the insicere, ambiguous or irrelevant. Nor do I want to associate myself with traffic swaps as tolerate the likes of online gaming, "work-online" and "MLM" scams, adult content, hatemongering, "online pharmacies" or insincere blog posts which raise questions of such being "copy-and-paste" boilerplate (including so-called "bot blogging," where content is automatically generated without due regard for sincerity of content).


One Likely Solution Just Taken: Your Correspondent has decided to place his blog unto, a cosmopolitan blog directory and review which you can join with any Twitter accounts you may have (which makes things all the easier). At least such is but a starting point for which to proceed beyond Entrecard; hence, it may be worth looking at as a serious traffic generator.


In the meantime, this may want to be a "wake-up call" for such still in Entrecard and needing a decent replacement to consider in the traffic-swap handicap against the likelihood of a major "crash-and-burn". And will want to consider joining at the earliest opportunity; I hope this advice is of benefit to you, but cannot make any guarantees whatsoever as to whether such will translate into improved traffic numbers in contrast to Entrecard.

And for such among you still in Entrecard, I pray urge you to please share this same post (responsibly, of course) with your fellow Entrecarders through the "one-stop" convenience of the "share/save" button as follows presently, be it by e-mail, social networking or other such facilities at your disposal.

And One Thing More: Those of you still displaying Adgitize widgets would please do well to delete such from your blogs posthaste, inasmuch as Adgitize has wound up its affairs.

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And if ever you need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; the which is necessary to preempt "spam" generated through the greater website.





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