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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 27 JULY 2012: Let's get on with it already, readers:
  • It appears as if the case against Aurora Theatre Massacree assailant James Holmes could be emerging, howbeit bit by bit: A University of Colorado professor reportedly received in the letterposts about a week before the Unfortunate Events a sketchbook filled with lurid details and stick-figure drawings showing a mass-murder incident that has attracted police enquiries. (In an unrelated vein, an online petition has just been launched urging reinstatement of the assault-weapons ban as would have preempted same. Not to mention at least one "Tea Party"-deluded Senator suggesting that freedom could be seriously compromised if "mental defectives" were barred from purchasing firearms.)
  • Could the scare headlines of the late Anaheim Riots and Massacree be enough for Disney Parks to start addressing concerns about how the headlines may afflict interest in the Disneyland Resort over the fall and winter travel season (as opposed to Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain or Catalina Island, the Feline Riviera)?
  • How exactly did it become the prevailing line that the working-classes needed to assume a greater "stakeholder" role, as it were, in ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te dien" through "complete and final" privatisation of State Social Security and requiring the workers to "do the Volk and Nation a favour" (as it were) in the name of "personal responsibility" by shifting pension-contribution onus all the more upon the employee (as in leveraging a greater share of take-home pay into "productive capital" for the Greater Luscious Glory of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., via ur-hybrids of loan funds unto High-Yield Investment Plans [HYIP's] structured as "retirement savings plans" that turn out being Ponzi schemes)? And how would such actually help the unskilled workers as aren't expected to have any knowledge of the equities markets' workings apart from latent anti-Semitic canards and bromides?
  • Honestly now: Who doesn't want a T-shirt promoting this somewhat esoterically snarky blog so as to but attract sneering looks among the tackiest of shoobie traps? Or, for that matter, its fresh-launched bumper sticker as features not just the logotype, but also the QR codes for both its RSS feed and its mobile permutation, both ready to scan (just so long as it was kept clean and dry for optimal scanning efficiency, not to mention displayed responsibly--as in alongside such for Wall Drug, "Eat Bertha's Mussels", the Tommy Bartlett Show, Dollywood, I<3NY, the Ron Jon Surf Shop, Ausable Chasm and other examples of shoobie-trap tackiness)? (Purchases thereof, and much more, help to not only support, but also advertiseth, this weblog on the limited resources Your Correspondent hath available to him. As in free advertising, the sort generated by your wearing the shirt and getting same noticed.)
Meanwhile, as the Junior Surf Rat Patrol gathers for strong black coffee in the coffee shop of the Broken Muscular Arms Aparthotel....

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