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19h23 UTC; TUESDAY, 29 JULY 2014: First off, Your Correspondent deems it best to Appy Polly Loggy for the tardiness in posting the last couple of days; yesterday, for a little variety, he decided to take the lunch buffet at Sammy's Pizza in Winona, followed by a matinee performance of Planes: Fire and Rescue that he decided to watch out of a desire to kill time in a different sort of way; hence, his being rather late in posting yesterday, and I trust you'll understand.

Likewise today, because of a somewhat obsessive run on Bejewelled Blitz via Facebook as ran late, I acknowledge.

Staying with Planes: Fire and Rescue for the nonce, Your Correspondent couldn't help but notice a possible double-entendre with the very name and stylee of the "Fusel Lodge" in Piston Peak National Park as figures heavily in the story line: While the emphasis may be on the airplane component, I have to wonder if such is a sly reference to fusel oil (a/k/a fusel alcohol), a bitter and oily-tasting byproduct of distillation for especially whisky, vodka, rum and brandy which can be removed from the finished product before aging and bottling unless freeze-distillation processes were used.

No wonder racism and White Christian Nationalism are so hard-wired, ingrained even, in the greater articles of faith of the "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" (pseudo)movements, that any illusion of National Minority "support" of such a warped and delusional brand of "patriotism" thus cherished (as witness use of stock images of supposedly happy blacks, Hispanics and Asians in their prolefeed) should be seen as just that: an illusion.

Click this link and find the meaning.

Childhood isn't what it used to be, come to think of it: Out Port St. Lucie way, the mother of a 7-year-old boy is facing police charges of Child Neglect when it emerged that he was sent out of the house to play in a nearby park as is a Known Paedophile Hangout without parental supervision the other day.

And I suppose there are some of you out there who, in growing up, were told by your parents during the weekends and school vacation periods to get out of the house for awhile and "give the parents some time to themselves", to be excused as being because one or the other parents "has a nervous breakdown," "is seeing company" or some other patsy to give the police a false sense of security. And is still probably the case in some families, especially where the excuses given turn out being code words as allow the parental units to perouse child pornography on Teh Darkwebz, contending otherwise that the kids shouldn't "waste too much of their otherwise productive time" at home on the computer or playing video games.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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