17h47 UTC; THURSDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2011: When you get right down to it, reader, certain specimens of conservative prolefeed are probably engaging in over-indulgence themselves vis-a-vis their supposed ability and powers to foretell what may happen to Our Beloved and Holy Land as much as a year hence--and that same could be preempted, as it were, by Reclaiming AmeriKKKa to Her Rightful Place of Precedence Among the Nations As Divinely Ordained (which sounds right up there with certain specimens of apartheid South African propaganda excusing "as of right" such arrogant excesses among the Afrikaners, claiming they were sent there by Divine Will to cast South Africa in His Image and Design, starting with the Cape of Good Hope and, via die Voortrek, reaching into the Highveldt, only to be "betrayed" and "prevented" by the British to the extent of being forced to take Drastic Measures such as the Boer War and accepting the Peace of Vreeneging, which only "enslaved" the Afrikaner, all that Mickey Mouse ...)

The which inspireth Your Correspondent to lead off with the image as above, from Stanford University's excellent Lane Library collection entitled "Not a Cough in a Carload," featuring various specimens of tobacco-industry advertising which sought to play down the health risks of smoking over the years. And the quote about "coming events cast[ing] their shadow before" was from Thomas Campbell's dialogue poem "Lochiel's Warning," in which a wizard warns one of Bonnie Prince Charlie's troops against going forward into battle to reclaim the Scots throne at Culloden in the summer of 1745 lest blood and chaos ensue; the particular line comes from this remark of the Wizard:
Lochiel, Lochiel, beware of the day!
For, dark and despairing, my sight I may seal,
But man cannot cover what God would reveal:
'Tis the sunset of life gives me mystical lore,
And coming events cast their shadow before.
(And you wonder how many on the Christian Right are acquainted with "Lochiel's Warning" or its message, which warns of serious British reprisals against Scotland if the Bonnie Prince went ahead into battle, not just on the battlefield but also against Scots identity and heritage.)

In any event, Right Wing Watch, a blog of People For the American Way, is well-versed in Christian Right prolefeed of the "Lochiel's Warning" sort vis-a-vis Our Beloved Land and Nation and Her National and Sovereign Identity for Turning Away from Yahweh G-d and His Foredestined Will Upon AmeriKKKa; ye who have sincere concerns about our foredestiny are well advised to make it a regular habit for its exposing the excesses of Christian Right prolefeed to the greatest disinfectants known, air and sunlight. "Silence gives assent," as the saying hath it, so why should Ons, Die Volk keep silent and in the depths?


But then again, trends discerned overseas can carry over into the United States under the right set of circumstances. Witness, as examples, the "Arab Spring" protests across the Middle East to protest autocratic excesses of power and its stifling excesses upon liberty this past spring as saw at least three regimes collapse and a fourth continue going into sadistic excesses to maintain what may be a tenuous grip on power ... eventually translating into the "Occupy Wall Street" movement's ongoing objections to the concentration of wealth and its detrius upon the Great Unwashed Masses, notwithstanding police sadism in the interest of (officially) "public health and safety" (but secretly, to "protect the status quo") and conservative prolefeed claiming such is "Marxist in tone and orientation," without credible substantiation ... and, just over recent days, protests in Moscow as are spreading to several other Russian cities to protest vote manipulation by the United Russia party of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in recent elections for the Duma (with United Russia leaders claiming that American Secretary of State Clinton "gave the signal" to engage in protests; as per usual, it seems, without credible substantiation) which some of the more blatant Elmer Gantry types are bound to claim, in their "Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before" mode and stylee "For My G-d and My Country" (or so the patsy would have it), could occur across Our Dear Lovely Nation should President Obama be reelected, to the point of our being open to plunder and exploitation by Dark and Sinister Forces Allied with Satan, Having No Respect for the Identities, Sovereignty or Heritage of Conquered Lands (which could be taking the atrocity prolefeed and related paranoia a bit too far, making that of Our (discredited) Lady of Necedah look like Tommy Bartlett's Show by contrast).

And, of course, the Christian Right's stock bromide par excellence is that which implieth that Honest, Pious and Simple Bible-Believing Christians in Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa are in Clear and Present Danger of Persecution All The More Now Than Ever, with parallels naturally being drawn to Nazi Germany's debauched excesses of the Holocaust against Jews and others the regime saw as "sub-human," "undesirable" or otherwise as "life unworthy of life," "contaminating the gene pool of the Aryan Master Race" which the Nazis sought to perfect towards maintaining the continuity of what they hoped would be the Thousand-Year Reich as would see a New Golden Age for Germany and German Pride and Honour as were "stabbed in the back" at Versailles.


As for that "stab in the back" which figured so heavily in Nazi prolefeed, and the regime's desire for "payback" in the name of German Honour and Glory, the Manchester Guardian of May 8, 1919, in its coverage of the Treaty of Versailles and the terms it imposed on Germany, noted where such called for:
  • Germany to fully acknowledge responsibility for war-related losses and damages to the Allies, to be compensated for immediately with £1 billion (about US$5 billion at the time) "in gold, goods, ships or other forms of payment".
  • Two bond issues to be made by the Germans "in acknowledgement of her debt": The first, at £3 billion (about US$15 billion), to pay 2.5% p.a. interest between 1923 and 1926; the other, at £2 billion (about US$10 billion), paying 5% p.a. interest, on such terms as would be determined later.
  • Germany to repay Belgium's war debts to the Allies, calculated as being at least £200 million (about US$1 billion) at the time.
  • Germany to abolish compulsory military service, reduce troop strength to a maximum of 100,000 and limit production of war materiel.
  • The Netherlands to immediately return the exiled Kaiser Wilhelm to an international tribunal, presided over by judges from the Five Great Powers, on charges of "a Supreme Offence against International Morality and the Sanctity of Treaties," with German officers to face military tribunals.
  • Germany to return control of Alsace-Lorraine to France.
Worth thinking about in considering what GOP Presidential wannabe Michelle Bachmann wants of Iraq  vis-a-vis reparations to the United States in connexion with the ur-RAHOWA Against International Terrorism, proportionate to the some 4,800 American troops therein martyred. But then again, isn't AmeriKKKa really responsible and culpable therefor, and out of a misguided attempt at payback for the Unfortunate Events of 9/11/01 based on what turns out to have been flawed intelligence and excessively hysterical prolefeed pandering to the basest of patriotic feelings, and if so, what precludes Our Beloved Nation from accepting its share of culpability, guilt even?

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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