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19h19 UTC; MONDAY, 23 JUNE 2014: There can be no mistaking the obvious or the inherent: That the (pseudo)movement seeing themselves as the "Tea Party", for all its Luscious Glory of palming themselves off as True Patriots as will Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Land from the Evil Clutches of the "New World Order," is actually harbouring fear, loathing and contempt for the "AmeriKKKan Values" they claim to hold high the banner of, after the opening line of the old Horst Wessel from back in Nazi Germany (and come to think it, it seems as if the aforementioned Horst Wessel must be a more realistic musical standard of "Tea Party" types at closed meetings, not to mention "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika" and North Korea's national hymn).

But they don't want you to know this for a fact. Credit their belief in ignorance as virtuous therefor.

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And you can just imagine "Tea Party" types calling for high-school graduates from "government-dependent" families, in the name of "preempting further dependency upon government" as one with God and Country, to complete a Plan for Achieving Self-Sufficiency (PASS) which turns out being modelled on Soviet-model Five-Year Plans, not to mention mandatory "school-to-work" scheme participation which is too heavy on the ideological as opposed to the practical ... not to mention setting up a disguised High-Yield Investment Plan (HYIP) account packaged as a MyRA savings plan (to be presented as "promoting self-reliance and personal responsibility" in the masses).

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Seeing where conservative Zealotry and True Belief insists on presenting ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as a Holy of Holies when it comes to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by His Grace and Favour, you can just imagine such appeals to not only be presented in a subtle and discreet manner, but to also include deliberate appeals to the basest of anti-Semitism (as if implying that only "Bible-Believing Christians" are entitled to enjoy the fruits of said ekonomesie vryheid, after the desire of Afrikaner Nationalist leaders down South Africa way through the agency of the Reddingsdaadbond movement).

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See if you can spot the doublethink here, readers: As in conservative Zealotry and True Belief rejecting any and all belief in independent thought as "leading to error and weakness" at the expense of a Greater Collective Groupthink (especially that seen to be "Christian") ... yet at the same time spreading paranoia about Communism, Fascism and Nazism as being one with Greater Collective Groupthink Contrary to the Greater Collective Good of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation.

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In closing this post today, An Appeal: As you've no doubt heard on the news, portions of the Upper Midwestern states have been adversely afflicted of late in the past fortnight or so with devastation from tornadoes, heavy rains, landslips and flooding that are certain to cause no end of despair and frustration to many millions in afflicted areas. Especially so such with limited resources on their part as want some help to move on out of adversity.

And we can do without Westboro Baptist-stylee prolefeed about such devastation being one with Divine Wrath and Judgment Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation for Straying from His Ordained Predestiny, all that Mickey Mouse; on thecontrary, they could use help. Which the likes of the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army USA are preparing to make available--so long as you, dear reader, are willing to give what you can to their appeals in the coming days for disaster relief.

Preferably cash; such allows for the purchase of needed relief supplies and frees up valuable warehouse space for the staging and distribution thereof to emergency shelters and distribution centres. Which will go a long way in providing temporary shelter, meals and even cleaning and disinfection supplies for those afflicted by flooding.

So please, give what you can to either cause (as your beliefs prefer) and help do a lot for the afflicted of the Midwest.

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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