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17h55 UTC; THURSDAY, 26 JUNE 2014: Now that the United States Supreme Court has struck down as an Impediment to Free Speech a Massachusetts law mandating a 9-foot "buffer zone" around abortion clinics for the benefit of women seeking abortions, we can just imagine the risk that the unfortunate thus reduced to abortion will now face with the likelihood of a miscarriage from the sheer depravity of abortion opponents, contending all the more that their "advice" is For My God, My Race and My Country.

As well as the very likelihood of such abortion opponents, now allowed to unleash their paranoia all the more, actually being secret admirers of the Nicolae Ceausescu regime in Romania (1966-1989), which was as "pro-life" as it got, even if it was the basket case among Warsaw Pact/COMECON states allied to Moscow ... and their insistence in banning abortion was one of hastening the Final Achievement of Pure Socialism, the final stage of workers' revolution as per Marxist/Leninist articles of faith, so as to mock Bucharest's Soviet ideological minders.

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker starts being seen as a martyr-in-waiting by conservative prolefeeders generally in light of his being engaged in a Notorious Criminal Enterprise vis-a-vis the recall elections of 2011 and 2012, here's five canards being thus spread that seek to protect Governor Walker--but in the face of facts as are well-documented, are unlikely to hold water.

How do we know the "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" delusions of "nation" for prolefeed ends aren't really the sort based on the white-supremacist trope encapsulated in the acronym ORION ("Our Race Is Our Nation"), itself calling apartheid South Africa from the context of White Minority Honour and Privilege to mind?

The other night, Your Correspondent couldn't help but notice on the CBC Radio/PRI (Public Radio International) programme Q, during a discussion about the cultural legacy of World War I (whose centenary begins Saturday, as in the 100-year anniversary of its opening salvos, so to speak, via the assainsation in Sarajevo of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand), an interesting sidelight about just how paranoia infected German troop mindsets throughout: On the approach of enemy tanks to the German lines, Der Kaiser's troops were said to have held their Bibles aloft and shouted that the Devil was imminent in such guise.

And whose legacy is carried forth in all manner of Christian Right prolefeed about Thy Dear and Lovely Land facing the Clear and Present Danger of Satanic Dominion and Influence for condoning homosexuality, gay marriage, gay rights and tolerance generally in an otherwise "Christian Nation" that such Elmer Gantryites think should have followed the apartheid South African model (the fact of which such doesn't want to acknowledge tacitly--and we wonder why).

Finally: This may sound rather illogical, but notwithstanding the United States' loss to Germany 1-0 in World Cup soccer play this afterlunch, the United States goes on to the "knockout" rounds thanks to Portugal's defeating Ghana 2-1 almost concurrently. All in all, let's hope for the best for the American soccer team as the World Cup progresses.

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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