17h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 16 JULY 2014: And the picture as leads off this post is, as our British friends would say, "bang-on right" when it comes to what's expected among the rank-and-file of those in the several movements and sects as use the "Tea Party" name and stylee, not to mention their uniting ideology and articles of faith which seems to be a hybrid of the Afrikaner Economic Movement's ideal of Reddingsdaad and North Korean Jucheism--and a rather bad seed ensuing, come to think of it.

Especially when you consider where such as are in what passeth for leadership and trust positions in the "Tea Party" may be using same to conceal their shameful pasts in hopes of Redemption for Value, particularly where the likes of the following come into play:
  • Spousal and/or child abuse
  • Consorting with prostitutes
  • Perousal of child pornography
  • Incest or other sexual perversions
  • Using their position of power and trust for sexual perversion of children
  • Alcoholism
  • Narcotic drug dependency
  • Gambling
  • Medical quackery
  • Defrauding banks or finance companies
  • Business mismanagement, especially where insolvency or receivership ensued
  • Using fraud, deceit or trick as a "sound business practice", especially in procuring loans and/or credit lines or advertising/marketing/public relations
  • Perverting religion as a means to an end, especially through corrupt channels
(Which, for the most part, is only to be entrusted to the Great Within of such movements, and even then on an "eyes only" basis.)

If there's a subtle message behind the preceding, it might have to be this: If you had ink done at some shoobie-trap tattoo joint over recent days, you may want to have the doc check you out for possible infection with the bacterium as causes sepsis, such having been found in some batches of tattoo inks of late. If caught early, such is readily treatable with antibiotics.

No wonder conservative Zealotry and True Belief is as hard-wired as it gets about the defence of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as one with Our National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, and requiring Any Means Necessary to maintain its natural right of dominion--especially the corrupt and devious, such as:

Honestly, is this the kind of childrens' home Christian Conservatives would love to see in Thy Dear and Lovely Land to "instill a healthy Christian Love in our children" under the banner of "Traditional Values"?

(Via BBC News, know--)
Mexican police have rescued more than 450 children they believe were abused at a children's home in Zamora in the western state of Michoacan.

They were allegedly subject to sexual abuse and forced to beg on the streets.

The owner, Rosa del Carmen Verduzco, and eight employees at the House of the Big Family have been arrested.

Correspondents say it is one of Mexico's worst incidents of alleged child abuse at a children's institution in many years.

'Utter dismay'

The government said the building was home to 278 boys, 174 girls and six infants under the age of three.

Also rescued were 138 adults aged up to 40, the government said.

Reports say the residents were forced to live in terrible conditions.

"I'm in utter dismay because we weren't expecting the conditions we found at the group home," local governor Salvador Jara said.

The House of the Big Family has been operating for 40 years and was known locally as Mama Rosa's Home.

The authorities began to investigate the home after parents complained that they were denied access to their children.

One woman, who grew up at the home herself, gave birth to two children who were registered in the name of Ms Verduzco.

When the mother left the home, aged 31, she was not allowed to take her children with her, investigators said.

String of allegations

Michoacan Governor Salvador Jara said the raid came after an official complaint was filed by the parents of five children who said they were being held at the home against their will.

Mr Jara said the complaint was filed more than a year ago. He did not say why the authorities had not acted sooner.

Local media had reported on allegations made against the home as far back as 2010.

An article in newspaper El Universal said six families had alleged that Ms Verduzco refused to hand over their children to them.

One mother told Universal reporters that she had taken her son to the home after a social worker had recommended it as a place for her child to get treatment for hyperactivity.

The mother, Martha Ines Lopez Ramirez, said she was only allowed to see her son once every four months and only ever in the presence of a "guard".

Ms Lopez said that her son seemed to have been drugged and showed signs of having been beaten.

'Abandoned children'

She told El Universal that all parents had been made to hand over custody of the children to Ms Verduzco, and sign a written agreement not to retrieve the children before they turned 18.

Lourdes Heredia from BBC Mundo says the orphanage was "very well known" in the local area

El Universal quoted Ms Verduzco at the time as saying that most of the children came from "dysfunctional families".

She told the reporters that the home was indeed "reluctant" to release children back to their families "unless the parents could demonstrate there had been an improvement in the family's condition".

A child welfare specialist consulted by the newspaper in 2010 said the allegations of mistreatment went back two decades but that Ms Verduzco was "politically well connected".
(As an aside, Your Correspondent, having grown up in institutional and foster-care settings in youth,can't help but feel some sense of pity for the afflicted under the circumstances. As well, his thoughts go out to those so afflicted at this rather trying hour.)

(Or maybe not.)

So until next time, folks ... "73"
(Which was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye,"
in case you're wondering.)

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