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17h41 UTC; TUESDAY, 24 APRIL 2012: You may or may not have heard on the news, readers, where some teenagers are turning to alcohol-based gel hand sanitisers to get their intoxicant thrills--even such purchased by their parents in the interest of family health and hygiene. In response, some public-health officials, absent any bittering agents being added to said hand gels to prevent abuse from consumption thereof (cf. canned compressed air blowers), are suggesting that foam-based hand sanitisers, or moist towelettes, be used in the interim.


So what exactly is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, facing that recall election looming all the closer with each passing day, smorking when he suggests that his austerity policies have saved the Good Taxpayers of Wisconsin some $1.8 million, unaware that his regime's maths seem to be of the "2 + 2 = 5" school which can be manipulated for prolefeed ends as required?


On the other hand, expect such seeing the "complete and final" denationalisation of State Social Security "to empower the workers with a greater sense of personal responsibility" (or so the official meme would have it) to make plenty of fodder out of the recently-released Annual Report of the Social Security Administration's Trustees stating that the depletion of its trust funds may be all the sooner than previously expected for prolefeed in favour of denationalisation per Latinoamericano models such as place Wall Street over Joe Sixpack, who traditionally cannot be expected to invest wisely nor make sound decisions with his money in the first place.

Especially with prolefeed as is beyond the pale of good taste and panders to the most basic of patriotic feelings vis-a-vis the "morally superior" ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" and its (howbeit faulty) interlocking with Our National and Sovereign Identity, never mind where evidence is extant that all too often, companies in Chile, where the "noble experiment" originated, are lured by offers of premiums to favour certain retirement savings funds over others, and expect their employees to play along as Happy Little Vegemites at any such preference. (And there is a downside: Several years back, the Santiago tabloid Los Ultimas Noticias reported where one such fund offered the services of prostitutes to such who signed over their retirement savings thereto.)


Hypocrisy in service to God and Country can only go so far. With this example from Right Wing Watch in mind, Your Correspondent offers these observations on Venezuela before the oil boom by way of the Rev. "Golightly" Morrill of the People's Church in Minneapolis, as appeared in Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang for May 1921 (with slight changes to improve appearence from the original):
"EASY is the descent to hell"-except by way of Venezuela, at whose ports of entry one suffers so many inconveniences .in the form of passport vises, custom fees, red-tape, delay and insolence, that if-the Devil wishes to sustain his reputation of a conductor of luxurious pleasure-tours to the infernal regions,he should immediately get rid of his "disagreeable" officials there. At La Guayra, custom authorities rob the traveler of time, money and patience. These sun-burnt bandits would steal the pennies from the eyes of their dead father, and body-snatch their dead grandmother to sell her entrails for sausage-casings. The visitor should be on his guard, too, lest the city's dark-eyed daughters of delight steal away his heart.

La Guayra senoritas, like the scenery, are wild, beautiful and romantic, though there are many wizened witches, rheumatic, mustachioed and flea-bitten, who make one sea-sick on land. The local enchantresses give the stranger a good (bad) time-as well as a choice assortment of undesirable souvenirs. It is a pestiferous port where the laudable profession of prostitution is much practised. These inorallepers are much more dangerous than the physical ones in the big asylum in the outskirts. Gay girls throw kisses to the tenderfoot as he walks the streets-a most sanitary and microbeless pastime.

Here I entered a girls' school where the young misses were learning much and not missing anything, for as a practical object-lesson in physiology a naked little boy had strolled in from the street and was roaming about the room. Some of the citizens are quite devout and show their gratitude to God for his numerous blessings. I passed a saloon bearing the inscription, "Gracios a Dios" (Thanks to God). Thus do the simple-minded· people obey the Scriptural command, "In everything give thanks."

A few minutes' train ride takes you to Maiquitia, where there is a popular shrine and a more popular brewery. At the other end of the town lies Macuto, where, if lucky, you may "clean up" yourself in a seabath, or a pile of filthy lucre at the roulette table.

As our vessel steamed away from La Guayra, I thought what a magnificnt city it was-from the stern of a ship.

In Valencia I read a placard in a church admonishing the men not to wink at the girls during service. The town had just been ravaged by a fever called "Economica," because it was said the people caught it in the morning, languished in the afternoon and died at night.

At the Hotel Los Banos, Puerto Caqello, one goes in swimming au naturel. Many modest maidens are only clad in a blush, making a tableau vivant. Verily, as the guide-book saith, "The natural beauties of the place are charming." The harbor is deep; so is the despair of the political prisoners who I saw working in rags. One poor fellow was toiling away stark naked among the breakers and sharp rocks. It is reported that the victims are beaten in the early morning, during the call of the reveille, to cover up their cries.

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, lies at a 3,000-foot "hell"evation above the sea. It is the "Paris of South America" with its churches, parks, public buildings, Pantheon, palace and promenades. The nerve-center of the city is Plaza Bolivar, with an equestrian statue of the hero who stood for liberty, and around which congregate people who stand for everything. Certain "Carac"teristics make this a viva "city" and lubri "city." The climate is cool, but tempered by the '"melting" glance of the bonita muchachas, whose smiles would ripen peaches on a wall.

The dapper younkers of Caracas pursue their studies at the University, and the senoritas on the highway. Their "curriculum" also includes the racetrack, bull-ring, roulette-wheel (as omnipresent as the Victoria coach-wheel), and art works, imported from Paris and Barcelona, as vile and vivid as the paintings of Parrhasius. Even picture portraits of Beethoven and Wagner are made by grouping together nude portions of female figures.

Lottery-tickets are not the only things sold in town. Mothers come to the Plaza with their daughters for sale. Wantons from the suburb lupanars solicit under shadows of the trees, and their "Hist! hist!" is as familiar as the sibilant call of the filles publiques in Paris, who figure so frequently in the tales of De Kock, Sue and Maupassant.

At "Madame Gaby's" mansion of shame I found a girl scarcely 12 years old. How shocking! But one expects to be shocked in a city that is subject to earthquakes. Not only pedestrians, but pederasts, i.e., "maricos" or "fairies," haunt the streets and parks of Caracas. Powdered and painted, they promenade with mincing gait and ogling glance, marching to the music of the band and making "overtures" to the bystanders. The police know of this disgusting depravity, and of the hordel resorts "for men only", but wink at it. This is as rank and rotten as anythjng I ever saw in Algiers, or the Cairo "fish-market," where men were dressed as women.

In old Egypt the Temples of Isis were centers of disgusting filth. In ancient Greece, even among her greatest orators and philosophers, "Socratic love" was proverbial and portrayed on the stage in the plays of Aristophanes, although the Athenians officially punished it with death. Livy, in his History of Rome, castigates this heresy of love. The Ganymed pervert, Geiton, is the hero of Petronius' sinister novel, "Satyricon." Martial's epigrams and Juvenal's satires flay this moral decadence. Out from Naples I visited the island of Capri, where the Roman goat emperor, Tiberius, hired companies of catamites for his entertainment. Domitan forbade the practice while Christianity did much to suppress it. The student of history knows the infamous lives of Russian rulers and of Henry III, of France, in the seventeenth century. St. Paul scored the Romans for this sin--what an epistle could he indite against the Caracas "maricos" who amuse, instead of disgust, the Caraquenians, who seem to believe with Baudelaire that "La Debauche et la Mort sont deux amiables filles" (Debauch and Death are two amiable girls).

The worst spot in Venezuela is the despot dictator, President Gomez. His authority is absolute, with the accent on 'the "loot." 'He takes what he wants; a man's personal property, wife or daughter. Dark stories make him a modern Bluebeard. He is a moral and physical leper. Rumor says that he sacrifices children and drinks their blood to cure his inaladies. Gomez is the government; the legislative, executive and judicial branches consisting of the cockpit, racetrack and palace harem. He has panderers who scour the country to procure beautiful women for him. His personal and public character is so putrid, that many of the inhabitants would like to elect him president of a Guano island, with a salary in Guano. In the land of Bolivar, the Liberator, Gomez muzzles the press, suppresses free speech, maintains an army of spies, and has imprisoned some of the best and brainiest men of Venezuela in horrible dungeons for the crime of loving liberty. The following would seem to be his daily prayer:
"My Father which art in Hell, powerful be thy name.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in Venezuela as it is in Hell.
Give me my daily bread, booze, and beef, whether everybody else starves or not.
And forgive me my debts, but not as I forgive my debtors.
And tempt me not into revolutions with my neighbors, and deliver me from the evil of any defeat; for thine and mine is the kingdom, and the power, and glory, forever. Amen."
Coffee, cacao, cane, cattle, corn and illegitimate children are the principal products of the country. At one time the official census for three years in Caracas gave legitimate births as 3,848, and illegitimate as 3,753. The ratio is even worse in the country districts. A Venezuela bachelor who hasn't a half-dozen mistresses, has lost caste and is looked down on; a married man is expected to run two or three home establishments. Love is free, but drugs are costly. A friend of mine in the interior had a dear motherly lady come to him and offer her three daughters for five dollars a week.

'Tis said Alexander the Great wanted to destroy the antique town of Lamsachus. because of its Priapus worship and obscene rites. Caracas was overturned by an earthquake in 1812, when 12,000 people perished. If that was a visitation of God's wrath on account of its wickedness, another punishment is due, for it is in the class of the "Cities of the Plain"-

"Cities of hell, with foul desires demented,
And monstrous pleasures, hour by hour invented."
Sometimes, History offers some rather interesting insights into the prevailing mindsets of our times, methinks.


Your Correspondent understands where the United Nations has decided to send in some special investigators to study the plight of the Native American peoples in our otherwise "morally superior" United States ... to which the overzealously "race-aware" White Nationalist would respond by calling for like enquiries into the presumed "genocide" and "persecution" of the Pious and Humble Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa, notwithstanding a lack of substantiative evidence beyond the anecdotally-leaning such found on highly-suspicious racist web portals such as and

And, for that matter, the so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans" of the United States with an eye towards "asserting their natural right to self-determination as a Persecuted People" (otherwise known as the reestablishment of the Confederate States of AmeriKKKa within its Civil War-era boundaries, supposedly seen as a "national home" for such self-righteous specimens of arrogance lacking in realistic job or career skills), invoking as precedent the Balfour Declaration entitling Jews the right, based on valid religio-historical claims, to a "national home" in Palestine.


Tell me if this is but an isolated case, or may be symptomatic of a deeper problem within GOP ranks as may reach even unto the national party organisation: Eviction proceedings have been launched against the Minnesota RepubliKKKan Party vis-a-vis their headquarters in St. Paul after it emerged that they haven't paid their office rent in over a year; the byproducts of a rather costly Indecision 2010 for the gubenetorial race as were rather deep, and then some.

Whether the national headquarters will be turned to for fiscal assistance in this hour of need is unclear, especially with the national party claiming that the Presidential election takes precedence when it comes to party resources at the present time.


So what exactly got into the minds of those behind a high-performance stock car run up the Garden State Parkway out New Jersey way the other day, at speeds of well over 100 mph, as had escorts from the New Jersey State Police throughout? And who exactly called in the State Police escorts therefor?

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