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00h UTC; MONDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2012: “In every civilization there is a moronic underworld which cannot be civilized. It can be taught to read and write, but not to think, and it lives upon the level of its emotions and prejudices.”

Thus observed the legendary editor/publisher of the Emporia (KS) Gazette, by name of William Allen White (1868-1943), in seeking to explain the appeal of certain political candidates to a vulnerable and easily-influenced audience and subpopulation holding latent emotional tendencies towards racism, xenophobic jingoism, nativism, National Exceptionalism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and easily-manipulated patriotism best described as hard-wired to the extreme.

Originally, such was written as an observation about the appeal of "goat gland" quack Dr. John R. Brinkley among Kansans of a certain class vis-a-vis Brinkley's last-minute gubenetorial bid as a write-in candidate in the 1930 elections, largely as payback for the Kansas State Board of Medicine's revoking his medical licence earlier in the year vis-a-vis his "rejuvenation" practice in Milford involving goat-gland implants ... but then again, it may be safe to say that the vast majority of Fox News Channel's and Fox Business' viewership, not to mention the listening audience for conservative prolefeed broadcasters (in particular Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage and Tom Leykis) and pseudoreligious drookies of the preceding, can be considered to be of the Moronic Underground.

Especially considering where such prolefeeders believe in the whole concept of "words as weapons" when it comes to "winning over hearts and minds" as are easy to manipulate, reinforced as necessary through the use of internally-circulated (sometimes being of the "Eyes Only" sort "for reasons you will understand") "word lists" of such specimens of words, phrases and expressions expected to serve as psychological and ideological bullets of a kind when it comes to prevailing hot-button issues as are sometimes manufactured more than likely to divert attention from The Bigger Picture. Especially when reinforced by appeals to emotion and patriotism as can be made rather obnoxious to the extent necessary to get across the limited intellect and attention spans of the greater Moronic Underground.

Who, for the most part, tends to be "poor whites" of the worst possible breeding and intellect, hence precluding their employability in all but the lowliest of menial positions tending to the expendable (and setting them up as suckers for employment-related scam offers making incredible earnings claims) and more than likely associating with "their own kind" as may be equally (and unwittingly) weird and unwholesome, united by common love of hard work, country music, NASCAR, trashy films, automotive repair, outdoor sport, the latest conservative prolefeed conspiracies, tabloid-driven celebrity gossip and Rabelaisian stories crossing at times into bestiality/zoophilia.

Such is the audience conservative prolefeeders love pandering to.

Such is the Moronic Underground. And then some.


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