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17h55 UTC; THURSDAY, 12 JANUARY 2012: The dictionary defineth "nuance" as "a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc." And to conservative prolefeeders in particular, especially the sort wanting to "win hearts and minds" over in simple, easily-understood terms, nuance matters all the more towards such ends as can risk causing confusion or deceit, or sowing its seeds.

Case in point: Think Progress hath it that conservative prolefeed spinmeister Frank Luntz is calling on conservative propagandists and politicos in Indecision 2012 to stop using "capitalism" and instead replace it with the "focus-group-tested" (or so he thinks) alternative "economic freedom"; as Meneer Luntz put it (emphasis supplied):
Conservatives should not be defending capitalism. They should be defending economic freedom. And there is a difference. The word capitalism was created by Karl Marx to demonize those people who make a profit. We’ve always talked about the free enterprise system or economic freedom. Suddenly, they’re trying to defend something that has only 18 percent support.
(Turns out that Mnr. Luntz is wrong in suggesting that Karl Marx coined the term "capitalism", as opposed to his using "capitalist" some 2,600 times in Das Kapital [1867]: Your Correspondent understands that, per the Oxford English Dictionary, William Makepeace Thackeray used the term "capitalism" in 1854, and that "capitalist" had antecedants some 300 years prior.)

In any event, expect the meme of "economic freedom" (and the "defence" thereof "For My God and My Country") to be overdone, and then some, by conservative prolefeeders (Fox News and conservative talkback radio in particular) within measurable distance. And frequently enough to have it make the annual list of Words, Phrases and Expressions Henceforth Banished from the Queen's English issued by the Royal Society of Unicorn Hunters at Lake Michigan State University, Sault Ste. Marie. And when so hearing it, apply "capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics" in your mind thereto, and such will give you a more accurate and at once realistic rending of the meaning captured standard.


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent can't help but think about a trending meme of late being made popular by an itinerant breed of mountebanks targeting culturally-deprived communities in particular with high rates of unemployment, socioeconomic dislocation and compromised working-class pride with itinerant "seminars" suggesting that one could make big-big money by working off Teh Innerwebz (more often than not deploying switch-selling tactics by claiming such are free, only to explain during same that an "advanced course" is actually on sale for some $500 or so), usually preceded by heavy infomercial saturation for about a fortnight prior.

The meme in question best summarised by the expression "Don't dig for gold--SELL THE SHOVELS!" (The which is based on the notion that those who most profited from a major string of gold discoveries out West, starting with the 1849 gold rush in California, and continuing with later discoveries at Pike's Peak, Virginia City and Deadwood, were not those who prospected for gold, but rather those who sold equipment, provisions and supplies to the miners; a meme not lost upon the producers of the HBO Western series Deadwood a few years back.

(In case any of you would happen to have any historical citations as would support this hypothesis, Your Correspondent would greatly appreciate them in the comments section of this post. Especially considering that Snopes.com has yet to take up this story.)


With the supporters of Ron Paul's Presidential campaign referring to such as the "Ron Paul Revolution", Your Correspondent (himself not a Ron Paul fan; not a RepubliKKKan fan, for that matter) couldn't help but imagine where we hear about the "Ron Paul Dance Dance Revolution" or even the "Ron Paul Oat Revolution", for that matter.

And whether such is actually boon or hinderance to Paul's Presidential aspirations, having finished third in the Iowa Caucuses and second in the New Hampshire Primary heading into South Carolina's Primary on Saturday week.


So much for the "REAL AmeriKKKa" Fox News forever claims to be the Defenders and Guardians of--which, on closer examination, is probably closer to Peyton Place, as per Grace Metallious (never mind that when the original novel came out in 1956, such unleashed considerable outrage among the self-appointed "moral watchdogs" of the day for depicting Real America in rather lurid, frank and unflattering terms as she did--even if it was toned down somewhat for later film and TV adaptations): Your Correspondent understands that the village of Dover, MN (population some 750), about 15 mile east of Rochester via US 14 (and I-90 Minnesota exit 229) is not very happy with some recent (and widely-advertised) "lingerie shows" put on by the local tavern-keeper as attracted complaint to the county sheriff's office for crossing the line into nudity and "exotic dancing" by virtue of the fishnet-stylee dress worn by the performers, in violation of local bylaws.

The bar's manager, for her part, contends that a number of other taverns in the general area have been having "lingerie shows" for some while without any sort of interference from John Law, but has a cow about her establishment somehow being singled out all the more.

Nuance, nuance, nuance!!


"Você gostaria de fungicida com o suco de laranja?" (Which, incidentally, is Portugese for "Would you like some fungicide with your orange juice?")

The Food and Drug Administration is imposing an indefinite ban on orange juice and orange juice concentrate imports from Brazil after quality-control chemists with Minute Maid Foods checking a batch of Brazilian juice concentrate discover traces of a banned fungicide therein. Whereupon Minute Maid Foods reports this to the FDA on its own volition--which, in its turn, prompts orange-juice futures on the Chicago Merchantile Exchange to skyrocket.

To the moment, no recalls of refrigerated orange juice or frozen orange juice concentrate have been issued in consequence; but then again, dilute traces of the banned fungicide should pose no problem to your health. Besides, virtually all of the refrigerated and frozen orange juice sold in the United States comes from juice oranges grown stateside, Florida especially, with imported juice concentrate sometimes added due to crop shortages, disease (e.g., citrus kanker) or other quality issues in the Florida citrus-growing regions, in which case the label will state "Contains/May contain juice concentrate from the USA and/or [other countries]", with Mexico, Brazil and Argentina being major suppliers thereof.

But then again, it's possible for certain unscrupulous "patriotic" types to exploit the situation for panic-driven profits in the short term; hence, the guidance as above.

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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