18h UTC; FRIDAY, 26 JULY 2013: With conservative prolefeeders forever insistent upon their True Belief that the private sector can magically create jobs "solely from the goodness of their own hearts," and if "they only made the effort to create jobs in the first place" (all the while berating President Obama's agenda as "tired, empty promises***interfering with wealth creation," as if such really mattered above all else socioeconomically), may I remind them that cheap, easily-digested, bumper-sticker slogans alone won't create jobs or otherwise save the Lower Classes (especially the specimens of "poor whiteism" such as are seen to be the "REAL AmeriKKKan," whose crude and simple patriotism, combined with their Pious and Humble Bible-Believing Christian Faith and Beliefs, makes them all the easier to exploit as circumstances require) from "enslavement to Government dependency."

Especially when you so insist on suggesting, implying even, that ideology must always trump the practical, never mind that such an article of faith reeks of the illogical. Even more so when you suggest Pavlovian-model "conditioning" as itself borders on Soviet-model "political instruction" of the sort which actually undermined productivity, especially when such occured during working hours and involves parroting all manner of the latest cheap slogans in a carefully-timed cadence (as if preparing for some "spontaneous mass rally" which can be called on the shortest of warnings); such, in and of itself, can easily raise questions of psychological and/or emotional harm, brainwashing even.

And it can get even worse with their calls for "reinventing public education" by embracing a syllabus as is actually a rehashing of the Christelik Nasionale Onderwys such which prevailed back in apartheid South Africa as can be reinforced with tuition vouchers which can be easily used to blackmail the "chronically dependent upon government," especially National Minorities, into fear and intimidation. Besides, how exactly can a school curriculum placing overzealous emphasis on "Traditional Bible-Believing Christian Values [and] True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command" over core skills actually prepare our children for a more competitive socioeconomic paradigm shift towards a global economy, especially when the syllabus turns out having the faint aroma of Jucheism with its Holy Trinity of Political and National Independence, Socioeconomic Self-Reliance and Self-Defence as National Defence, the Unifying and Guiding Discipline being that "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything" (or, put another way, "YOU and YOU ALONE are the Masters of Your Fate," a/k/a 'n Volk red homself, "a people rescuing itself")?

What's more, how do you expect to push such a potentially dangerous agenda for "people-centred socioeconomic rescue" upon an ignorant, unsophisticate and easily-exploited Volk, through campaigns calling for a manufactured "National Unity and Identity" perhaps founded on the early-apartheid-era South African Reddingsdaadbond movement which saw socioeconomic dominance as one with "harnessing racial and national unity and identity"?

We await your answers. Honest, fact-based, impartial answers, not cheap platitudes through which coach and horses can easily be driven through. Especially such which give the poor tools, resources and motivation towards the socioeconomic empowerment you insist upon, not through parroting bumper-sticker slogans as can quickly get hackneyed, challenged even.


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