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19h25 UTC; MONDAY, 13 JANUARY 2014: As if the ongoing debacle of "Bridgegate" dogging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wasn't enough to make him a Hero and Role-Model in the minds of certain conservative prolefeeders vis-a-vis their ideal of "REAL AmeriKKKa," along comes word of his having an extended history of bully-boy tactics that said prolefeeders insist makes him credible Presidential wannabe material in Indecision 2016 ... not to mention Possible Improper Diversion of Disaster Relief Funds into New Jersey tourism commercials as may really have been disguised reelection campaign ads, as if seeking to create even more of a Cult of Personality which conservative prolefeeders can quickly manipulate.

But then again, there's an online petition awaiting your signature calling upon the New Jersey Legislature to pray launch impeachment proceedings against Governor Christie posthaste, especially so in light of Recent New and Embarrassing Revelations as could Harm the Garden State's Good Name, Repute and Sovereign Debt Ratings--not just for the State of New Jersey proper, but also certain of her agencies, insturmentalities and schemes to the extent of New Jersey being reduced all the more to late-night monologue fodder because of a sovereign debt rating bordering on Junk.

So much for calling yourselves "Freedom Energy" when you're the source of a leak of foamer used in coal processing as wound up in West Virginia's Elk River to the extent that such threatened drinking-water supplies for nine Mountaineer State counties having between them a population of some 330,000 (encompassing, for the most part, the Charleston metropolitan area), as well as closing schools and restaurants to the point of clear and significant socioeconomic losses ensuing: It's now emerged that Freedom Energy has clear and present associations weird and unwholesome to Die Broers Koch and affiliated "astroturf" political campaign sugar daddies pushing what essentially amounts to an agenda of Fascism under the banner of "defending the Constitution" and "upholding Our National and Sovereign Identity."

You'll never guess what Southwest Airlines and Die Bransoner Muzikschaukultur
have in common--the which became all the more evident when a flight last night from Chicago Midway Airport to the Christian Right's acme and ideal of a defining standard of Amerikanischer Realkultur instead landed at a smaller airstrip four miles distant--as in incompatible with the Boeing 737 jets as are the stalwarts of Southwest's fleet. Buses were chartered to take afflicted passengers to Branson, in some cases continuing to Dallas Love Field, which was the final destination therefor.

(Unfortunately, Southwest's service to Branson is set to be discontinued early this summer due to low passenger numbers. Frontier Airlines also serves Branson, but it's not known whether they're likely to continue serving BRK for the time being.)

First, it was Target ... now, it's Nieman-Marcus: As in retailers whose customers' credit- and debit-card payment histories over the holiday shopping season were grossly compromised by potentially weird and/or unwholesome forces from without, with potential for exploitation in the form of "phishing" e-mails and text messages (as are best ignored in favour of direct contact with your issuing bankers) and all manner of "spam" e-mails and texts offering dubious products or services galore.

This morning, it's emerged that three other retailers (as yet unidentified) may have had payment history data compromised in like fashion to the point of outside exploitation. Let's just hope that Walmart is one of the newer victims thereof; the better to "send a lesson" to "REAL AmeriKKKa" about the real cost of so relying upon them for their shopping needs almost exclusively (especially so in terms of tax incentives Walmart didn't really deserve because of their already-substantial resources--which we Real Americans wind up paying for despite conservative articles of faith insisting that lower taxes will mean jobs and Prosperity for All, which was never the case all along).

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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