00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 3 OCTOBER 2012: Observed while Your Correspondent was shopping at the Hy-Vee in Winona after a somewhat early supper to mark his 51st birthday last evening: A kids' T-shirt in which three hammerhead sharks were fashioned into the international "running arrows" symbol of recycling.

Meanwhile, as if "Tea Party" and suchlike claims about environmentalism being a threat to ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe weren't absurd enow, the Federal Trade Commission has now come out with revised guidance and policy regarding environmental and "green" claims in advertising, the first such revision in some 20 years.

Back at the hackneyed old ranch:
  • Given where the Romney/Ryan model of socioeconomic recovery founded, predicated even, on ekonomesie vryheid, &c., lacks specific details for the moment to suggest a "you're on your own" model, how do we know the real details thereof aren't actually being concealed under deliberate layers of willful and conscious doublethink, excusing such as necessary "to prevent scandal" should the truth thereof be let slip carelessly, recklessly even? Or is their real model one they're afraid to identify by its true name because of Certain Unwholesome Associations?
  • And Another Thing: If it emerges that the Romney/Ryan Socioeconomic Recovery and Rescue model is actually founded upon "people-centred" models such as the Afrikaner Economic Movement, which expected ethno-national solidarity and cohesion to be the impetus thereof, "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" essentially ... I would rather prefer that such be above racism and ethno-national divisions as planted the seed of apartheid (which the Afrikaner essentially was seeking all along as payback for British atrocities against the Afrikaner, preferably through economic means).
    But then again, is it actually possible under ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as the presumptive foundation of Our National Character and Identity as a People and Nation, to embrace the same emphasis upon jobs creation and workplace training which the Afrikaner Economic Movement begat through Volkskapitalisme (as opposed to mere wealth creation and accumulation at the heart of traditional capitalist models)?
  • Wolf Brand Chili, the nation's first brand of canned "heat-and-eat" chili, has long used as its slogan the question "Neighbour, how long has it been?" And Your Correspondent could just imagine it being asked in that obnoxiously cheeky stylee typical of the late Paul Lynde, notwithstanding where Wolf Brand is sold mostly in Texas and the Southwestern states (with a few varieties available in the Midwest, and also available through Amazon.com for such who can't find it at their local stores) ... and, given that the mascot wolf on the label went by the name of "Kaiser Bill," I could just imagine the music for the Wolf Brand Chili commercials being "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman" by Whistling Jack Smith (which, incidentally, was originally to have been entitled "Too Much Birdseed").
  • Tell me this isn't making the taxi "people-centred" in more ways than one: Out Amsterdam way, they now have an ur-taxi service using modified Vespa scooters as will get you anywhere in the Dutch capital for a flat fare of €2.50/ride.
  • Let's just hope GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney becomes his own worst farce in the Presidential candidate debates starting tomorrow evening--especially so the sort as has even the aphonics laughing hilariously, almost in ROFLMAO mode, as if wanting to point out (as studies have suggested) that Romney is a fraud, a joke, and worse.
  • In that Lennon/McCartney composition "When I'm Sixty-Four," which became a Beatles hit in 1966, that line "Every summer, we could rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight (if it's not too dear)" may probably have mondegreen most unlikely (as in such who hear it "Every summer weekend, rent a cottage," &c., Your Correspondent among them).
(But then again, is it possible to replicate the Afrikaner Economic Movement model of socioeconomic empowerment so that such could be seen to conform to "Tea Party" and suchlike delusions of grandeur and Luscious Glory about the interconnect of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., and the National and Sovereign Identity of Our Dear Lovely Nation, without such endangering said National and Sovereign Identity?)

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