On the other hand, click on the above if you're especially a struggling
grocery or variety store operator in what conservative prolefeed
insists is a "REAL AmeriKKKa" under Clear and Present Danger.
(Or is it really?!)

16h UTC; THURSDAY, 25 JULY 2013: If ever there was a new low in "winning over hearts and minds" of Tender and Impressionable Youth against abortion, contraception and family planning, it would probably have to be at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot the other day; during the parade, bags of candy were handed out to the kiddies in attendance as unwittingly contained realistic-looking fetus dolls that were distributed by an anti-abortion group without parental consent. And, beyond a doubt, attracting plenty of complaints from fairgoers about the fitness thereof. (The irony thereof: This coming on the heels of a Federal judge blocking enforcement of the Peace Garden State's rather draconian abortion ban pending further review, never mind the medically-groundless patsies about "fetal pain" and "life begins at conception" used by the Zealots and True Believers.)

See if you can spot the doublethink inherent in a recent e-mail blast via Newsmax and the so-called "Christian Broadcasting Network" (CBN) which seeks to exploit the vulnerable and easily-manipulate through a scam which may want to be best avoided for reasons that Media Matters for America thus explains:
...A recent promotion from Newsmax, also blasted out by the conservative Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), shows that the commitment to squeezing cash from gullible followers trumps even basic conservative ideology. The two anti-welfare-state media outlets are pushing their audience to take advantage of a "weird trick" to go on taxpayer-funded vacations and "add $1000 to monthly Social Security checks."

This "weird trick" comes courtesy of "The Franklin Prosperity Report," a monthly newsletter operated by Newsmax that is supposedly based on the "investment methods" of Benjamin Franklin. According to The Franklin Prosperity Report, loyal Newsmax readers who loathe socialism and have no tolerance for the welfare state can nonetheless partake of "up to $20,500 of the trillions in money, services, and other goodies that Uncle Sam may have ALREADY allocated for your family for 2013."

Seriously, Newsmax wants you to know that you can game the system and go on foreign vacations on the taxpayer dime, even if you can otherwise afford it:
Many people mistakenly believe that you have to be destitute to receive government money and giveaways. However, the truth is that a larger percentage of rich people than poor people are eligible for government money -- such as 100% fully paid "cultural exchange" trips to other countries.
At the same time that they're pushing wealthy readers to take advantage of government "freebies," "goodies," and "special 'loans' you do not have to pay back," Newsmax is venting fury at reports that Massachusetts taxpayer dollars were spent on government benefits for dead people. They're publishing columns by Thomas Sowell arguing that "the political left's welfare state makes poverty more comfortable, while penalizing attempts to rise out of poverty." Newsmax ran a John Stossel piece claiming "America's welfare state" is "a threat to our future."

Then there's CBN, which emailed out the Franklin Prosperity Report promotion to its audience, tantalizing them with the "weird trick" to boost their monthly Social Security take. Any CBN viewer who jumped at the opportunity must not have seen CBN correspondent Dale Hurd's story from January warning that if "Americans want a glimpse into their possible economic future, they should look to France where there's high unemployment, low growth, more taxes, and more people on welfare." According to Hurd:
HURD: France should be a warning for Americans who've just voted for four more years of big government spending. The French are experts at big government. They've been deficit spending for decades, and it's made the country poorer.
Funnily enough, the picture Newsmax used in their promotion is that of an elderly couple enjoying themselves heartily at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Of course, both Newsmax and CBN will tell you that the content of their promotional offers doesn't necessarily reflect the views and opinions of their media operations. Nevertheless, they're bashing the welfare state with one hand while bilking gullible followers with promises of a lavish, taxpayer-funded lifestyle. It's pretty scummy, and all too common in the conservative media.
Which, in any event, deserves Better Business Bureau scruitny, especially as such offers, and the claims thus made, may prove too attractive to vulnerable persons whose welfare or Social Security benefits are already stretched as they are (and which conservative articles of faith insist "leads but to enslavement," the only avenue out being study and emulation of the Afrikaner Economic Movement's agenda as begat apartheid down South Africa way, especially its basis in Vader Kestell's cri d'coeur of 'n Volk red homself, "a people rescues itself").

And, in the meantime, is best avoided, as I said early on.

And for all the bromides about "defending traditional values," "relcaiming America's rightful place as a Christian Nation," "strengthening economic freedom and free enterprise," &c., common to "Tea Party" and "9/12" movement leaders as prolefeed talking points and articles of faith (or so they insist), Your Correspondent has to wonder how many such in especially positions of presumed confidence and trust expected among the masses are secretly leading double lives on Teh Innerwebz ... especially in the "dirty raincoat" regions where child pornography and bestiality can be had with the right connexions, unaware that about the only way such can be discerned is when the PC, laptop or tablet such is brought in for repairs such as when it crashes because of a possible virus or mouchikware infection as needs cleaning and disinfection from the hard drive, made worse by the owner's unwillingness to do common-sense scanning and maintenance tasks on a timely basis which can only worsen the risk of crashes, freezes, slow downloads, audio/video buffering or encounters with the Blue Screen of Death on startup.

(Come to think of it, "virus or mouchikware infection" is likely to be the defence and patsy resorted to by such specimens of supposed True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command to Reclaim Thy Dear Lovely Nation to the Luscious Glory of Yahweh God and Christ Jeebus whose computers are discerned as having kinderporn and/or bestiality videos and images. No doubt guaranteed to undermine the trust and credibility of "Tea Party" types thus caught in Pantsdown Parade, as it were.

(Meanwhile, readers, remember that there is a difference between bestiality and zoophilia; i.e., the former involves outright sexual acts with an animal while the latter involves sexual arousal or gratification from watching pictures and/or videos of animals mating or otherwise engaged in sexual behaviour such as foreplay or arousal. Now you know.)

Memo to New York City voters, especially such still considering support of Anthony Weiner in the Democratic primary for Mayor thereof: In light of his fresh revelations about continuing to send sexually-explicit social-media and text messages under an alias, has anybody considered the possibility of his having some class of a mental disorder which could be his undoing should he manage to become elected (and which may be grounds for removal from office; i.e., "by reason of gross mental incapacity")?


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