00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 4 JULY 2012: As our supposedly "morally-superior" (or so the Christian Patriot Right expects us to think as Happy Little Vegemites For My God and My Country) United States marks its 236th birthday as a sovereign entity in its own right, as of natural right, perhaps it was time that we Real Americans (as opposed to the simulation of poverty, fecundity and ignorance as can be manipulated to the extent required, as required) stood to realise that threats to Our Dear Lovely Nation and its National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, can exist as much from within as from without.

Notwithstanding what the prolefeeders for the "Tea Party," "Christian Patriots" and suchlike others may say about supposedly "Good Christians" represented in their respective ranks being "racially and morally incapable" of endangering Liberty, Your Correspondent cannot say it enough:
Threats to Our Dear Lovely Nation and its National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, can exist as much from within as from without.

Someone (either Huey Long or Sinclair Lewis, depending on your source) once said that "when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." Such is perhaps the most apt description of how such threats start, by appealing to the most basic and most latent of patriotic emotions and feelings and invoking patriotic symbols, icons and personages to the point of such, in due time, crossing the line into the hackneyed. Which, in essence, is the "bait."

But in due time, those who fell for the initial appeals to True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command (sugar-coated as they were) eventually wind up getting "switched"--to a whole different package of prolefeed as is redolent with the crudest of bigotry, jingoism, anti-Semitism, Nativism, racism, even claims about what the Turks call "the Deep State," the supposed "inside of the inside" as is seen to be the "real power" controlling the Nation ... all eventually punctuated with a gradual progression to a depraved brand of fanaticism which can be manipulated when the time comes into outright insurrection, disorder and Extreme Ultraviolence which the prolefeeders involved would love to package, North Korea-stylee, as a "sacred war" to Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation Unto the Luscious Glory of God and Christ as Endowed Same (cf. the so-called "Islamic Republic of Iran, notwithstanding the Christian Patriot crowd's frequent denials of emulation punctuated by Islamophobic excesses of depravity and ignorance).

Put simply, such causes who package themselves in ur-patriotic garb, for all their hypocritical invocation of God and Christ and their twisted and delusional perversion of History rivalled, perhaps, by apartheid South Africa and the Afrikaner Nationalists as begat it with Die Tweede Trek of 1938, are engaging in "bait-and-switch" acts, deeds and exploits taking advantage of a changing socioeconomic paradigm leaving many millions of once-proud working-class types open to exploitation and manipulation most extreme and dangerous, one as risks serious psychopathic and emotional harm and damage over time, and especially so as the "ideological instruction" gets more advanced and at once prejudicially crude to the point of racist.

Made even worse by an oversimplification of essential concepts in easily-understood forms such as the acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation," popular among white supremacists in recent years as seeks to conflate racial identity with national such on a par with, say, Nazi Germany's "community of the Volk" or even apartheid South Africa's concept of Volkseenheid ("natural unity of the [Afrikaner] people").

The consequences of which could pose serious harm as could be exploited from without by especially the "New World Order" without warning (or so such "patriots" expect us to fear and dread).

And which requires the constant and continuing vigilance and que vive of all of us who see ourselves as Real Americans, as in taking issue with their agenda and their distorted patriotism ... calling them out for perceived attacks on the democratic principles they claim to be the True Guardians and Gatekeepers of ... challenging their misguided interpretations of sacred and patriotic texts like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as well as their warping the context of patriotic symbols, figures and shrines ... and taking them to task for their dogwhistle appeals to jingoistic racism and nativism, especially when such are taken to fanatical pseudoreligious excesses of the Elmer Gantry brand.

The which can best be accomplished by contacting approriate channels whenever you come across even supposedly "harmless and innocent barroom chatter" which could be interpreted to have treasonable or otherwise seditious consequences and contexts ... flyers invoking the basest and simplest of patriotic feelings and emotions, yet sugarcoating sedition and bigotry in code throughout ... even threats to the democratic process such as voter intimidation and suppression in the name of "electoral purity and integrity."

As in the likes of the Anti-Defamation League, People For the American Way and the Southern Poverty Law Centre's Hatewatch Project, all of which monitor hate and extremism in its several guises and forms, and uses the power of Teh Innerwebz to expose such pseudo-"patriotis" to the disinfecting power of air and sunlight.

As for especially extreme instances, contact your local law-enforcement agency, Crimestoppers or the FBI through their online tip form.

Regardless, all reports will be handled with the utmost discretion and confidence; as well, remember that the intimidation, harrassment or retaliation of tipsters, or making terroristic threats against same, is a serious penal offence, so be ready to use Call Trace (*57 on your tone-dial phone) and/or Last Call Return (*69 on your tone-dial phone) as a line of defence against retaliation. (Responsibly, of course.)

In any case, remember that threats to Our Dear Nation can come from within, never mind what the prolefeeders want you to believe.

And that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." (Which, BTW, is not from Thomas Jefferson, despite widespread belief; actually, it was one Wendell Phillips [1811-1884], in an 1852 speech before the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, who introduced it in the popular version. Variants on that theme were used by Andrew Jackson and Ida B. Wells, as discussed here for the curious.)

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