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18h20 UTC; MONDAY, 3 FEBRUARY 2014: For some reason or another, those who see themselves as "REAL AmeriKKKans" (as in "poor whites" for the most part) can't seem to get the message of Coca-Cola's Super Bowl worldcast advert last evening, whence "America the Beautiful" was sung in several languages over an assortment of typically American scenes.

Witness social media being inflammed throughout with ignorance-weighted demands that "America the Beautiful" needs to be sung in English Only, as if insisting that AmeriKKKan National Unity and Sovereign Identity depended all the more on a mindset up there with Nazi Germany's Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuerher ("One People, One Nation, One Leader") trope--so long as it was qualified by "Volk" implying the "REAL AmeriKKKans" (i.e.,"poor white," "Aryan" and "Bible-Believing Christians"); "Reich," that encapsulated in the white-nationalist acronym ORION ("Our Race Is Our Nation"); and "Fuerher," Yahweh God--represented on earth in a revised Presidential role wherein he becomes a superdivine  Prophet, Seer and Revelator, Intermediary Between God and Nation.

Go figure.

Meanwhile, Your Correspondent could just imagine where
, when Nina finally makes it to the loo in the Disney Junior short animation series Nina Needs to Go!, and relieves herself, the toilet scene (never mind its being all the more discreet lest Young Modesty and Innocence be offended or corrupted) were replaced with the following image, showing until Nina goes to wash her hands:

(Which, in case anybody asks as to its whereabouts, is at a public restroom located near the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey. From what I understand, visitors will tell you that there are no attendants at same to collect the supposed 50ยข charge to so use, so why imply that a charge applies to "feel the magic atmosphere," whatever that is?)

Tell me this isn't inapproriate coercion of new hires, especially such as are employed solely because of Targeted Employment Assistance schemes aimed at certain socioeconomic groups deemed to be at High or Extreme Risk of Government Dependency (e.g., School-to-Work, Job Corps, Vocational Rehabilitation, Services for the Blind, Displaced Worker Retraining, Emergency Reemployment Assistance, Veterans' Readjustment): Videlicet, tricking such into taking out one of the new MyRA Retirement Savings Plans through forgery, coercion or trick. Especially where the deductions for contributions into same are arbitrarily inflated to the point where, even with tax and Social Security withholding, such hires are reduced to outright penury in the name of "personal responsibility," essentially forcing such onto State charity when the employers themselves are the sort expecting their charges to say No to welfare.

Even worse when it emerges that the MyRA plans such targeted hires are directed to by the employers are really disguised High-Yield Investment Plans (HYIP's) which, themselves, may really be glorified Ponzi schemes or, at mininum, unregistered unit trusts as are based offshore "for tax reasons" (or so the patsy will have it) ... or, worse still, rely heavily on day-trading, market timing, spread betting, churning and other dubious investment practices with serious harm to potential returns later on.

So what would stand in the way of protecting especially "REAL AmeriKKKan" workers from potentially abusive MyRA plan offers?

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